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Britain: Frustrated motorists fight back against Eco blockades

A handful of Eco fanatics in Britain have been blocking roads across the country for the past several weeks in an effort to force the country to bend the knee to the global warming fanatics. They have even blocked ambulances and others from trying to take people to hospitals.

Haiti: Elderly pastor still held hostage, & gang threatens to kill 17 missionary hostages

With 17 missionaries and their families, including five children, still being held hostage by the Mawozo gang in Haiti, concerns are being expressed about an elderly pastor kidnapped a few weeks earlier. CBN reports that Pastor Jean Pierre Michel, 79, was kidnapped nearly four weeks ago in broad daylight in front of the church he helped found, Jesus Center, in Port-au-Prince. Even though the family and church paid the ransom, Pastor Michel has still not been released. According to reports, the kidnappers are now demanding more money. There have also been more developments on the kidnapping of the 17 missionaries working with Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). According to reports, the Mawozo gang is demanding $1 million for each person, though it is uncertain if this includes the children. A leader of the notorious gang also released a video stating that all 17 would be killed if the ransom demands are not met. He also threatened Haiti’s prime minister and chief of police. READ: Abducted Elderly Pastor Still Held After Ransom Paid, Haitian Gang Threatens to …

Video: Lava tsunami turns up the heat on the end times?

We know from the Bible, that an increase in volcanic activity will be part of the end times’ countdown leading to what the prophet Joel describes as the Day of the Lord (Joel 2:30-31). I recently saw several incredible videos of volcanic activity in October. One involves a lava tsunami in Iceland. The second, a column of smoke associated with the eruption of Mt Aso in Japan on Oct 20, 2021, that sent smoke and ash 3.5 km into the atmosphere: The third involves ash and smoke pouring out of Mt Etna, Sicily, Italy on Oct 23, 2021: And the fourth involves the eruption of the La Palma volcano on Spain’s Canary Islands:

Are global warming policies to blame for the empty store shelves?

As people around the world experience shortages and empty store shelves, it is easy to blame the lockdowns. Though this policy failed to stop COVID, it was particularly effective in damaging the economy. But we can’t give all the credit to the lockdowns, apparently global warming extremists have to receive at least an honourable mention.

Tolerant, left-wing agitators destroy pro-life display at Oxford

The talk of tolerance on universities is a bit of a joke. For many of those woke, left-wing students, it really means they only tolerate those who agree with their opinions. Such as what happened at Britain’s Oxford University, when in the name of tolerance, left-wing students destroyed a Christian pro-life display set up for Fresher’s Fair. Several brave left-wing anarchists decided to attack when there was only a single woman manning the display. The old saying, Cowards run in packs, seems applicable here. The Daily Mail reports that the attackers ripped down the posters and tried to throw the literature and pamphlets into the garbage. The intimidation tactics left the woman ‘frightened’ and ‘nervous’. The brave attackers backed away when Campus security showed up. Oxford University condemned the attack, telling students it strongly supported the principles of free speech. The Oxford Student Union also criticized the assault, but added it was forced to allow the pro-life display at the fair because of Oxford’s policy on free speech. READ: Oxford University condemns protestors who destroyed …

Video: Meet Britain’s eco mob

As you can see in this video, the eco fanatics in Britain are determined to disrupt life in that country anyway they can. These type of protests have been going on for weeks. In the video, one frustrated guy said he lost a job opportunity, when he couldn’t make his appointment because of these protests. Most are left-wing marxists determined to end capitalism and one of the founders of the movement stated if he was protesting, he would block ambulances, even if it threatened a person’s life. READ: I would block ambulance with dying patient, says Extinction Rebellion founder after eco-warriors spark traffic chaos Don’t kid yourself, these type of global warming protests will soon be coming to North America. RELATED: WATCH: ‘Revolution or Ruin’ – Extinction Rebellion Activist Says Only Socialism Can Stop Climate Change RELATED: ‘MUPPETS!’ Angry commuter’s epic takedown of Extinction Rebellion eco-warriors for gluing themselves to ELECTRIC train An interview with a co-founder of Britain’s Extinction Rebellion which gives you an idea of who the Brits are dealing with: And here is an …