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Beijing, China Credit: Oneris Daniel Rico Garcia/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is China’s ‘social credit’ system setting the stage for the antichrist?

Some experts are warning that other left-leaning governments may soon be tempted to carry out the Chinese government’s “Social Credit” system that came into full effect on May 1, 2018. The plan introduced by Chinese President Jinping will monitor and control those who don’t agree with China’s communistic policies. People will be issued a score based on their political, social and economic activities and this score will affect their ability to do things in China. Some suspect it is simply expanding a “Social Credit” system already developed by a major government-owned online Chinese retailer Alibaba. Alibaba’s financial division, Ant Fiancial, developed a social credit system called Sesame Credit. While many western businesses have a point system rewarding people based on how much they buy, Sesame Credit includes a strong social aspect in its system where people receive a rating between 350 and 950. The higher the score the better. The benefits of a high Sesame score include having government visa’s fast tracked, renting vehicles without a deposit. People with high Sesame ratings will even receive …

Matagalpa, Nicaragua Credit: Jono Hey/Flickr/Creative Commons

Antichrist Marxism rearing its head in Nicaragua?

Things have taken a dark turn for Christians in Nicaragua being ruled by its Marxist president and former guerilla Daniel Ortega. Though a democracy, Ortega has recently declared Christians “enemies of the state.” With a population of six million people, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. About half the population is Catholic and another third consider themselves evangelical. There have been growing public protests against Ortega’s regime because of its rampant corruption, growing totalitarianism and gross mismanagement of the economy. The anti-government protestors are calling for Ortega to step down and call an early election. Ortega has taken to violence to oppose the protests and even set up a secret police force who wear masks or hoods to attack those opposing the regime.. Because of the growing crack down on the anti-government protests, the UN sent a commission to Nicaragua to monitor the situation. After the UN issued a report condemning Ortega for his violence, the president ordered the UN out of the country on September 1. Since April this year, about 300 …

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at night Credit: Rafael Defavari/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Spiritual warfare: Attempted assassination of Christian presidential candidate in Brazil

[UPDATED] According to the Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, there was an assassination attempt on a Conservative politician in Brazil. Senator Jair Bolsonaro is campaigning to become the next president of Brazil in an election scheduled for October. With 22% of the support, Bolsonaro is the front-runner. Bolsonaro has taken a very pro family and pro Christian position during the campaign and has openly solicited Christian support. He is also taken a strong stand against the corruption that has rocked the previous Brazilian administration and as well vehemently opposed the violent elements in the communist and left-wing movement in Brazil. Some have referred to Bolsonaro as the Trump of South America because of his strait talk on issues facing Braizil While being carried along by a large crowd during a campaign stop in Mina Gerais earlier this week, a person in the crowd attacked Bolsonaro with a knife. He was quickly carried off by his security detail and police arrested the attacker. Fortunately, Bolsonaro was wearing a bullet proof vest and the knife cut was superficial …

Church in Montbovon, Switzerland Credit: keepps/Flickr/Creative Commons

Stopping the ‘social justice’ creep into the church

A number of evangelicals have recently organized to oppose the growing intrusion of “social justice” into evangelical churches. The group has issued a Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel where they are expressing their concerns about this philosophy that is becoming increasing popular in the secular world and is now making its way into the Christian one. In their statement, they say: “We are deeply concerned that values borrowed from secular culture are currently undermining Scripture in the areas of race and ethnicity, manhood and womanhood, and human sexuality,” declares the statement.” At this point, over 4,500 Christian leaders have signed the petition. I remember a couple of years back during testimony time at the church we were attending, a woman came to the front and expressed how the church needs to become concerned about “social justice” and the unfairness in the world. It seemed so spiritual, but is it? The problem is that this social justice push is trying to reinterpret the Bible. The Bible speaks often of justice, but now where does …

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Australia has its first Pentecostal Prime Minister

