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EU’s carbon tax for commoners

When the political and celebrity elite arrived at the Glasgow global warming conference at the end of October 2021, they filled the skies with their private jets and chauffeured driven cars.

‘NY Times’ warns that skiing is an endangered event, despite snowfall increasing

When it comes to Global Warming, we are absolutely involved in a propaganda war, where truth is being set aside in favour of alarmism. According to Wattsupwiththat, the latest example is The New York Times, which on Jan 7, 2022, had an article warning skiers that they must become involved in Climate activism because the snow is basically disappearing.

Canada: A $4,000 SUV tax in the works?

Over the years, I have written several articles about the man-made global-warming fanatics, and like I did in my most recent article, I sarcastically stated that the discovery of fossils of alligators and subtropical trees in Canada’s frozen and barren Arctic is evidence that people were driving SUVs several millennia before they were actually invented in 1935.

US natural gas company warns of blackouts this winter if pipeline shut down

Spire Energy, a natural gas supplier based in Missouri, just sent out an email to all its customers warning that they should brace for blackouts this winter if US President Joe Biden shuts down another American pipeline. Spire Energy provides natural gas to 1.7 million people in Mississippi, Missouri and Alabaman. According to the Western Journal, the STL pipeline that runs between Illinois and Missouri went into service in 2019 and supplies gas not only to 650,000 homes in St Louis and area but also in neighbouring states. Shortly after it went into operation, the Environmental Defense Fund sued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stating it had not provided the proper permits for the pipeline. This prompted an emergency review of the STL pipeline scheduled for Nov 18, 2021. If this pipeline is shut down, it will result in natural gas shortages this winter. READ: Power Company Warns Customers of Blackouts as Biden Admin Considers Shutting Yet Another Pipeline With winter approaching, one would think that common sense would say keep the pipeline open. …

Facebook just censored one of opentheWord’s articles

I call it a badge of honour, but someone just told me that Facebook censored one of my articles, as it was completely yanked from the social media site. They forwarded me the warning I received. Apparently, the article was yanked because it was partially false: Now, we need a bit of context here. The global warming elitists are gathering in Glasgow, Scotland for a big man-made warming shin ding where they will warn us, as they have done for nearly 20 years, that we only have ten years to save the planet. As the elitists fly in on their private jets, they will also be insisting the peasants of the world should no longer be allowed to drive our cars. So, of course, Facebook’s censors on heightened alert for any news that would contradict the global warming propaganda. Apparently, my article on how Australia’s Great Barrier, that was allegedly obliterated by man-made global warming, is now growing back was partially false. You can read the censored article here: READ: As global warming fearmongering grows, …

Are global warming policies to blame for the empty store shelves?

As people around the world experience shortages and empty store shelves, it is easy to blame the lockdowns. Though this policy failed to stop COVID, it was particularly effective in damaging the economy. But we can’t give all the credit to the lockdowns, apparently global warming extremists have to receive at least an honourable mention.

Video: Meet Britain’s eco mob

As you can see in this video, the eco fanatics in Britain are determined to disrupt life in that country anyway they can. These type of protests have been going on for weeks. In the video, one frustrated guy said he lost a job opportunity, when he couldn’t make his appointment because of these protests. Most are left-wing marxists determined to end capitalism and one of the founders of the movement stated if he was protesting, he would block ambulances, even if it threatened a person’s life. READ: I would block ambulance with dying patient, says Extinction Rebellion founder after eco-warriors spark traffic chaos Don’t kid yourself, these type of global warming protests will soon be coming to North America. RELATED: WATCH: ‘Revolution or Ruin’ – Extinction Rebellion Activist Says Only Socialism Can Stop Climate Change RELATED: ‘MUPPETS!’ Angry commuter’s epic takedown of Extinction Rebellion eco-warriors for gluing themselves to ELECTRIC train An interview with a co-founder of Britain’s Extinction Rebellion which gives you an idea of who the Brits are dealing with: And here is an …

1922 ‘Washington Post’ article exposes man-made global warming agenda

Nobody is arguing that this earth isn’t warming (though some suggest we might soon be heading into a time of cooling due to a decline in sunspots). The following excerpt from the Washington Post, Nov 2, 1922 edition, warning that 91 years ago there were concerns of cities being washed away because of an unprecedented warming of the Arctic Ocean.

