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Bible app deleted as Apple bends the knee to the Chinese Communist Party

The Daily Caller reports that Olive Tree, producer of a popular Bible app, has voluntarily removed its app from Apple’s Chinese app store, after it was told that it needed a permit from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the app to be available on Apple’s website.

Video: Meet Britain’s eco mob

As you can see in this video, the eco fanatics in Britain are determined to disrupt life in that country anyway they can. These type of protests have been going on for weeks. In the video, one frustrated guy said he lost a job opportunity, when he couldn’t make his appointment because of these protests. Most are left-wing marxists determined to end capitalism and one of the founders of the movement stated if he was protesting, he would block ambulances, even if it threatened a person’s life. READ: I would block ambulance with dying patient, says Extinction Rebellion founder after eco-warriors spark traffic chaos Don’t kid yourself, these type of global warming protests will soon be coming to North America. RELATED: WATCH: ‘Revolution or Ruin’ – Extinction Rebellion Activist Says Only Socialism Can Stop Climate Change RELATED: ‘MUPPETS!’ Angry commuter’s epic takedown of Extinction Rebellion eco-warriors for gluing themselves to ELECTRIC train An interview with a co-founder of Britain’s Extinction Rebellion which gives you an idea of who the Brits are dealing with: And here is an …

Walgreens closes 5 more San Francisco stores due to organized shoplifting gangs

Fox News is reporting that Walgreens is closing five more stores in San Francisco because of organized shoplifting gangs that are plundering these stores. It has already closed 10 stores in the city since 2019 because of the thefts at California stores are now five time Walgreens’ national shoplifting average. The gangs have been emboldened by the passing of a law in the state, that does not consider shoplifting a felony until it exceeds $950. Since its passing, gangs have been organizing shoplifting rings, often composed of underage or homeless people, with leaders even bringing along calculators to ensure they don’t exceed $950. The stolen goods are then resold. READ: Walgreens closing 5 more San Francisco stores due to theft 12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12 ESV) RELATED: A recent poll of San Francisco residents conducted by SFGate revealed that 71% believe that the quality of life in the city has deteriorated over the past five years and 56% stated they are now considering leaving. READ: …

Tesla headquarters moving from California to Texas

The steady stream of people and businesses leaving California continues as Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company’s headquarters will be moved from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas. Musk made the announcement at the company’s recent shareholder meeting. The company CEO added that Tesla’s plant in Fremont will remain open, but noted that there is a limit to how much they can do at the plant. He added that any future production plans will be done at locations outside California. Tesla is currently building a factory in Austin, Texas. The Tesla CEO was infuriated last year when Alameda County bureaucrats tried to shut down production at the company’s Fremont plant as part of its COVID lockdown. He said in his opinion, the state’s orders telling people they could not leave their homes as part of this lockdown was unconstitutional. READ: Elon Musk Says Tesla Moving Headquarters From California To Texas Several major hi-tech companies have already abandoned California including Hewlett Packard and Oracle. Reports earlier this year, noted that the population of California shrunk …

Meet Portland’s new ‘woke’ police force

It’s Portland, which may explain everything. But recently, there was a demonstration of how ‘woke’ the Portland police have become. The Blaze reports that police were called because someone was pounding on the backdoor of restaurant. The indoor dining was closed, but the employees were working the drive through. The police showed up with what is described as an Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officer who was apparently running the show. The ECIT officer tried to softly talk the man out of breaking into the restaurant. Sadly, the man refused to listen to the ECIT’s psychologically formulated arguments, so the police ‘slowly’ backed away giving the man ‘space’ to continue breaking through the back door. By this point, he was using a grapefruit-sized rock and the employees inside the restaurant were hiding in the restaurant’s freezer. With the police and ECIT officer watching from afar, the man finally broke through the door. With people inside now in danger, the police decided they should probably do something, but the man barricaded himself inside the employee’s break …

Why did Communist China start doubling its order for COVID tests in May 2019?

The Daily Mail reports that Internet 2.0 (a group of US and Australian researchers) found evidence, that the Chinese province of Hubei (where Wuhan is located), the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan University of Science and Technology, were ordering an unusual number of PCR tests and machines used to test for COVID and other diseases back in May 2019.

Why the big cover-up about the Wuhan lab?