Over the weekend, the Australian Liberal party elected Scott Morrison. 50, as Prime Minister of Australia after the party’s leader Malcolm Turnbull resigned on Friday after realizing he no longer had the majority support of his party. Morrison won the nomination in an election run off with two other contenders. Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Morrison served as the country’s treasurer, social services minister and minister in charge of immigration and border protection. In Australia, the Liberal party is considered a center-right party with its main opposition the Labour party considered center left. There has been a lot of political upheaval in Australia recently as Morrison will be Australia’s sixth Prime Minister in the past 10 years. What makes Morrison’s nomination interesting is that he is Australia’s first openly Pentecostal Prime Minister. He and his family regularly attend Horizon Church, a 2,200 member Assemblies of God church in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in a Christian family and according to Reverend Ray Green, the pastor of the church his family attended, as a teenager, Morrison …

Camel caravan in Saudi Arabia Credit: Linda Polik/Flickr/Creative Commons

Defending Saudi Arabia

Recently, a huge fight erupted between Canada and Saudi Arabia. If you have not heard about this, you are probably saying “What? Who? Why?” I worked in a large university in Canada, and I taught students from Saudi. Thousands of them go to universities in Canada. The female students removed their veils in my classroom and one of them forgot hers on a table one day. That was the only veil in lost-and-found, when I dropped it off. Canada probably trains most Saudi medical doctors in its medical schools. The two countries have a history, but it’s mostly friendly. Until the blow-up happened, most of us could never imagine those two countries disagreeing about anything. RELATED: Gunter: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince is just using the Liberals to look tough Conservative Islam is the religion of Saudi Arabia; there is no doubt. If you ask the what they believe, they will tell you, … and tell you, … and tell you; and they will try to convert you. That was my experience in the classroom. I’m …

Protests in Iran Credit: Javad Saharban/Flickr/Creative Commons

The New Islamic Revolution

Did you know there is a revolution among us? I don’t know if it will succeed, but it is starting, and it is huge. Check out this video to see the brave leaders of the revolution: In Bangladesh, high school students are protesting in large numbers, for bus safety. RELATED: Bangladesh teenagers demanding road safety paralyse Dhaka: BBC In Iran, mass protests are demanding a prosperous western-styled economy, without the restrictions from the Islamic revolution. RELATED: Iran protests spread to 10 cities in widest unrest since January: VOANews And in Sweden, a young woman stood up on a plane to prevent it from taking off because one of the passengers was being deported to Afghanistan. The plane did not leave and the man was removed, to be deported later. The young woman said “It’s not right to send people to hell.” Note that “hell” is a Muslim majority country, Afghanistan. That is strong language from a 21-year-old woman. RELATED: Swedish student stops deportation of Afghan man with protest streamed on Facebook: CNN Bangladesh, Iran, and …

Crandell Police singing "God's Not Dead" Credit: Pure Flix/Facebook page capture

Crandall, TX police officers facing opposition as they lip sync for God

Over the past several weeks, cops from police stations across American have been lip syncing popular songs and posting them to Facebook. Referred to as the lip sync challenge the videos are proving quite popular and include songs by such stars as Bruno Mars. However, things took a nasty turn, when officers from the Police Department in Crandall, Texas uploaded their song. The problem was they lip synced a gospel song called “God’s Not Dead” popularized by the Gospel group Newsboys. The song is also feature on Pure Flix’s movie God’s Not Dead. Crandall, TX is small town of 2,900 people and Dean Winter, Crandell’s chief of police, is not shy about his faith. The song is proving popular on Facebook having been viewed over eight million times and it has been recently uploaded to other social media platforms including YouTube. But the video also caught the attention of a group of activist atheists called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) who sent a letter demanding the song be taken down accusing the group of …

Yanghu, Anhui, China Credit: Ted McGrath/Flickr/Creative Commons

China’s communist revival: Is Satan rearing his head again?

