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Bill Gates buys a massive amount of farmland in North Dakota

Globalist Bill Gates is potentially the largest private landowner in America, after purchasing six parcels of farmland in North Dakota, The Daily Caller reports.

The problem with electric vehicles

Many woke governments have dived headlong into electric vehicles (EV), often providing subsidies to companies that manufacture them and to anyone who would purchase one. Of course, it is being done in the name of saving the world from man-made global warming. But they have failed to perform one of the most basic checks when diving into an unknown pool: How deep is the water? Not very, according to an article in the Financial Post: The Achilles’ heel of vehicle electrification is the lithium-ion battery, an inefficient, costly and vulnerable energy-storage system plagued by issues of weight, energy density, low performance in cold weather and grid adequacy — and now also by skyrocketing prices of the key minerals it requires: lithium, cobalt and nickel. The electric mobility paradigm needs to be recognized for what it has been: a technical and fiscal flop. It should be shelved before it precipitates a serious meltdown of the automotive industry. READ: Opinion: Do electric cars ever emerge from policy intensive care?: The electric mobility paradigm needs to be recognized …

Gas prices soaring in the US, averaging $4.91 a gallon

Gas prices are continuing to soar in the US, and have reached an average price of $4.91 a gallon, setting a tenth consecutive record day high, Breitbart reports. One California town reported that gas prices have reached $10 a gallon Breitbart explains: Gas prices on Tuesday soared to a tenth consecutive record day high of $4.91 per gallon, fueled by President Joe Biden’s war on American energy that includes driving up private and public financing costs of oil drilling, halting drilling on public lands, and canceling the Keystone pipeline. Gas prices increased five cents overnight and nearly 30 cents in one week, AAA data reveals. Drivers are paying nearly $2 more from just one year ago. Prices have more than doubled since Donald Trump left office. The pain at the pump is expected to increase to over $6.00 per gallon before Labor Day, according to a JPMorgan commodities analyst. Gas prices have reportedly already reached $10 per gallon in the northern California town of Mendocino. READ: Gas Prices Soar to 10th Consecutive Record Day High $4.91 Meanwhile, the elites get a fuel …

Study: Parts of the Antarctic ice cap are growing, not shrinking

Researchers from Cambridge University, Newcastle University, and New Zealand’s University of Canterbury are certain to send off alarm bells in the man-made global warming industrial complex (MMGWIC). One of the big fears being promoted by the MMGWIC is that if we don’t stop man-made global warming is that all the coastal cities will simply be washed away by the rising oceans. So it was particularly disturbing when this group of scientists stated that between 2003/4 to 2019, the ice pack on the western side of the Antarctic has actually been increasing. Growing. The Western Antarctic has about 1,400 km of shoreline. And this isn’t even the first time this has been reported. Back in 2015, NASA reported the exact same thing was happening. Though the ice pack on the eastern side of the Antarctic was shrinking, the ice pack on the western side was growing. In fact, the west’s growth was faster than the eastern, so overall the Antarctic ice pack was growing, not shrinking. READ: NASA Study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater …

Global warming fanatics vandalize gas stations and rail lines

Global Warming fanatics based in England recently vandalized two gas stations, making them inoperable for several hours. They were part of a group, Just Stop Oil, which as their name suggests, want an immediate end to all oil production in order to stop the ice melting in the Antarctic and Arctic and the world being washed away. It’s estimated only 25% of oil production is actually used to fuel vehicles. The group started off by gluing themselves to the tarmac of the gas stations and then decided to vandalize the pumps. The Daily Mail provides the details: Another activist, 22-year-old Coventry student Nathan McGovern, has also been regularly arrested carrying out illegal stunts and was today filmed smashing petrol pumps.  He spoke in a grandiose video address uploaded to the Just Stop Oil twitter account this morning, where he accused the government of ‘genocide’ for not doing enough to tackle global warming.  Stephanie Golder, a 34-year-old charity project coordinator from Essex, claimed to be ‘sick and tired of being treated like a criminal’ – as her …

Deluge proves SUVs were invented in 1851

There are more reports that a global warming fanatic group, Tyre Extinguishers, is still prowling Britain looking for SUVs, so they can empty their tires of air. As part of this campaign, the zealots leave a letter on the vehicle’s windshield blaming them for climate change because they are driving a gas-guzzling vehicle instead of taking a bus. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain why they also empty the tires of electric SUVs. But now concrete evidence is emerging that SUVs have been around a lot longer than previously thought. It seems they were first invented in 1851 and probably earlier. The recent massive flooding in Britain due to extreme rainfall has the eco fanatics blaming the deluge on climate change and obviously SUVs. However, during the recent lockdowns, researchers had time to study past historical records and weather reports and discovered that a major rainfall in Britain during 1852 smashed the flooding that took place this year. In fact, it wasn’t even close. The Daily Mail writes: Heavy rainfall may be associated with flash floods and …

Environmental extremists violently attack Canadian natural gas pipeline station

As Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, orders the arrest of peaceful protestors in Ottawa, he got a graphic example of what real violence looks like. On the other side of the country, approximately 20 environmental extremists, some wielding axes, attacked people working at a natural gas pipeline station in British Columbia.

‘NY Times’ warns that skiing is an endangered event, despite snowfall increasing

When it comes to Global Warming, we are absolutely involved in a propaganda war, where truth is being set aside in favour of alarmism. According to Wattsupwiththat, the latest example is The New York Times, which on Jan 7, 2022, had an article warning skiers that they must become involved in Climate activism because the snow is basically disappearing.