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96% of Italy’s COVID deaths had underlying health issues

taly was hard hit by COVID, so what have Italian authorities learned. Well, it is not the type of news that the mainstream media wants you to read, but according to a report by Italy’s national health authority, Higher Institute of Health (HIOH), 96% of the people who died because of the Coronavirus in that country had two or more serious chronic illnesses.

When Good People Leave Us

I think we all missed this story, and it deserves to be remembered. Joyce Lin was a missionary pilot in Indonesia, on the west side of the island of New Guinea. That place is dangerous for pilots, and unfortunately her plane crashed and she died. This was a good woman, who died while she was delivering relief supplies to remote sites, in the Corona virus pandemic. Her family, in the U.S. could not attend her funeral, and this was a sad ending to a good life. There are Christians who live out what they believe, and we should remember them. READ: Pandemic restrictions mean family cannot attend Joyce Lin funeral

Advice for the “do as I say, not as I do” COVID crowd

The mainstream media and certain politicians love telling us what we can and can’t do during the Coronavirus. Word of warning: Expect a little pushback when you break your rules: For the media: INSTANT CLASSIC FROM @MSNBC: ANCHOR: “Are the people there just not worried about it? Are they not worried about their personal safety?” REPORTER: “I haven’t met anybody who is… you can see here, nobody’s wearing them [masks].” GUY ON STREET: “Including the Cameraman.” — Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) May 26, 2020 For the politicians: Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued ‘Draconian’ lock down orders telling people to stay-at-home and non-essential businesses closed. So, how was Gov. Grisham able to buy jewellery from a non-essential business, that was supposed to be closed during the lock down? The Blaze explains: But according to KRQE, the Democrat governor herself broke the rules in order to purchase jewelry at a store that otherwise should have been closed. They spoke to an employee from a jewelry store saying that Lujan Grisham called them to buy …

Anoint that virus away?

We are told in the Bible, “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). Yes, but faith in what? We can easily put our faith in a church, or a dynamic leader. Most dangerous cults divert us in that way. In England, a Christian pastor told people to trust God for safety from the Coronavirus, and I think Christians everywhere agree with that. That pastor is under investigation because he took his faith advice further. He said “it is by faith you can be saved from the virus” and then it is alleged he offered anointing oil and red yarn as “a divine plague protection kit.” His price was ninety-one pounds, more than a hundred dollars, and he promised positive results. Faith can be a dangerous slippery slope if we lose sight of our father in Heaven. READ: Coronavirus: London church investigated over ‘protection’ oil

Muslims and the modern world; the struggle is fierce

In Turkey, with an Islamic government, there is a common saying “Go to Holland.” These words are spoken to anyone who identifies as gay, or something similar. The government openly rejects its own citizens, if they identify with one of those sexual orientations. They are told to move to another country. As a Christian, I’m sure neither side wants my opinion, which is that they all need to find Jesus. I believe there are powerful forces in this world, and they can be bitter enemies. We are witnessing cultural civil wars where no one wants to understand, or forgive, or persuade. It’s worth asking ourselves the question; When I meet people who disagree with me, how do I treat them? READ: “Go to Holland” the new anti-gay slur trending in Turkey

Italian government has recruited 60,000 snitches

With several studies suggesting lock downs were ineffective or could have even made things worse, news the Italian government recruited 60,000 snitches to help enforce its lock down rules is interesting. Breitbart reports: The government is recruiting unemployed citizens, especially those who receive social security or unemployment income, as an extension of its uniformed security services during the second phase of the coronavirus lockdown, Italian media reported. The plainclothes informants have received instructions to watch for abuses of state-mandated safety norms and to report on violators. The new measure is meant to prevent citizens from being tempted to slack off in compliance with government norms just because no uniformed police are present, since anyone could be an informant. Most people don’t have to be told to call the police if they see someone seriously breaking the law or if they witness a car accident. They don’t need a snitch line. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to become an “official” snitch because that is clearly a step beyond. READ: Italian Government Recruits 60,000 Informants …

Famous Jehovah’s Witnesses

If you are not a Jehovah’s Witness, you probably don’t think about them too often. When I was a boy, some of my closest friends belonged to Witness families. Did you know Dwight Eisenhower, the famous General and President, was raised as a Witness? Today, when we watch entertainers, including actors and athletes, we often see people who do, or did, belong to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I once attended a secret support-group meeting for former members, and they told stories about the control and discipline in the community. Maybe those qualities became self-discipline and helped with some career choices. READ: Famous Jehovah’s witnesses – from Serena Williams to Prince and Michael Jackson

