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US Study: 900,000 deaths due to lockdowns

With growing evidence, that lockdowns have done little to slow the virus, a new study conducted by researchers from Harvard, Duke and Johns Hopkins universities concluded that the lockdowns could result in 900,000 deaths in the US. The researchers added that the negative fallout from the lockdowns will hang over society for the next 15 years.

Ironically, doing good to others, is good for you

Most have heard of Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan who provided aid to a man who had been mugged by robbers and left for dead by the side of a road (Luke 10:25-37). And while he provided both medicinal and financial aid to the fallen man, studies have shown that people who are kind or help others may also be helping themselves. This was the conclusion of a Canadian study that revealed helping others may lead to better health for the person doing the helping. The study involved several students who were asked to tutor elementary students for two months. In the study the students were broken up into two groups, one group actually tutored the students and the second group were put on a waiting list and never tutored any of the elementary students. Then four months after the tutoring assignment has run its course, the researchers ran blood tests to find out if there was any noticeable differences between the two groups. They discovered that students who had actually done tutoring had …

Some COVID good news, for a change

There may be some good news on the COVID front as an Israeli doctor reports that the second jab from the Pfzer vaccine is so effective, he wonders if it will not only prevent people from getting sick, but may actually increase a person’s immunity so much it prevents them from spreading the virus. The Daily Mail explains: Pfizer‘s Covid vaccine could produce a strong enough immune response to stop people who get the jab from spreading the coronavirus, a doctor in Israel has claimed. Researchers found in a small study that recipients of the jab developed up to 20 times more antibodies within a week of having the second dose of the jab. Higher levels of antibodies likely lead to a stronger immune response which could clear the virus before someone has a chance to spread it, but this is still not proven. Until now, scientists didn’t know whether vaccines would stop transmission and were banking only on it preventing severe illness and death. Pfizer itself has not published any data showing how the jab …

Are religious people stupid?

You may have heard the arguments, psychologists have done many studies, and they have found that atheists are more intelligent than religious people. Here is a quote from an article linked here: “the research found that atheists performed better overall than the religious participants even when demographic factors like age and education were taken into consideration. Agnostics mostly placed between atheists and believers on all tasks.” READ: Atheists are more intelligent than religious people, finds study How does that make you feel? One question is; does religion make people stupid, or do stupid people choose religion? I’m writing as a Christian; I believe in the God who made this world, and I believe that Jesus made the way for us to find God. Does that make me stupid? Recently, I explained what I believe to a young relative of mine, and his answer was something like “How can an intelligent person believe that?”  I still have a good relationship with my relative, but the experience taught me some important lessons. When believers are accused of …

Study: No ‘clear, significant’ evidence of lockdowns slowing COVID

While many in the mainstream media have been bashing anyone who questions lockdowns as an effective tool in fighting COVID, researchers are coming to a different conclusion. A recent international study comparing how COVID spread in countries that implemented harsh lockdowns compared to those that didn’t, concluded there was “no clear, significant beneficial effect of [more restrictive measure] on case growth in any country.”

COVID immunity last for months, study

A recent study conducted by Oxford University concluded that if a person had previously caught the coronavirus, a person’s immunity could last for months. This is great news, because the only way this pandemic will be reined in is if enough people gain an immunity through either catching the virus or receiving a vaccination. It is referred to as herd immunity.

Did lockdowns cause a dramatic rise in liver disease?

In Britain, many are wondering why there has been such a dramatic increase in alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) in 2020 compared to 2019. While some point their finger at COVID related anxiety others are blaming the lockdowns and their related job losses, financial stress and social isolation as the real reason. Caused by excessive drinking, ARLD kills approximately 8,000 people during a typical year in Britain.

Video: Dr. Seheult speaks about vitamin D & COVID

Lifesite News recently reported on a viral interview with Professor Roger Seheult, from California’s Loma Linda University School of Medicine, who spoke of several studies revealing how low levels of vitamin D make people more susceptible to the coronavirus. The video also explains the other important roles that vitamin D, which also functions as a hormone, plays in the human body. Lifesite News explains: According to a now viral interview with Professor Roger Seheult of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, several studies show that people with higher amounts of Vitamin D in their blood are less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than people with Vitamin D deficiency. Another study has shown that COVID-positive patients treated with hydroxylated Vitamin D were less likely to need admittance to ICU than COVID-positive patients in the placebo group. Still another study showed that COVID-positive patients treated with Vitamin D were more likely to be COVID-negative in 21 days than their counterparts in the placebo group. READ: Vitamin D may protect against COVID-19, improve survival outcomes This video also …

Drug overdose deaths 621, COVID 173: San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that nearly 4 times as many people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco than died of COVID-1984 in 2020. And in just 11 months, the number of overdoses recorded in the city had increased by 180 over the total number of overdose recorded in 2019. In comparison, 173 people had died of COVID so far in 2020. The lockdowns are largely blamed for the dramatic increase in overdose deaths.