There is a communist revival taking place in the world today. We see cultural Marxism rearing its ugly head in universities with the extreme left trying to shut down, sometimes violently, any conservatives who dare to disagree with their extreme left-wing opinions. Put perhaps the clearest example of this swing can be seen in the communist resurgence taking place in China. In an article in the Washington Times, Bob Fu, President of ChinaAid a Christian organization that monitors human right abuses in China, said persecution of Christians in China has reached levels unseen since the days of Mao Tse Tung’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). In 2016, ChinaAid reported the persecution of 762 Churches and 48,000 people and by 2017 that had risen to 1,265 churches and 223,000 people. The persecution trend is veering upwards again in 2018 since the passing of a law on Feb. 1 requiring all churches to register with the state.  Earlier this year, the government dynamited the largest church in Shanxi province — the Golden Lampstand Church.  The government has also burned …

US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Credit: Keith Survell/Flickr/Creative Commons

Victory for religious freedom in US as Supreme Court rules in favor of Colorado baker

In 2012, Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver Colorado, was approached by a homosexual couple who wanted Phillips to make a custom wedding cake for their gay wedding. Phillips said no stating that it contravened his beliefs as a Christian. However, Phillips was willing to make them a birthday cake or any cake for that matter, but was unwilling to decorate it with a message supporting gay marriage. Citing discrimination, the gay couple took Phillips before the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) that eventually ordered Phillips to make the cake and as well required his staff to undergo re-education training. However, Phillips decided to take the case to the courts. Initially, he lost his cases in the Colorado courts who ruled in favor of the CCRC’s decision. After the Colorado Supreme Court refused to hear Phillips’ appeal, with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom, Phillips petitioned the US Supreme Court in July 2016, the highest court in the US. In June 2017, the court agreed to hear the case in and …

Canada and US Friendship Center in Havre, Montana Credit: James. G. Howes/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

The Truth and Havre, Montana

Recently, an US border patrol agent stopped two women at a convenience store in Havre, Montana and asked for their IDs. The women were not happy about this and made a video of their conversation with a cell phone. The officer was polite and explained that he stopped the women because they were speaking Spanish, and the Spanish language was almost never spoken in the region. This story went viral for a few days, and the women are still angry and they are talking about legal action. RELATED: They Spoke Spanish in a Montana Store. Then a Border Agent Asked for Their IDs: New York Times In the articles by journalists, there have been many comments about the lack of ethnic diversity in Montana and that everyone speaks English, as if that is offensive. There are also hints that Havre is a small backwater where police stop people, in an offensive way, because they are “different” from the natives. The word “redneck” fits that narrative. The story is popular because it fits a popular narrative …

Babylon Bee headline on its CNN story Credit: The Babylon Bee

‘Facebook’ and ‘Snopes’ get snoped by satirical Christian website

Snopes is a website that has set itself up as the self-declared, fact checker of the internet. However, many Conservatives claim that Snopes is simply another left-leaning site, that often targets Conservative issues. Ironically, it just got stung by a satirical Christian website called The Babylon Bee that published a story titled: CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication. Facebook was so excited by Snopes’s indictment that it issued a warning to Babylon Bee: “A page you admin (The Babylon Bee) recently posted the link (CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication) that contains info disputed by (, an independent fact checker. Repeat offenders will see their distribution reduced and their ability to monetize and advertised removed.” Facebook even told other users who were sharing the link that they were distributing “fake” news and referred them to Snopes. Once Facebook became the laughing-stock of the internet and then probably actually read Babylon Bee’s article (in that order), it withdrew its threats. Facebook told The Daily Caller: “There’s a difference …

South Korean ski resort Credit: Uwe Schwarzbach/Flickr/Creative Commons

The disgusting, but not surprising, behavior of the media at the Winter Olympics

It seems that some in the mainline media have gone absolutely delusional. It involves the fawning headlines pouring out around the world over the appearance of Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korea’s sadistic communist despot Kim Jong Un, at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. As a member of the North Korea’s powerful inner cabinet, Kim Yo Jong is a major player in this sadistic regime serving as “vice director of propaganda and agitation.” Many suspect she is more than just complicit in what is taking place behind closed doors in North Korea. North Korea is renown for its many death camps spread around the country where tens of thousands of Koreans are brutalized, raped, tortured and murdered for things as simple as not bowing properly before statues of Kim Jong Un, who people are forced to worship as a god. Even today there are eight Americans in jail in North Korea. And just a few months back, the media reported on the terrible plight of American university student Otto Warmbier who …

