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Woman’s sign exposes cat thief

A sign put up on the fence of a home in Beaverton, Oregon is warning everyone there is a cat thief in the neighbourhood.

Video: Jordan Peterson interviews Yeonmi Park

In the above video, Canadian Psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, interviews Yeonmi Park on the atrocities taking place in North Korea, under its current tyrant, Kim Jong-un. For those unfamiliar with Yeonmi Park, she is a young woman who along with her mother escaped North Korea in to Communist China, where they ended up as sex slaves before escaping to South Korea. Yeonmi is now attending Columbia University, an Ivy League school in the US, and has been noticing similarities between what is taking place at the school with what people are experiencing in North Korea. READ: ‘North Korea was crazy, but not this crazy’: Columbia student, 27, who escaped Stalinist dictatorship warns wokeism is stifling freedom of speech at US universities just like in her homeland On a lighter note:

‘God was there’ as neighbour’s dog warns of fire

Firemen were amazed by how little damage there was to Yorktown Assembly of God church in Yorktown, NY after a call came in during the middle of the night about the fire. The fire chief added that if the fire department had been delayed another five or 10 minutes, the whole building would have probably burned to the ground. Well, the call came in enough time, because, Bear, a four-year old German Shepherd who lived in with his owner in a house beside the church started barking frantically waking up its owner Kim Lewis. When Kim looked outside a window to see what Bear was barking about, she saw the flames shooting out of the roof and immediately called 911. The fire apparently started because of an electrical short. On its Facebook page, the church stated, “We know that God was there tonight protecting our building.” Several members of the congregation were also wondering what Bear’s favourite treat was? READ: ‘God Was There’: AG Church Erupts in Flames, Dog Alerts Neighbor to Call 911

Video: Lockdowns vs protecting the vulnerable

In this video, there is a discussion about the failure of lockdowns to stop the pandemic. Those in charge have tried to explain away their failure with woeful cries, “if we had only locked down sooner.” Yet more and more studies are stating the obvious that the lockdowns did not work. If they did, this pandemic would have been over months ago. Many are now saying there should have been a targeted approach, focussing our attention on protecting those who are actually vulnerable to the virus, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. In the US, 95% of the COVID deaths involved people over the age of 50 with 80% over the age of 65 and of course, many of those had underlying health issues as well. READ: 95 Percent of Americans Killed by COVID-19 Were 50 or Older In the Canadian province of British Columbia, two-thirds of the COVID deaths were in nursing homes and how many of the remaining deaths involved those over the age of 65 and living at home. Yet, …

Poll: Americans overwhelming prefer offensive free speech over censorship

According to a recent survey of Americans by Rasmussen, 80% of people who vote want free speech and only 9% of those wanted governments to determine what speech is allowed or not. The pollster noted that people overwhelmingly preferred offensive and even inaccurate speech over censorship The pollster also discovered that the support for free speech was wide ranging with at least 70% supporting free speech in all age groups and demographics. The pollster company added that 59% of Americans consider governments and politicians as a special interest group more interested in fulfilling their personal agendas than doing what is best for America. According to Scott Rasmussen, only “34% believe the federal government today supports the founding ideals of freedom, equality and self-governance.” READ: Poll: 4 in 5 Americans prefer offensive, inaccurate speech over censorship AND 80% SAY ALLOWING OFFENSIVE, INACCURATE FREE SPEECH BETTER THAN GIVING GOVERNMENT POWER TO DECIDE The poll starkly reveals the tyranny of the minority, a group of woke elitists, concentrated in the mainstream media, social media and political positions are …

Virginia mom warns about cultural Marxism infiltrating public schools

Xi Van Fleet, who was six years old when Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution swept China, attended a meeting of the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia to voice her criticism of the “controversial critical race theory” being embraced by the board. In her one-minute speech, Van Fleet noted the similarities she sees with critical race theory and Mao’s Cultural Revolution, stating:

Canada’s Indian Residential School scandal

Using ground penetrating radar, authorities recently uncovered the graves of 215 students who died at a former Canadian residential school in Kamloops, BC. The Canadian Indian Residential School system was set up in 1876 to provide boarding school education for Indian children in Canada. Since one of the primary goals of the schools was to assimilate Indian children into the dominant Canadian culture, it required pulling children from their homes and boarding them at the schools in order to minimize contact with their family and friends.

Trudeau: A propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party?

A few days ago, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called anyone critical of his admiration of the Chinese Communist Party as racist. This racism accusation was Trudeau’s response to a very legitimate question in the House of Commons on why his government allowed scientists working for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) full access to a level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg.