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Lone Black man stands up to left-wing anarchists in Minnesota

A bit of language warning with this one. But with Antifa and other left-wing anarchist trying to stir up trouble because of another shooting of a Black man in Minnesota, one black man bravely tried to stare them down.

Is Big Tech trying to buy off everyone?

There is an old saying, he who pays the piper calls the tune. The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank that promotes “the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom and traditional American values.” And recently the organization’s CEO announced that in 2020, the Heritage Foundation turned down two large donations from Big Tech.

Thieving twin sisters play the ‘victim card’

If a multi-million dollar actress with an $11 million home married to a prince can play the victim card then so can twin sisters from Scotland, aged 25, who just pleaded guilty to robbing their grandparents of all their life savings, £8,000. As the two girls bought groceries for their grandparents during the pandemic, the twins also emptied their grandparents’ bank account.

Columnist calls for ORU to be banned from NCAA basketball tournament

Many secular sport’s writers are referring to Oral Roberts University (ORU) as this year’s Cinderella team at the NCAA Division I national basketball tournament, after ORU came from behind to beat the 7th seeded Florida Gators 81-78 to advance to the 16 team round (Sweet 16). Also referred to as March Madness, the annual tournament determines the best college basketball team in America. In its previous game, the 15th seeded ORU Golden Eagles beat 2nd seeded Ohio State in the tournament’s first round allowing ORU to advance to the 32 round and became only the second 15th seeded team in history to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Oral Roberts will play Arkansas on Saturday. Oral Roberts, a charismatic Christian evangelist who died in 2009, started the Oral Roberts University based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1963 to “develop Holy Spirit empowered leaders through whole education to impact the world.” It has grown to become one of the most influential Christian universities in the world expanding to six colleges and offering 70 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees. …

CA school kids to chant to Aztec gods of death?

There are two stories about how woke, left-wing educators are trying to train your children. Not surprisingly these stories are out of New York and California. According to an article on Fox News, California educators are proposing a new curriculum that would have students chanting the names of Aztec gods of death, which people were sacrificed to sometimes by having their hearts cut out while they were still alive.

Guess who is cutting into the COVID vaccine line?

Officials for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Pasadena, California for those holding vital positions was forced to cancel after its online booking slots were flooded with those who weren’t eligible. The clinic was intended for senior citizens and those working in important fields such as heath-care, child-care, food services and teachers. So who were these ineligible people who thought they were so important that they could cut into the line? It was mostly Hollywood and media.

The Pornographic Truth

What is the number one problem in our world? Everyone has an answer, and it depends on where you live, your gender, age, whether you are poor or rich, etc. Your answer also depends on your faith. Everyone has faith, some just don’t call it that. I have faith in God. Others have faith in science. Few, a lessening number daily it seems, have faith in government. A growing number are putting their faith in humans while still others have faith in occultic practices. A survey of what people and experts think the number one problem in the world gives different answers. Climate change, poverty, and divisiveness top many lists. I went through several lists and none listed pornography or sex trafficking. Even the Christian sites listed things like science and disbelief. One of my sayings is that: “Some things you can’t unsee.” Pornography is one of those things. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what gender you are, images of pornography stick in your mind like gum under a table. They infect …

Canada issues warning about Chinese social media apps

In a surprising move, Bill Blair, Canada’s federal public safety minister, issued a warning to Canadians over using Chinese social media apps such as TikTok, WeChat and Weibo. Blair made the statement during a parliamentary meeting on China-Canada relation, He stated that China’s communist regime could use information posted on these apps against Canada. Millions of Canadians currently use the three apps.