Credit: Thiago Santos/Flickr/Creative Commons

God wants to move on governments, but it’s a battle

Last summer, CBN reported on a Bible study taking place on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC specifically for the US government’s cabinet ministers. It Is being led by Ralph Drollinger who heads Capitol Ministries, a group that ministers to politicians. It not only has a Bible study for Cabinet Secretaries but also for members of the US Senate and House of Representative. The group also has studies taking place in nearly 40 state capitols, and even 60 capitols internationally. Bible studies are also taking place on a municipal level in hundreds of cities. According to Drollinger, the goal of these studies is to give political leaders a Biblical world view. Drollinger, 63, has an interesting resume. Standing 7’ 2”, he was a star center for UCLA and was actually drafted three times by the NBA. Instead of playing professional basketball, Drollinger decided to play for Athletes in Action, a Christian organization, that has traveling basketball teams that play exhibition games and share their faith at half time. But Drollinger eventually did turn pro. In 1980 …

Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Credit: GatorEG/Wikipedia

Strong reaction to Wilfrid Laurier’s ATTACK on free speech

Some suggest that Canadians recently got an inside look at the cultural Marxism that is dominating many universities across Canada and the US where students and those in authority are trying to stop any views that dissent with the prevailing left-wing agenda. Lindsay Shepherd is a 22-year-old graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She also teaches a class at the university but was called before a tribunal because she shared a dissenting opinion in her class. Fortunately, Lindsay had the presence of mind to tape this interview so Canadians could have a first-hand look on what is becoming common place on university campuses that seem less concerned with teaching students how to think and more interested in telling them what to think. In her class, Shepherd was talking about the use of non-gendered pronouns that is becoming a controversial topic on university campuses. The discussion is often centered around people who are transitioning from one sex to another. As an example, some are insisting they should no longer be referred to as …

Moscow's Red Square Credit: viktor/Flickr

The 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and the birthing of the first Communist state

I remember as a university student walking the halls crowded with tables of various communist groups peddling their wares. We had the Leninists, Maoists, Marxists and Stalinists. Each with their table full of booklets, leaflets and books promoting their particular brand of the ‘glorious’ revolution. Of course, communism in its various forms was birthed in the heart of German Karl Marx (1818–1883) who along with Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto that became the staple for modern communism. November 7, 2017, marked the 100th anniversary of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution that paved the way for the world’s first communist state. It was the first of many countries that would eventually fall to this evil philosophy. Ironically, the communist revolution that claimed to be the savior of the people resulted in the slaughter of over 100 million people world-wide. This was the estimate presented in book published by Harvard University Press, The Black Book of Communism. Published in 1997, its numbers are a bit outdated. The Black Book records there were 20 million killed during Stalin’s bloody …

Kim Clement (1956-2016): YouTube Capture

God’s prophetic voice needed today

As I read about the massacre of 26 people (ages five to 72) in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, during their Sunday morning service, it struck me how we need God to speak and warn us. Sutherland Springs located 30 miles southeast of San Antonia is a small town of just 400 people. yet somehow evil found its way there. Twenty were also injured in the attack by gunman Devin Patrick Kelley, 26. A former member of the air force, a self-proclaimed atheist and loner, Kelley apparently killed himself after careening off the road in a chase after the shooting. Two days earlier — Friday, November 3, 2017 — a neighbor attacked Christian politician Senator Paul Rand as he returned home. Rand suffered five broken ribs and lung contusions. According to a report on the Daily Caller, another person who lives on the same block alleges the attacker is an “avowed socialist” who fought with other neighbors over politics. Despite this underlying issue, recent media reports suggest that conflicts over landscaping issues …

Dennis Prager speaking a CPAC 2016. Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Conservative organization suing Google and YouTube for censorship

Popular Conservative columnist and radio-host Dennis Prager recently announced his nonprofit organization, Prager University (PragerU), is taking YouTube and its owners Google to court alleging that it has imposed a “political gag mechanism” on some of PragerU’s information and news videos. PragerU, that is being represented in part by Liberty Counsel, alleges YouTube is using a number of mechanism to restrict PragerU’s videos from being viewed. This includes a filtering mode intended to restrict access to certain videos that YouTube believes could potentially harm and offend younger and sensitive viewers. It has also demonetized some videos not allowing his PragerU to earn ad revenues. The organization first noticed the problem in July 2016. The lawsuit alleges that the restricted mode has been put on videos talking about such themes as North Korea, Israel and Supreme Court decisions.  In some instances, YouTube has restricted access to PragerU videos because they use such words as “genocide,” “hate” and “terrorism.” Liberty Counsel said in its news release: “While PragerU videos have been censored, the same subject matters posted …

Dennis Prager speaking at CPAC 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Political left calls for a boycott of conservative music?

