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Facebook sees its number of logins decline for the first time in history

For the first time in its storied history, Facebook has seen its number of users decline. Facebook opened its doors on Oct 28, 2003 under the name of FaceMask. It would change its name to TheFacebook in Feb 2004. The Dailymail reports that Facebook, which typically has 1.93 billion people logging in daily, saw its number of logins shrink by nearly 500,000 daily during the last three months of 2021. This combined with lower ad revenues because of Tik Tok has resulted in a 22.6% decline in the stock price of Facebook’s parent company, Meta, a $200 billion reduction in the company’s value. READ: Facebook loses users for the first time EVER: Shares plummet 20%, wiping $200BN off value of parent-firm Meta after it revealed 500,000 fewer daily log-ins and declining profits – Zuckerberg’s personal wealth takes $29BN hit Of course, Facebook has gone woke and continues to censor and ban any groups it personally doesn’t agree with. Apparently, its administrators haven’t figured out if they continue doing this, people will go elsewhere. READ: US …

Elon Musk throws his support behind Canadian truck convoy protesting COVID mandates

According to an article on Post Millenial, Elon Musk has thrown his support behind the Canadian truck convoy, which some estimate at 35,000 and 50,000 vehicles, who are heading to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID mandate. Prime Minister Trudeau recently condemned the convoy calling the truckers a small fringe group who “do not represent the views of Canadians.” However, when the convoy arrives in Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau will not be there to greet them as he is isolating at home after coming into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID. While some have portrayed the truckers as anti-vaxxers, this is not the case. Many of them are fully vaccinated but are opposed to the COVID mandates that include preventing unvaccinated US truckers from crossing the US border into Canada and forcing unvaccinated Canadian drivers returning from the US to isolate for two weeks. Meanwhile, Trudeau will only be isolating for five days: As the “Freedom Convoy 2022” wound its way across Canada, tens of thousands of Canadians cheered on …

Famed Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson describes the Bible as ‘more true than just true’

In a recent four-hour interview with influential podcaster, Joe Rogan, famed Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson, had some interesting comments on the Bible. The Daily Wire reports that the topic came up because of Dr. Peterson’s recent visit to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, which he called “very cool.” In the interview, Peterson described the Bible as a category or structure that fundamentally defines our western civilization. But added this warning. “If categories just dissolve,” Peterson said, “especially fundamental ones, the culture is dissolving because the culture is a structure of category. That’s what it is.” And this is what we are witnessing today as those on the extreme left try to dismantle society by focusing their attack on the west’s Christian foundation. But Peterson didn’t stop with that, he seemed to suggest that the Bible is the ultimate truth. “And so it isn’t that the Bible is true,” Peterson said, “it’s that the Bible is the precondition for the manifestation of truth, which makes it way more true than just true. It’s …

Brazen daylight robbery in LA reveals the root of California’s problem

A brazen daylight robbery in Los Angeles reveals the root of the problem of what is going on in California. The Daily Mail writes that six women entered Ulta Beauty Salon during a smash and grab and looted bags full of perfume and cosmetics while the alarm blared and customers watched. Thieves have targeted the store multiple times. The telling moment is that two of the thieves didn’t even bother to wear masks. This is because they have absolutely no fear of being arrested. If caught, they will be out on the street within hours. This is because LA County has a left-wing District Attorney, George Gascon, whose progressive soft on crime policy combined with a law that treats any thefts below $950 as a misdemeanor has led to a crime wave in California. Commenting on the theft, one LA county detective said, the maximum penalty they would receive would be the equivalent of a traffic fine. In other words, it’s just part of the cost of running a criminal enterprise in California. READ: Brazen …

Poll: Over 25% of Canadians support jailing the unvaccinated

A recent poll of Canadians conducted by Maru Public Opinion found that over a quarter of Canadians, 27%, believed that people not vaccinated for COVID should be subject to short jail terms. According to the National Post, the poll conducted between Jan. 14-15, 2022 also found: 37% believe the unvaccinated should not receive medical care from the country’s state-run health care system, even though their tax dollars help fund it. 33% of respondents believed the unvaccinated should be punished by not allowing them to renew their driver’s license. 61% said that the unvaccinated should be required to pay a health surcharge of upwards of $150 a month if admitted to hospital for COVID. Two-thirds of Canadians believed that COVID vaccines should be mandatory. Under the Canadian constitution, health care is a provincial issue, meaning only provincial governments could mandate vaccines. READ: More than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds Many of the Canadians are simply mimicking the feelings expressed by the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

2021: The Year of Mistrust and Suspicion

Although there are many things that characterize the year 2021, perhaps nothing is more conspicuous than the deep lack of trust that Americans currently have in their national leadership. From the president to the CDC, from Dr. Fauci to the media, almost everyone is viewed with suspicion and mistrust. Of course, it would be all too easy for those on the left to blame this on former president Trump. After all, wasn’t he the one driving the “stop the steal” movement? And didn’t he make clear that, not even the Supreme Court could be trusted? But to blame the current situation on Trump would be both shallow and naive. Plenty of clearheaded, fair-minded, thinking Americans have good reason to question what they are hearing and seeing and reading. Can anyone really be trusted? Both leftwing and rightwing media have become so politicized that much of the reporting is often more sensationalistic than sound. Endless internet headlines (which people often run with, at face value) are mere clickbait, with the article linked having nothing to do …

