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Sweden announces further pullbacks on transgender treatments for minors

In May 2022, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW announced it will no longer provide puberty blockers and sex hormones to those under the age of 18 as part of its transgender treatment, CBN reports. It made the changes over precautionary concerns about the effectiveness of such treatments. Previously, the government had provided puberty blockers to those as young as eight but had noted in a draft statement that desires for gender change in pre-pubescent children most often end when they enter puberty. Recently the NBHW has announced further changes stating it will now be focusing on psychological counselling for those experiencing gender dysphoria under the age of 18, instead of pushing other procedures such as mastectomies. In the guidelines, updating its policy, the NBHW’s head, Thomas Lindén, said: “Young people who suffer from gender dysphoria need to be able to quickly receive an investigation and be offered adequate care measures, based on the health and medical services’ assessments of the care needs. Good psychosocial care is fundamental.“ READ: Sweden Pulls Back from …

Sweden scraps its climate change department

It was a bit of a shock, but the citizens of Sweden have finally tired of the left’s green and pro-crime agenda and for the first time in decades tossed them out of office. The first thing that the newly elected Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, did was scrap the country’s climate change department that promoted the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) agenda of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Armstrong Economics provides more details: “New Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is not heeding to the Green agenda. He promptly eliminated the entire Ministry of Climate and Environment, marking the first time in 35 years that Sweden does not have a specific climate ministry. People are crying that the world will crumble without funding bureaucrats who pretend they have the ability to alter the weather cycle with enough funding.“ The Swedish government will also be restarting two nuclear reactors that were also shut down by the previous government’s green agenda and is also budgeting additional money for new nuclear power plants. It is the WEF’s net-carbon emission schedule, Agenda …

Sweden video: Count the number of face masks

Undoubtedly, many of you are wondering how things are going in Sweden these days. Sweden never instituted a lock down deciding the best way to combat COVID was through herd immunity, letting people get it, and build up an immunity to the virus. (80% of the people who catch COVID will have little or no symptoms.) It worked, the pandemic is essentially over in Sweden. This video from Stockholm uploaded on Sept. 11, 2020 kind of explains it all. Make sure you have your calculator out to keep track of the number of people wearing face masks. (Note there are face masks, just not the COVID kind.)

Why are new COVID cases surging in France and Spain?

Europe is experiencing its second wave of COVID, with France reporting 10,000 new infections a day and Spain hitting 12,000 new cases a day. Several other European countries are also reporting increases as well. The Daily Mail explains: France‘s daily coronavirus cases have topped 10,000 for the first time while Spain’s have rocketed to 12,000.  The countries’ soaring case numbers have led to fears that the UK, which has seen its daily case figures steadily rise since August, could be heading in the same direction.  On Friday, the UK announced 3,539 new daily coronavirus cases – the highest toll in four months. […] And Spain announced a whopping 12,183 cases on Friday, bringing the total to above 566,300 just four months after the country’s low of 132 new cases on May 25.  But fortunately, the number of new deaths is not climbing as fast as the new cases during the second wave. The Daily Mail also explained why: Health bosses said most of the new infections in the UK were young people, many who only had mild or …

Meanwhile, in Sweden

Britain, like most countries, implemented a nation-wide lockdown in an effort to stop people from catching COVID. However, Britain is now bracing for its second COVID wave as new cases surge among people who didn’t catch the virus the first time because of the first lockdown. As a result, Britain is introducing a second lock down. In addition to a 10 pm curfew, Britain is introducing a rule of six. The Daily Mail explains: NEW LOCKDOWN RULES FOR ENGLAND FROM MONDAY  * Max social gatherings SIX PEOPLE * Applies indoors and outdoors * Applies in private homes * Applies in pubs and restaurants * Does NOT apply to schools or workplaces * Does NOT apply to weddings, funerals, team sport * Does NOT apply if household bubbles are bigger than six people * Police will be encouraged to break up larger groups and issue £100 fines, which will then double on each repeat offence up to £3,200 And oh yeah, government officials are threatening more severe restrictions if people don’t obey these. READ: ‘We expect …

Sweden and COVID: Look who is laughing last

Sweden didn’t lock down the country when the COVID-19 hit. Elementary schools kept going. Businesses stayed open. Their leading epidemiologist doesn’t even want people to wear masks. READ: Sweden’s Top Epidemiologist Says ‘We See No Point In Wearing Masks’ As COVID-19 Cases Drop (“Not even on public transport.”) Sweden was mocked, pilloried, criticized, condemned, chastised for not following the main stream narrative. Instead of quarantining the healthy, they tried to focus their attention on those most vulnerable, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Without a lockdown, Sweden officials knew there would be a spike in cases, but their health system handled the surge just fine. And now it is all over in Sweden. New COVID cases and deaths are in an absolute free fall. It is all over because Sweden has achieved herd immunity. Meaning they stopped the pandemic by letting most people get it, knowing full well that the vast majority of people would have minimal to no symptoms. Meanwhile, other countries are now bracing for a second COVID wave and many are …