Dennis Prager is a conservative columnist, author, talk-show host (nationally syndicated) and speaker based in California. The Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra (SMSO) recently invited Prager to be a guest conductor for a benefit program to be held August 16 at the Walt Disney Concert Halls, in Santa Monica California. Many consider it one of the premium venues in the country. Prager has studied classical music for decades and has been a guest conductor for several orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Pasadena Lyric Opera. Prager, an orthodox Jew, will be conducting one composition —  Hayden’s Symphony No 51. During past performances, Prager liked to show how the music is put together and often breaks down the symphony section by section to let people see what instruments are playing. Now it is important to understand that Prager will not be speaking at the event, only conducting. Nevertheless three members of the SMSO were so appalled that a conservative person would be conducting the orchestra, that a month ago they wrote a letter calling for …

Hillary Clinton Credit: Aaron Webb/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is a prophecy about Hillary Clinton coming to pass?

Prior to America’s recent presidential election, several Christian prophets predicted that Donald Trump would become the next president of the United States. One of those was Kim Clement who hinted at Trump’s presidency in 2013. Trump would not officially seek the Republican nomination until June 2015 and most considered the chances of him even winning that nomination as very remote, much less the US presidency. Kim died on November 23, 2016, two weeks after Donald Trump won the presidential election. But Kim Clement, who had gained a reputation in Charismatic circles as  a prophetic worshiper, also had a prophecy for Hillary Clinton. He gave that prophecy back in 2006: “And some of you said, when the Spirit said, ‘Hillary Clinton,’ some of you shouted out, ‘yes!’God said, ‘I have already dealt with her heart, not to be president of this nation, but to be president in a Christian world. She will have a testimony second to none and will eventually come out with it and make declaration that Christ Jesus saved her marriage, saved her …

President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen Credit: Die Grunen

President of Austria says all women in that country may be forced to wear a Muslim hijab

The British newspaper, The Independent, is reporting on the bizarre statements Austria’s left-leaning president, Alexander Van der Bellen, made to students in March. He told the group that at some point all women in Austria may be required to wear a hijab to fight Islamaphobia in that country. The hijab or scarf is a head covering worn by many Muslim women for religious reasons and differs from a burqa that covers the face. Van der Bellen was responding to a young woman’s question who was opposed to recent moves by Austria and other European governments, such as Germany and Holland, that are passing legislation that would limit the wearing of a burqa, and in some instance a hijab, in public. The school girl stated that removing the scarf or burqa would result in women relying on their appearance when making their way in society instead of their accomplishments. In his response that was videoed back in March, but just recently broadcast on Austrian TV, Van der Bellen said that it was every woman’s right to …

Pier 14, San Francisco Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr/Creative Commons

US government debt passes $19,000,000,000,000

On June 2, 2016, the debt of the American federal government was $19.2 trillion ($19,229,279,536,522). According to, that works out to over $59,400 for every person living in the US or $154,300 for every American household. At some point, this debt must be paid and this means future taxpayers will be called to account either through significant reductions in services, higher taxes or probably both. You can control your own destiny or do it Greek style when your debtors call the shots. I love the video below because it explains how government debt simply passes on the responsibility for excessive spending to the next generation. In order to pay down its $19 trillion debt, the US federal government must first get rid of its yearly deficit. Deficits represent any shortfall between revenues and spending on a yearly basis. Debt is simply the total accumulated deficits. Unfortunately, the US government is in no hurry to deal with its yearly shortfall, as its deficit in 2015 was $439 billion. Though it has been going down over the …