Study: Vitamin D helps to battle cold & influenza

According to a new study by researchers at London’s Queen Mary University, vitamin D may help us to battle such common winter ailments as colds and the influenza. Of course, those diseases most often show up in the winter months when our vitamin D levels are traditionally the lowest because of less contact with the sun that naturally transforms our cholesterol into vitamin D. The study also revealed that taking vitamin D regularly is the most effective way of bolstering a person’s immune system. Study Finds reports: Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London found that vitamin D has health benefits beyond its effect on muscle and bone, what it is most known for, and could lead the way for new public health policies, such as infusing food with the vitamin. “The bottom line is that the protective effects of vitamin D supplementation are strongest in those who have the lowest vitamin D levels, and when supplementation is given daily or weekly rather than in more widely spaced doses,” says professor Adrian Martineau from QMUL, a lead researcher in …

Empty hospital beds patiently wait for COVID apocalypse

If you listen to the mainstream media and British politicians, you could only describe the country as in the grip of the COVID-1984 apocalypse with looming threats of Tier 3 lockdowns and the cancellation of Christmas. So, why are there more empty hospital beds in December 2020 than there were in December 2019? The Daily Mail explains: Seven times more hospitals were 95 per cent full or more in the second week of December 2019 than this year – 80 compared to 11 – and England’s average intensive care occupancy is down from 84 per cent to 75 per cent. Some hospitals have this week announced they are postponing some non-urgent procedures like they did in the spring because of surges in Covid patients, while others say they are ‘coping’ and hope they won’t have to do so. READ: Are hospitals REALLY creaking under the strain of Covid before Christmas? NHS data shows trusts are STILL quieter than last December – with seven times fewer wards close to being full Of course, part of the …

Study: Strength of transgender women only slightly reduced

There has been questions raised over whether men transitioning to women should be allowed to compete in female athletics. Some believe that transgender women still have a competitive advantage over biological females. According to a study published in the British newspaper, The Guardian, even though transgender women suppress testosterone, it only slightly decreases their strength.

Recent Gallup Poll shows why churches are essential

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis just announced that churches were essential and removed the state’s attendance caps that restricted religious services. In part, Polis was responding to Liberty Counsel’s recent legal victories where courts ruled that US states can not violate religious freedoms guaranteed in the American Constitution by restricting church services in the name of COVID. And a recent poll by Gallup concurs that churches are indeed essential services. The survey, conducted between Nov 5 and 19, revealed that people over the age of 18 who attended religious services were experiencing better mental health than those who weren’t. In the 2020 pandemic year, 46% of people who attended church services reported excellent health and surprisingly this was even higher than the 2019 pre-pandemic years when 42% in the same group reported excellent mental health. Gallup also noted that those who regularly attended religious services was the only demographic that showed an increase in those claiming excellent mental health over the previous year. For Americans as a whole, the Gallup poll revealed only 34% described their …

Study: 90% of COVID deaths had do-not-resuscitate orders

A recent study of patients who died from COVID in the US state of New Jersey by Clinics in Dermatology revealed that nearly 90% of them had “do-not-resuscitate” (DNR) orders in their file. According to the study, DNR orders are “often linked to patients with severe illness, advanced age, poor disease prognosis, and deteriorating health status with impending death.”

‘I was surprised that the models were off by that much’

Researchers from the University of Northern British Columbia were apparently a bit shocked to discover that several Glaciers near the Columbia River were 38% thicker that they were supposed to be. It seems that they may have been part of the Global Warming doomsday machine predicting the end of the world if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions. One of the researchers commented, “I was surprised that the models were off by that much.” But I am always surprised when they say that because the researchers are the ones who enter their presumptions, biases and data into the computer models. The Edmonton Journal explains: Lead author Ben Pelto and his colleagues skied cross country on the glaciers over 182 kilometres, pulling a sled-mounted ice-penetrating radar system to collect thousands of measurements. They found the total volume of ice in the basin is roughly 122 cubic kilometres, or about 23 per cent more than computer modelling had estimated. “I was surprised that the models were off by that much,” said Pelto, who completed the work with support …

Why was Johns Hopkins’ COVID report retracted?

There have been nearly 300,00 deaths from COVID this year in the US, but a study of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control by a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University came to the startling conclusion that COVID has not led to an increase in the overall number of deaths in the U.S. Based on everything you have heard in the mainstream media, you would have expected there was a dramatic increase.

Growing support of civil disobedience for church services: Poll

According to a recent poll conducted by Public Religion Research Institute, and Ryan Burge, an Eastern Illinois University professor, there is a growing support for churches to defy the COVID-1984 lockdowns and start holding church services. But here is what is really bizarre. The poll showed that while over 60% of Americans were fine with church’s defying COVID0-1984 lockdowns, only 34% of church attenders supported such acts of civil disobedience.

Study: Vitamin D may increase cancer survival rates

You probably think I must own stocks in a vitamin D manufacturer? Well, I don’t. I have previously reported on several studies suggesting that low levels of vitamin D may make us vulnerable to COVID-19. However, there may be an additional benefit to taking vitamin D. A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard revealed regularly taking vitamin D supplements may reduce our chances of dying from cancer. However, researchers are uncertain as to why.

Good news: COVID immunity could last years

According to a recent study of people who contracted COVID by researchers from California’s La Jolla Institute for Immunology, a person’s immunity to the virus may last for years. The Blaze reports: The study, which was conducted by a group of researchers primarily based out of La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California, analyzed blood samples from 185 survivors ages 19 to 81 to see if immune cells persisted in the body several months after infection. What they found was encouraging: Eight months after contracting the virus, most survivors still possessed enough immune cells to fight reinfection. The slow rate of decline specifically among memory B-cells and T-cells hinted that these cells, which help fight disease, may persist in the human body for quite a long time. “That amount of memory would likely prevent the vast majority of people from getting hospitalized disease, severe disease, for many years,” Shane Crotty, a co-leader of the study, told the New York Times. READ: New study suggests immunity to coronavirus may last years — even decades — after infection …