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The Energy crisis being created by the global warming cult and the political elite who listen to them

Western Canada has been going through a miserable cold streak, with temperatures reaching -32 degrees Celsius and colder in areas. Of course, like the rest of the world, our politicians have been conned by the global warming cult that green energy will save the world.

Cory Brooks: The problem of fatherless children in America

With Chicago becoming the most dangerous city in America, Cory Brooks, the pastor of New Beginnings Church, started a 100 day and night vigil on a rooftop in Woodlawn in an effort to raise money for a new community center to help fight the rising violence in the city. Each night, Brooks releases an episode related to the violence affecting his community.

Another study says Omicron is significantly milder than previous variants

Reports coming in from around the world are stating the same thing, Omicron is much milder than previous variants of COVID. The UK has been particularly hard hit by Omicron. But the Daily Mail writes that a recent study by the UK’s Health Security Agency reveals that those who catch Omicron are 70% less likely to be hospitalized than the previous Delta variant. Most who do catch it are asymptomatic or have cold-like symptoms. The same report stated that the effectiveness of the booster vaccines fades after about ten weeks. Predictably, the doom and gloomers are screaming that the sky is falling and warn of the imminent collapse of the health system, and are calling for more lockdowns, masks, and a fourth jab. READ: Millions set for early FOURTH jab after it emerges booster effect starts wearing off after just 10 weeks: But major study finds Omicron is 70% less likely to cause hospitalisation as daily cases hit record 119,789 Meanwhile, several reputable epidemiologists are stating the arrival of Omicron is evidence that the pandemic, …

Ring portraying Jesus as the Good Shepherd discovered in a 1,700-year-old shipwreck

Israel Antiquity Authority has announced some interesting discoveries from two shipwrecks discovered off its coast in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the shipwrecks is 1,700 years old and the second is 600 years old. Both were discovered near the ancient Roman port of Caesarea and were probably destroyed in a storm as the crew was trying to get their ships into port. The Daily Mail reports that archaeologists discovered a stunning gold ring with a green gemstone on the older wreck. On the gemstone was an intricately carved image of Jesus holding a lamb on His back. He is portrayed wearing a Roman tunic. This image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is found throughout the Gospels. Perhaps, the most famous is the parable involving the story of the Good Shepherd who would leave his flock of 99 to find the one lost sheep: 3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after …

Evangelical Christians in Burgas, Bulgaria go to court over city’s scare tactics

Evangelicals in Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, have been under increased pressure from government authorities. Christian Post writes that two Evangelical pastors, Zhivko Tochev and Radoslav Kiryakov, have approached Europe’s court of human rights because of the actions of city and school officials and police in the city of Burgas. They allege that in 2008, city officials sent a letter to schools and students warning them about Evangelical Christians and any religious group outside the Greek Orthodox Church. In their letter, they accused evangelicals of “carrying out a massive campaign of agitation … tricking new members … disuniting the Bulgarian nation“ They were also accused of having “mental aberrations and disorders” and even asked students to report anyone who might be part of an evangelical group. The two pastors are asking the court to reign in the Burgas authorities who have caused considerable damage to the evangelical community in that city. The city has not rescinded its letter or apologized for its actions. It is similar to what the Apostle Paul and his companions experienced in …

God helped Haitian missionaries flee their captors in a daring night escape

I had reported earlier on the release of the final 12 missionaries and their families who the 400 Mawozo gang had kidnapped in Haiti on Oct 16, 2021. The gang had released five earlier due to health issues. I had previously written that the gang had released the 12, but Christian Aid Ministries is now reporting that the group that included a baby and children had in fact escaped their captors.

Another study confirms Omicron is mild

Yet another study has concluded that Omicron is a much milder form of COVID than previous variants, including Delta. Many are now saying it has taken on cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose and headaches. The Daily Mail reports that a study of 160,000 Omicron cases by researchers from South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) concluded that those who catch the virus are 80% less likely to be hospitalized than previous variants. NICD also found that they were 70% less likely to be admitted to ICU or to require ventilation. The Omicron variant emerged in South Africa and despite repeatedly telling the world that it was much weaker, the West’s political and medical elite are screaming the sky is falling in and demanding a return to lockdowns. This is not surprising, because once the COVID pandemic became politicized in early 2020, medical facts became largely irrelevant. The Daily Mail also noted that the number of Omicron cases in South Africa has fallen for the fourth day in a row, suggesting this COVID …

Oxford epidemiologist says the threat of Omicron is overblown

Oxford epidemiologist, Professor Sunetra Gupta, has opposed the lockdowns since day one, arguing that they do more harm than good. If lockdowns actually worked, the COVID pandemic would have been over last spring. All lockdowns do is extend the pandemic. Gupta argues that lockdowns also do incredible harm to children. She adds that the healthy have to stop being afraid of infection because disease is a reality of life. Dr. Gupta argues that the medical establishment should have instead focussed on protecting the people who were actually vulnerable to the virus, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. It didn’t and in Canada, as an example, 69% of the COVID deaths lived in long-term care homes. READ: The Great Barrington Declaration RELATED: Vaccine inventor: Omicron could be ‘a Christmas present’ RELATED: Covid accounted for just one in 16 deaths in England and Wales in first full week of Omicron as virus fatalities fell to a two-month low, official data shows

Remaining 12 Haitian missionaries released after two months of captivity

The remaining 12 of the 17 missionaries and their families that were kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang in October were released this week after nearly two months in captivity. The gang had previously released two hostages in November and three earlier in December due to health reasons. The group, which included six men, six women, and five children, was part of the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries (CAM). They were kidnapped on Oct 16, 2021, as they were visiting an orphanage in Ganthier, Haiti. Reports indicated that the gang was demanding a ransom of $1 million for the release of each hostage. It is uncertain if CAM paid a ransom for their release. CAM released the following statement on its website: “We glorify God for answered prayer — the remaining twelve hostages are FREE! Join us in praising God that all seventeen of our loved ones are now safe. Thank you for your fervent prayers throughout the past two months. We hope to provide more information as we are able.“ READ: 2 Christian missionaries released …