CDC releases virus death rate: Mainstream media MIA

By the blaring silence, it is obvious most of the mainstream media didn’t like the recent death rate numbers released by CDC concerning the coronavirus. And since the CDC’s new adjusted number didn’t jibe with the mainstream media messaging, they predictably ignored it. This new number doesn’t help if you are trying to get clicks and spread fear and panic. According to CDC’s report, the agency provided its best estimate based on the fact that more people have come down with the disease than originally thought. We know that 80% of the people who contract the virus have minimal or no symptoms. As a result, they never went to the doctor and were never tested, but they still had the virus. With a death rate of .4% based on current testing, the CDC estimated that approximately 35% more people have contracted the virus. This is reflected in several antibody testings around the US showing many more had the virus. Once this adjustment is included, it puts the death rate at .26%. This is a fraction …

Hollywood producer charged with fraud over COVID relief

The Blaze reports: The U.S. Department of Justice, the Security and Exchange Committee, and the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced fraud charges against former Hollywood executive producer William Sadleir on Friday. Sadlier allegedly stole $1.7 million in funds meant for coronavirus relief and swindled $25 million from an investor. Sadleir, the founder and former chairman of Los Angeles-based film production company Aviron Pictures, reportedly lied on applications to get $1.7 million in Paycheck Protection Program funds from the federal government, according to the Department of Justice. The government alleges that the former producer used the funds: To buy a mansion in Beverly Hills; To purchase a Tesla; As income for he and his wife; To settle a legal dispute; and To buy furniture for his home. The Paycheck Protection Program was set up by the U.S. government to provide financial assistance to small businesses devastated by the Coronavirus lock downs. READ: Hollywood producer arrested for stealing $1.7M in COVID-19 relief funds, embezzling $25M for Beverly Hills mansion

Communist China crushes Hong Kong democracy movement

With all eyes on the coronavirus, that most believe leaked out of a ‘high security’ virus lab in Wuhan, China’s communist overlords are taking the opportunity to crush the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. The New York Post writes: Proving its word worthless, Beijing is moving to crush Hong Kong’s liberties 27 years ahead of schedule, in blatant violation of the deal that saw Britain hand rule of the city over to the mainland. Specifically, China has ordered the national legislature to pass a new law for Hong Kong, bypassing the island’s Legislative Council. Put simply, it will criminalize protest and dissent, treating it as subversion, treason or foreign interference — and allowing mainland officials to “legally” crack down on whatever the hell they want. This also leaves Hong Kong’s huge democracy movement helpless to block the legislation ….” READ: China’s sudden rush to crush Hong Kong’s freedom Britain administered Hong Kong until July 1, 1997, and in the turnover agreement, the Communist regime agreed to allow Hong Kong to remain semi-autonomous until 2047. The …

New York COVID insanity: Did Gov. Cuomo make it worse?

According to the Associated Press, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent 4,500 elderly people, many still recovering from COVID-19 and contagious, back to the nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Gov. Cuomo issued the order to return patients on March 25, 2020 and would not rescind it until May 10, 2020, after a public outcry. Many allege this decision resulted in an explosion of new COVID cases in nursing homes, with some describing what was happening as “carnage.” According to NBC News, family members and nursing home administrators blamed Cuomo for what was happening, with some describing the decision as “reckless and careless”. Unfortunately, New York was not the only state to do this, the same thing was happening in New Jersey and California. The Daily Caller reports that sometime between April 28 and May 3, New York health officials suspiciously began classifying people who contracted COVID-19 in a nursing home, but died in a hospital, as a hospital death instead of a nursing home death, as it had done previous. READ: New York …

The end for Little Richard

You have probably heard the music of Little Richard on the radio. He was a talented man who created impossible success: His fans loved him and his music, and recently, he died at the age of 87. He had a remarkable life, well lived, but there is one more thing; Little Richard was filmed at the end of his life, making his last public appearance. I think there is a lesson from this good man, for us all. He lived well, and he ended well:

Do you put God in a box?