A COVID tale of two nations: Sweden vs Germany

You may not have noticed, but the mainstream media isn’t talking about Sweden much anymore. This is quite a contrast from a few weeks ago, when the country was the favourite whipping boy because it didn’t employ a lockdown in its fight against COVID-19. The Daily Mail writes: Sweden became a closely-watched outlier in the spring after refusing to go into lockdown, with shops and restaurants staying open throughout the crisis.  Large gatherings were banned along with visits to nursing homes, but primary schools stayed open even in hard-hit Stockholm.  Citizens have largely complied with social distancing recommendations and the government says that its softer measures will be easier to maintain long-term.  On Monday, Sweden announced just 398 new cases over the weekend, down from 767 the week before and 2,530 only a month ago.  In fact, Swedish authorities are telling people not to wear masks, even on public transit. Sweden employed a herd immunity approach to the virus, meaning the best way to fight Covid was by letting people get it and build up …

Stockholm, Sweden Credit: Pedro Szekely/Flickr/Creative Commons

Despite death threats, former Iranian woman leads hundreds of Muslims to Christ in Sweden

Annahita Parsan, 47, now lives in Sweden where she pastors two churches. A former Muslim herself, she actively reaches out to Muslim refugees in her adopted country and trains other churches on how to reach those of the Islamic faith. Over the last 15 years, Parsan estimates she has led 1,500 Muslims to Christ. In an interview with Foxnews, Parsan tells how she was born into a Muslim family in Iran and was married at age 16, Two years later, her husband died in a car accident shortly after she gave birth to their son. According to Iranian law, on the death of a husband, the husband’s father becomes responsible for raising any boys. This required Parsan to take legal action to win her son back. During what is referred to as the Islamic Revolution, in 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran. The country dramatically changed over night. Parsan remarried and in 1984, her husband decided they needed to flee to Turkey where they were arrested for illegally entering the country. On their release, …

Images of Kristallnacht -- Left to right: Destroyed Jewish owned shop, buring synagogue, Image appearing in a Nazi newspaper depicting Kristallnacht

Is there a connection between the Jewish festival of Purim, Kristallnacht and ‘Umeå Against Nazism?’

Israeli media outlet, Artutz Sheva 7, reports that organizers of Sweden’s Umeå Against Nazism have told Jews not to attend this year’s memorial held last week.  Umeå is the 12th largest city in Sweden and the event is sponsored by its city council. It was intended to remember Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht (in English the Night of the Broken Glass), when Nazi Brown Shirts initiated a coördinated attack against Jews in both Austria and Germany over the night and morning of November 9-10, 1938. Many believe this marked the start of the Nazi holocaust where they exterminated six million Jews in concentration camps. The Swedish event has been celebrated for years to protest antisemitism. However, for the first time this year’s organizers have decided not to invite the Jews. Pro Palestinian groups — Muslim extremists, leftist and union organizations — have hijacked the event and are using it to promote their antisemitic and anti-Israel opinions. Over the years an increasing number of Palestinian flags have showed up at the rallies and last year there was one banner …

Has an Islamic Caliphate been set up inside Sweden?

[by Dean Smith] According to a police report released in October 2014, there are now 55 enclaves in Sweden where Muslim extremists have basically taken control.  These are areas where even non-Muslims are forced to conform to Sharia law. In some areas, Muslim extremists have at times even set up checkpoints along the borders to control and monitor those entering and leaving these Muslim enclaves. Describing these areas, Daniel Pipes, an expert on Middle East issues said: “A more precise name for these zones would be Dar al-Islam — the House of Islam or the place where Islam rules.” According to Herbert London of the Gatestone Institute, an Inman named Adly Abu Hajar based in Malmo, Sweden (a southern seaport) described the country this way: “Sweden is the best Islamic state.”

Swedish mega pastor converts to Catholicism

It has sent shock waves through the Swedish evangelical community. On March 10, 2014, Swedish mega pastor Ulf Ekman announced to the church he founded over 30 years ago that he and his wife were converting to the Roman Catholic faith. Ekman had pastored Word of Life, the largest Evangelical church in Sweden with a membership of 3,300 people, since its start in 1983. In March 2013, he stepped down as head pastor, leading to his recent announcement a year later.

Is this fish a sign from God?

I am normally not caught up by reports of Jesus being seen on Naan bread or images of the virgin Mary and Jesus appearing in a bubble.  I look at them and think well I suppose it could be. If you turn it upside down, squint your eyes just right, and catch the optimum sun reflection it might be Jesus or maybe its an image of  “fill in the blanks.” You get my drift. But for some reason, this story about the appearance of a Christian symbol on a fish caught my attention.