Student accused of violating university’s ‘safe place’ rules by raising her hand

An article in The Telegraph exposes the bizarre culture permeating universities not only in England but in North America as well. Imogen Wilson is a student at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh. She also serves the student council as vice president of academic affairs. She recently spoke of how students on the extreme political left tried to have her kicked out of a council meeting because she dared to raise her hand. The student association has instituted a bizarro rule called the “safe place environment.” This policy sets out to create a ‘safe space’ where people are protected from anyone disagreeing with them, specifically: “refraining from hand gestures which denote disagreement,” or “in any other way indicating disagreement with a point or points being made.” People are only allowed to use gestures showing agreement. The problems started shortly after Imogen made a presentation disagreeing with those wanting to institute a policy to boycott Israel. Imogen opposes this because it leads to antisemitism which creates an unsafe place for Jews — note the contradiction. In a column …

Donald Trump Photo: Michael Hogan/Flickr/Creative Commons

Trump, Harper, Bush, Jesus

A man stood outside a meeting room and heard the speaker say “47” followed by loud laughter from the audience. This laughter was repeated, with different numbers. The man asked what was happening, and he was told “This is a joke club. We know all the jokes, and each reference number prompts us to laugh at one of our jokes.” The man stepped into the room and shouted “four hundred and seventy-eight.” The room went silent, and then someone giggled. The giggling changed to loud laughter from everyone, and soon people were crying and falling out of their chairs, from laughter. The man was confused, and someone said, “You just told a joke we’ve never heard before.” Evoking means we wave the flag, shout out the number, and trust that the audience knows the back story. It’s a form of cheerleading. Rick Mercer is a famous commentator in Canada, and he has the fluency, articulation, and gift of the gab of a true Newfoundlander. Even when I disagree with him, I admire his skill. But …

An Orthodox Jew Allied with Evangelical Christians

“You believe that because you are an Orthodox Jew allied with Evangelical Christians.” Those words offend many people, especially Jews and Christians. Recently a Jewish man named Steve Maman, originally from Morocco, was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The interview was in Montreal, and in French. The CBC is the state funded broadcaster in Canada. Also note, this is an election year in Canada and people are choosing sides. Steve Maman represents a charity that rescues women from terrible slavery under ISIS in the Middle East. He identifies the female victims as Yazidi and Christian. Most of the world believes he is a good man doing a good thing. To me, the CBC is bland and boring, a government-funded news source that never takes sides. It’s an expense for the taxpayers, and financial cuts are always possible. A brief interview in French, about an obscure charity, could not go wrong, but it did. Steve Maman praised the Government of Canada for its support of his charity and said that Canada was their most …

The Greek Argument

Most of us know the news about Greece; the nation is running out of money. Creditors want payments on national loans, the Greeks can’t pay, and they need to borrow more. Borrowing more is the issue. They live on borrowed money, and the supply has ended. Many experts are sympathetic and believe the Greeks are being pressured to surrender their national sovereignty. I disagree. Independence was lost when they borrowed hundreds of billions. Now they are dodging the bill collectors. “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7) That truth hasn’t changed in 3000 years. Greeks have demonstrated their outrage for months, and they voted to say “No” to the creditors, as advised by their government. Now the same government is saying yes, offering up items the voters refused to give. Any agreement will be a failure for someone. It’s a mess. And I can explain, I know how this happened. From my comfortable chair in Canada, with my experience leading churches; I can explain Greece. The …

Christian Heroes II — William Wilberforce

[by Earl Blacklock] The slave trade was a lucrative part of the British economy. British ships moved slaves from Africa to the West Indies to be bought and sold, then brought sugar and other goods produced with that labor back to Britain. William Wilberforce was a young man, born to privilege, who was a close personal friend of Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger. In 1780, while still a 21 year old student at Cambridge, he was elected the Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull, sitting as an independent. At 25, he was elected the Member of Parliament for Yorkshire. Shortly after, partly due to the influence of his aunt, he went through a conversion experience, becoming an ardent Christian. He fought for social reforms such as the improvement of British factory conditions, and against  child labor and animal cruelty.

