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Climate Change reaches official religious-cult status

Greta Thunberg at Glastonbury in 2022
Credit: Raph_PH/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Many describe the fanaticism driving the climate change hysteria as little more than a religious cult, and this was recently confirmed when the University of Helsinki in Finland awarded Greta Thunberg, 20, an honorary Doctorate in Theology.

Yes, you read that right, theology.

In its news release, the liberal and clearly woke university described the degree as its highest award.

Thunberg is the poster child for the climate change fanaticism that is being used by the political elite to try to control how people live their lives.

As one pundit noted, all that’s left is for Thunberg to be declared a ‘saint’ so people can start praying to her.

This past week, Thunberg found herself targeted by social media critics after she deleted a 2018, tweet where one climate change scientist/activist warned that if we didn’t end fossil fuel use in five years, all humanity will be wiped out.

The fearmongering of the climate change fanatics is starting to wear a bit thin. For the past 30 years, we have traditionally received our annual warning that we only have ten years to stop using oil and gas or the world will end.

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