“If we let God out of the box, what do you suppose we will discover?” How often to we think? We are encouraged, in this message, to throw the box away. We are good at discovering what we already believe, and find what we expect to find. The true God is not my invention, I am His creation. There is more for me to learn.

Should “Climate Change” be listed as the cause of death?

According to an article on Breitbart, two doctors, Arnagretta Hunter and Simon Quilty, from the Australian National University Medical School are demanding governments list “Climate Change” as the official cause of death on death certificates, if a person died from heat stroke in that country. According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald there have been 340 deaths officially attributed to heat stroke in Australia over the past 11 years adding: “[B]ut statistical analysis by two doctors [Hunter and Quilty] with the Australian National University shows that 36,765 could have been attributed to heat.” “Climate change is a killer, but we don’t acknowledge it on death certificates,” co-author Arnagretta Hunter, from the ANU Medical School, said. Note the “could have been,” as this and similar terminology is often used to promote a particular agenda. READ: Doctors Push for ‘Climate Change’ to Be Recorded on Death Certificates AND Climate change should be recorded on death certificates, doctors argue Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson used a similar word when he said that 2.2 million people “might” die in …

Report: Data reveals the lockdowns did not work

According to a study by JP Morgan, reported in the Daily Mail, the lockdowns associated with the coronavirus have not altered the course of the virus, but did destroy millions of jobs. Here is the basis of JP Morgan’s argument. If the lock downs had been effective in limiting how many people came down with the virus, then once they were lifted, you would expect a spike in new cases. In fact, that has not happened. The majority of countries where the lock downs were lifted are seeing a reduction in new cases suggesting the virus has its own life cycle (see chart below). And on a similar note, the report said initiating lockdowns did not alter the viruses’ transmission either, as the number of new cases escalated after they were put in place. The Daily Mail writes: ‘While we often hear that lockdowns are driven by scientific models, and that there is an exact relationship between the level of economic activity and the spread of [the] virus – this is not supported by the …

The face of Jesus on a guitar or a piece of chicken

Someone looked at a guitar in a shop, and they saw something like a human face in the wood grain pattern. Since the face seemed to have a beard, they decided it must be the face of Jesus. READ: Jesus found on a Washburn guitar Someone else saw something like Jesus, at least a man with a beard, in a piece of chicken he was about to eat. The man and his wife believe this must mean something, and they saved the piece of chicken in the fridge. I think it’s more important for people to see Jesus in you or me. That’s a message that can really speak.

COVID isolation camps coming to Washington State?

In an interview with New American magazine, Matt Shea, a Republican politician in Washington State, warned that Gov. Jay Inslee (D) is looking at setting up “isolation camps” for people who have the Coronavirus. He said though the government initially stated that the camps were voluntarily, but they are only voluntary in the sense that you agree to go when asked. If a person refuses, the state has the option of forcing a person to move to the camps. The World Net Daily reports: He [Matt Shea] explained that the tracers visit people who may have been infected and advise them they can isolate at a center to protect other members of their household. While the infected person may be asked to volunteer, the government makes it clear that people can be forcibly quarantined, Shea pointed out. He read a line from a form that local health officers are to present to someone who is infected. It says: “If you do not comply with this request for voluntary quarantine I may/will sign a detention order, enforced …

600 doctors say lockdown worse than the virus?

According to a report on Fox News, over 600 doctors have sent a letter to US President Donald Trump encouraging him to end the lock down because of the damaging medical, social, mental and economic consequences that will potentially be far worse than the disease. In the letter, the group cited: The social fallout: “The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. In youths it will be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse. The medical fallout: “There are all these patients out there not showing up to emergency departments. The volume in the emergency department is incredibly low. Maybe 60 percent of what it usually is. And this is across the nation. Everybody’s had the same experience, excluding the New York metropolitan area. Actually, it’s quite empty. I got a letter just this last week that we are firing 50 percent of our technicians.”    “These include 150,000 Americans per month who would …

Dr. Dan Erickson explains “herd immunity” and why we should end the lock down

In this podcast, Dr. Dan Erickson, who recently had a video with five million views censored by YouTube, explains what “herd immunity” is all about and why we should end the lock down. Basically herd immunity happens when the majority come down with the coronavirus and develop an immunity and as a result the virus has no new people to infect and the pandemic ends. But governments have taken a new approach, we are hiding people, so they don’t catch the virus. This is why many are now talking about a second wave, because there are thousands who have not come down the virus. In other words, this pandemic could go on for months or even years until they discover an effective vaccine which also could be months or even years away. The other option is to not have a lock down and let everyone catch the virus remembering that 80% will have minimal to no symptoms. You need to protect those most vulnerable. This will result in many catching it quickly, and of course …