In 2020, when Chinese researchers from Hong Kong first suggested the lab was the source, there was a major phone call involving scientists and government officials from around the world. And after that phone call, they unanimously and vehemently stated the virus did not leak out of the lab. The esteemed scientists even called the Wuhan COVID leak a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Poll: Majority don’t believe unvaccinated people should lose their jobs

With US President Joe Biden recently stating that he doesn’t believe the COVID restrictions will end until 98% of Americans are vaccinated and politicians and health officials looking for creative ways to punish people who aren’t, a recent survey by the Trafalagar Group suggests that the majority of Americans (65%) do not believe a person should lose their job if they are unvaccinated.

Analyzing the Election Results in California and Canada, and the Attitude of Faith vs Fear

by Dr. Michael L. Brown Americans are not happy. We do not like all the COVID restrictions. We resent the latest lockdowns. We plan to resist the mandate. We are beyond the breaking point. At least that’s the impression I get as I read reports on conservative websites and interact with friends and colleagues. But exit poll results from California tell a very different story, with confirmation from Canada as well. I’m talking about the rejection of the efforts to recall Gov. Newsom in California and the reelection of Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada, where the COVID restrictions have been much more comprehensive and oppressive. Yet in both cases, it appears that a majority of voters affirmed the way COVID was being handled in their state and nation, respectively. According to ABC News, “Just about 3 in 10 said Newsom’s pandemic control measures are too strict, countering a key argument in the recall drive against him. A broad 70% supported the state’s student mask mandate and 63% sided with the governor in seeing vaccination as …

‘The View’ chaos begs the question: How many people actually have COVID?

There was a bit of chaos on ABC’s talkshow program, The View, when on Friday, two of the four hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, were dramatically told to leave as the show was being broadcast live after testing positive for COVID. It has since been revealed that the COVID tests for the two cohosts, Navarro and Hostin, were false positives. They did not have COVID.

1922 ‘Washington Post’ article exposes man-made global warming agenda

Nobody is arguing that this earth isn’t warming (though some suggest we might soon be heading into a time of cooling due to a decline in sunspots). The following excerpt from the Washington Post, Nov 2, 1922 edition, warning that 91 years ago there were concerns of cities being washed away because of an unprecedented warming of the Arctic Ocean.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fortunate timing?

Canada recently had a national election, where Prime Minister Trudeau squeaked back in with another minority government on Monday, Sept 20, 2021. There were multiple ethics issues that surfaced during Trudeau’s tenure including allegations the Prime Minister was trying to protect his corporate buddies a SNC Lavalin Inc. READ: Corbella: Jody Wilson-Raybould’s book about Trudeau paints an ugly portrait of our PM AND ‘I did not want her to lie’: Trudeau rejects Wilson-Raybould’s claims about SNC-Lavalin talk RELATED?: Names of SNC employees, executives behind thousands of dollars in illegal Liberal Party donations revealed In what could only be described as a fortunate piece of timing for Trudeau, three days after the federal election (Thursday, Sept 23, 2021), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) finally managed to dig up enough evidence to charge some former executives at SNC Lavalin. CTV News explains: OTTAWA — The corporate entities of SNC-Lavalin Inc. and SNC-Lavalin International Inc., as well as two former senior executives of the Quebec-based firms have been charged with a series of fraud and forgery offenses …

New Zealand: Men face jail time for smuggling contraband KFC

The Blaze is reporting that two New Zealand men are facing jail time for breaking curfew when they allegedly tried to smuggle in three buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) complete with french fires and ten cups of coleslaw into the country’s capital city, Auckland. The New Zealand government has resorted to some of the most Draconian COVID lockdowns in the world, because of its abysmal failure to provide vaccines. According to reports, only 37% of New Zealanders have been fully vaccinated. Under its current lockdown, the government forbids restaurants from opening in parts of the country, including Auckland. Police first became suspicious when they saw a car travelling down a gravel road near the country’s capital, and when they approached the vehicle, it quickly turned around and sped away. Though the police proudly displayed a photo of the confiscated KFC on the hood of their car, they were unable to provide an estimated street value of the illegal food, but undoubtedly this is the most valuable haul of contraband KFC, captured this year. The …

Poll: Have universities become re-education camps?

According to a recent survey reported by The College Fix, a ‘freedom of speech’ organization for university students, over half the students on US Campuses said they hold back on expressing their opinions on social or political issues during classes over fears of mockery or rejection and by fears that their grades will be reduced for holding opinions not approved by their professor.