Canada: CBC’s shift to the radical left

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada’s state-owned and taxpayer-funded news outlet. Most Canadians look upon it as the official PR firm for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But a former producer for CBC, Tara Henley, who resigned this week, has come out with a scathing article stating she resigned from the network because of its radical shift to the left. When she started to work for CBC in 2013, Henley considered herself one of the more Liberal reporters in the newsroom, but eight years later, she was basically the most conservative, even though her views hadn’t changed. Fox News explains: “Henley, who identifies as a liberal herself, published her scathing resignation announcement on Substsack, detailing a newsroom stifled by far-left ideology that limits critical thinking and obsesses over race. In her piece, Henley blamed “a radical political agenda that originated on Ivy League campuses in the United States and spread through American social media platforms” whose proponents “monetize outrage and stoke societal divisions” for setting the tone of current media outlets such as the CBC. She …

Cory Brooks: The problem of fatherless children in America

With Chicago becoming the most dangerous city in America, Cory Brooks, the pastor of New Beginnings Church, started a 100 day and night vigil on a rooftop in Woodlawn in an effort to raise money for a new community center to help fight the rising violence in the city. Each night, Brooks releases an episode related to the violence affecting his community.

Oxford epidemiologist says the threat of Omicron is overblown

Oxford epidemiologist, Professor Sunetra Gupta, has opposed the lockdowns since day one, arguing that they do more harm than good. If lockdowns actually worked, the COVID pandemic would have been over last spring. All lockdowns do is extend the pandemic. Gupta argues that lockdowns also do incredible harm to children. She adds that the healthy have to stop being afraid of infection because disease is a reality of life. Dr. Gupta argues that the medical establishment should have instead focussed on protecting the people who were actually vulnerable to the virus, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. It didn’t and in Canada, as an example, 69% of the COVID deaths lived in long-term care homes. READ: The Great Barrington Declaration RELATED: Vaccine inventor: Omicron could be ‘a Christmas present’ RELATED: Covid accounted for just one in 16 deaths in England and Wales in first full week of Omicron as virus fatalities fell to a two-month low, official data shows

Toronto school official banned students from attending a book fair featuring a woman who survived ISIS sex slavery

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB), which is the largest school district in Canada, recently banned students from attending a book fair scheduled for 2022, because they might come in contact with Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who recently wrote a book how ISIS had kidnapped her when she was 14 and turned her into a sex slave.

California Apple Store plundered in broad daylight

Since California politicians started defunding and demonizing the police last year, it has only emboldened the criminal element. The most recent involved a ‘smash and grab’ at a Santa Rosa Apple Store that took place in broad daylight. Fox News reports that four individuals walked into the store at 11:30 am on Thursday, Nov 25, 2021, and while staff and customers looked on, stole $20,000 worth of merchandise. Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom promised to deal with the brazen thefts by setting up a task force to discuss it. READ: California Apple store hit in latest smash-and-grab in broad daylight MEANWHILE, a couple of university professors state that it’s racist to use the word ‘looting’ to describe the ‘smash and grabs’ sweeping California. READ: ‘Smash-and-grabs’ should not be called ‘looting’ because term is ‘racist’: Experts AND Greg Gutfeld: Americans are focused on the crime wave, the left is focused on language RELATED: Rampant smash-and-grab theft part of failure to prosecute criminals, tolerated by officials, experts say 12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many …

Canada: A $4,000 SUV tax in the works?

Over the years, I have written several articles about the man-made global-warming fanatics, and like I did in my most recent article, I sarcastically stated that the discovery of fossils of alligators and subtropical trees in Canada’s frozen and barren Arctic is evidence that people were driving SUVs several millennia before they were actually invented in 1935.

A ‘new’ free speech university?

With most universities in North America having transformed into Soviet-style indoctrination camps for the left, a new university dedicated to preserving free speech to be set up in Austin, Texas, has professors pleading to get in. The University of Austin is being funded by Cicero Research and expects to be open for business in the fall of 2022. It was a response to universities across America banning free speech, particularly conservative views, on their campuses. Fox News recently interviewed Peter Boghossian, one of the school’s founding members, who said the school is being flooded with applicants to fill its professorships. Boghossian added, “They can’t stand the censoriousness, they can’t stand the diversity statements. They can’t stand pretending to believe something that not only do they not believe, they just know it is false, but they can’t do anything about it lest they receive accusations of bigotry or discrimination.” Boghossian cited one applicant who said, “I’m caught in an insane asylum, everybody’s gone crazy, I will work for half,” READ: University of Austin dedicated to free …