YouTube CENSORS taking heat and they don’t like it

In what is an unusual move, YouTube censors responded to criticism over why they took down a video by Dr. Knut Wittkowski on the need for herd immunity in dealing with the coronavirus. For YouTube censors to do this, they must be feeling the heat. For the virus to be brought under control, Wittkowski believes the majority of the people need to contract the virus and develop a ‘herd immunity,’ and because of that, he believes governments should end the lockdowns. Studies have shown that 80% of the people who get the virus have minimal or no symptoms. With nearly 50% having no symptoms, this means they don’t even know they are sick. The ones most vulnerable to the disease are the elderly and those with underlying health issues. This, of course, is contrary to the message of the mainstream media that supports the lockdown and destruction of the economy. The YouTube censors removed Wittkowski’s video, that had 1.3 million views, because it provided “misinformation.” When the Daily Caller asked why the video was removed, …

Sneaking the Gospel into North Korea

The communist regime of North Korea is completely closed to the Gospel. Their president Kim Jong-un, who has been missing in recent months, has taken on a god-like persona in that country. According to North Korean media he drove his first car at age three and was winning yacht races by the age of nine.

What is God telling us in the pandemic?

“Two-thirds of U.S. residents who believe in God see the pandemic as a divine message urging us to change our lifestyles.” I think God is always trying to speak to us, but now we have a global pandemic. What message are you receiving? Is your life changing? READ: American believers see coronavirus as sign from God to change ways Some people see a divine message about the virus, in hailstones: READ: Coronavirus-shaped hailstones ‘are a message from God to stay at home’ A message from God is a good thing, but the answer makes all the difference.

New Jersey police shock gym patrons

People are tiring of the lockdowns ordered by state governments and some are practising what you might describe as civil disobedience. And it seems even some police are fed up with being the hatchet men used by governors and mayors to enforce what many believe are unconstitutional lockdowns. When Jersey’s Atilis Gym decided to open on Monday, in defiance of Gov. Phil Murphy’s order, the police were apparently sent in to shut it down. Note: those using the gym were required to social distance. A large crowd had gathered by this time and many were thinking they would be ticketed or even arrested. According to Fox29, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office warned that people who patronize a business not allowed reopening could face a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail. But then things took a dramatic change when one of the officers told the crowd: “Formally, you are all in violation of the executive order. On that note, have a good day. Everybody be safe.” The police then left with cheers from the …

UN: Stop using offensive words such as husband & wife

The United Nations, courtesy of UN Women, recently sent out a tweet that people should stop using such words such as “husband”, “wife,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend” and “landlord” because it might offend some people. According to the UN we need to start using gender-neutral language such as spouse instead of husband or wife and owner instead of landlord. What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group. #GenerationEquality via@UN_Women — United Nations (@UN) May 18, 2020 Predictably the reaction was swift with the vast majority mocking the UN‘s tweet. One woman quickly pointed to the group’s hypocrisy asking why UN Women was using the sexist word “woman” in its name? Of course, the slogan of most elitists is: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Another pointed out the obvious problem that in most Latin languages — French, Spanish, etc — every word is gendered. One professor was actually glad to see the tweet stating sarcastically: …

A guilty conscience

Stéphane Bourgoin, a popular French writer, has just come clean. His 40 books, that sold millions in France, specialized in the serial killer genre. He has become somewhat of a celebrity and has even been featured in several documentaries on serial killers. But recently he revealed several lies that he had made up about himself over the years. In an interview with Paris Match, Bourgoin said “My lies have weighed me down. I have arrived at the balance-sheet time.” Here is the list: He never had a wife who was murdered by a serial killer in 1976. He never trained with the FBI. He never interviewed Charles Manson. He never played professional soccer. He never interviewed anywhere near the 70 killers that he claimed. We all have our secrets. An old Scottish proverb states: “Open confession is good for the soul.” READ: French serial-killer expert admits serial lies, including murder of imaginary wife