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Razor blades attached to gas pump handles in North Carolina

Razor blades attached to handles of gas pumps in North Carolina.
Credit: Forest City Police Department

Attacks by environmental fanatics on oil have hit a new level in North Carolina as police report that someone is attaching razor blades to the pump handles at gas stations, Fox News reports.

After several rusty razor blades were discovered during routine inspections by regulators, police issued a warning to gas stations and consumers in the western part of the state.

Since the announcement, several other gas stations have reported razor blades attached to station pump handles.

It seems that radical environmentalists are intent on injuring people who try to fill up their gas vehicles.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with people. I’m scared,” one customer told WSOC-TV. “People are crazy.”

READ: North Carolina police find razor blades inside pumps at several gas stations: ‘Evil thing to do’

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