The communist agenda behind Extinction Rebellion?

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a radical environmental group that has been causing a major disruption of traffic in Britain over that past couple weeks as it demands the country take more radical steps to stop global warming. But a recent rally at London’s Trafalgar Square exposed the radical political agenda that is behind XR and as well many environmental groups.

Reports of ‘Doomsday Glacier’s’ collapse ‘greatly exaggerated’?

When American author Mark Twain read a report in the New York Journal that he had died, Twain quickly sent off a letter-to-the-editor stating that the reports of his demise were exaggerated. Well, the same could be said of the Thwaites ice shelf, located in the Western Antarctica. It has been the poster child and major fundraiser for the man-made Global Warming corporate machine for the past few years. The ice shelf, that is reportedly the size of Florida, is supposedly on the verge of breaking off because of Global warming. It’s been given the delightful name of the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ to remind the masses of the horrors of man-made Global warming that includes ocean levels rising and the washing away of coastal cities. However, according to a study by the University of Michigan, the doomsday collapse of Thwaites may be slightly exaggerated. The study doesn’t expect a collapse any time soon. But does expect there may be some thinning of the ice. But according to NASA, there is an unusual thing happening in the …

OPEC says NO, after Biden begs for more oil

After effectively shutting down America’s oil industry by cancelling oil and gas leases and, as well, the Keystone pipeline, last week US President Joe Biden was begging OPEC to increase oil production as American citizens are being pummelled with 40%+ increase in gas prices since January this year. Well, according to Reuters, OPEC has decided. The answer is ‘No’. They will not be increasing oil production. READ: OPEC+ Rejects Biden’s Call to Pump More Oil This is what happens when you make yourself dependent on the charity of others in your attempt to appease the environmental radicals in the Democrat Party. Apparently, Russia is now an unofficial member of OPEC, an international oil cartel that includes some of America’s dearest friends such as Iran, that limits production to keep oil prices high.

What caused the power outages in New Zealand?

It is still winter in New Zealand, and last night there was a major power outage in the country, leaving tens of thousands of homes without power. Apparently, they use electricity to heat their homes, and last night was one of the coldest days of the year. And one of the major electrical providers is warning that more outages may be on the way, stating that, ‘that the emergency was far from over.’ Apparently, power supplies were running tight. So what could be the cause of these electrify shortfalls? Could it be the result of a woke Prime Minister, consumed by ideology and a lack of common sense, who has the country getting 84% of its power from expensive and unreliable green energy that only works when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining? Of course, the government is also pushing electric vehicles, and the country’s energy minister was quick to point out that these green vehicles, that are often recharged overnight, were not the cause of the shortfall. READ: Power outages: PM …

Top climate scientist predicts global cooling

When it comes to climate, Dr. Willie Soon should know what he is talking about. He currently works for the Solar and Stellar Physics Division at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Breitbart reported on a recent interview Soon had with Alex Newman of the New American, where the climate scientist went against the popular opinion of the day, stating that he believed the earth would soon be entering a time of cooling, because of the inactivity of the sun.

Meet Methuselah, a Date Palm, grown from a 2,000-year-old seed

According to the Biblical record, Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah, was the oldest person recorded in the Bible living to the age of 969 years. And appropriately, this was the name that a scientist gave a Judean Date Palm that was successfully grown from a seed estimated to be 2000 years old. Archaeologists discovered several seeds, dated to the time of Jesus, at the ancient site of Masada, a Jewish mountainous fortress, that was besieged by the Romans during the Jewish rebellion of 73 AD to 74 AD, resulting in nearly 960 Jews inside the fortress committing suicide. It took a while for Dr. Elaine Solowey, who works for the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at the Kibbutz Ketura in Israel, to convince the archaeologists to part with one of their seeds. They described her plans to try to sprout it as mad. But finally they gave her a single seed, and Solowey sprouted it in 2005 resulting in Methuselah, a male Date Palm. She has since planted six other seeds that also successfully grew. …