Media mocks Wisconsin governor seeking God’s will on running for president

[by Dean Smith] Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is considering seeking the Republican nomination for the American 2016 Presidential elections. Speaking to the National Religious Broadcasters in February, Walker confided he is still trying to decide God’s direction on this decision. Walker said: “I’m still trying to decipher if this is God’s calling. You’ve got to be crazy to want to be President of the United States … To look at what it does to a person and a family you have got to be crazy. But you should only do it if you feel God’s called you to get in there and make a difference. We’re still trying to decide and we’re going to ask you for your prayers in that regard.” This statement was picked up by a number of media types, including the Wallstreet Journal.  But perhaps the most odd response came from a series of tweets made by Political Wire publisher Taegan Goddard.

Ben Carson says prison proves gay lifestyle is a choice, later apologizes

[by Dean Smith] In an interview on CNN, Ben Carson, a possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination, was asked if being gay was a choice. There are several pushing the idea that homosexuality is genetic, however, a number of studies on identical twins suggest this is not the case. In a response to Chris Cuomo’s question, Carson said he believes being gay is a choice. Using the prison system as his example, Carson stated: “Because a lot of people who go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

When Paul encouraged prayer for secular leaders was he thinking ahead of Hustler magazine?

[by Dean Smith] A recent article in the National Journal reports that Harry Flynt, the founder of the porn magazine Hustler, has been sending unsolicited copies of the publication to American politicians in Washington DC since 1983. It arrives every month in an unmarked manilla envelope. And every month staffers open it. Who knows why Flynt does it? We can only guess. But many assume he is trying to influence them.

Could the next American President be a Christian from Calgary, Alberta, Canada?

I was reading a post on about Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. According to reports, there is a 90% chance he will seek the Republican nomination for President. Of course, this doesn’t mean he will win the Republican nomination and if he does that he will win the American presidency in elections scheduled for 2016. But he is definitely a Christian and the NBC article focused on some statements Cruz recently made at a Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C. Throughout his career, Cruz has been forthright about his Christian faith. In a rare move, Cruz spoke about his troubled life because of the alcoholic lifestyle of both his parents. In his speech, Ted said that faith in Christ rescued his family. When he was three years old, his father abandoned the family. Cruz said:

Survey reveals growing concern about religion’s declining influence in America

A recent survey by Pew Research Center shows that most Americans believe religion is losing its influence on the public stage including politics and that they are concerned because of this. Pew has asked this question since 2001. That year, 51% of Americans believed religious influence was on the decline. In 2014, this number had jumped by nearly 25%. Today, 72% of Americans believe religious influence on public life is on the decline. However, while they watch this decline of religious influence, a very different culture is forming and most Americans don’t like what they are seeing. Increasingly, Americans are of the opinion the church should play a bigger role in politics and social issues. Pew said in its release, there is a “growing appetite for religion in politics.”

Is England on the verge of criminalizing parenting?

If you want to see the future for North American watch what is unfolding in the United Kingdom. There are disturbing things happening in that country and when it happens there, its next stop seems to be North America. The Christian Institute is warning about recent legislation proposed for England redefining child neglect. If passed, it could potentially turn every parent in that country into a criminal. The Institute says the legislation will be introduced in the Queen’s speech on June 4, 2014. In this speech, English governments traditionally present their legislative goals in the upcoming session of parliament. According to a law passed in 1933, child neglect is limited to areas of providing basic care such as food, clothing and medical aid. Failure to do that could result in charges. However, the new legislation is expected to include emotional care in the list of abuses.

‘The Times’ accuses man-made global-warming camp of a cover-up

This was the front page of a major English newspaper, The Times, Scottish edition, on May 16, 2014. It features a stunning attack on some of those promoting man-made global-warming, who the article states are trying to cover-up research that suggests things aren’t really as bad as they say it is. According to The Times’ article, global-warming scientists allegedly suppressed research that did not agree with their theory.

This photo is a public service announcement

April 28, 2014: This morning, I awoke to find snow covering our front yard. I was very annoyed it snowed this close to May, but I have moved on. I felt it my civic duty to post this picture, so the youth of the world would know what snow looks like. It’s the white stuff. Why is the photo necessary? On March 20, 2000, in an interview promoting man-made global warming, scientist Dr. David Viner told The Independent: “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”