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Obsessing about the news can make you physically and mentally unwell, study

According to researchers from Texas Tech University, people who obsessively follow the news have a greater chance of not only have mental health issues, but physical ones as well, Study Finds reports. In fact, the researchers described it as “significantly greater physical ill-being.” The researchers reported that constantly checking the news and looking for updates, can result in individuals losing hope and ‘feeling powerless’ in the midst of what is happening. The researchers cited both the Ukraine war and the climate change hysteria as examples. [Note: they didn’t say hysteria.] It results in people being in a ‘constant state of high alert’ and researchers found that 16.% of the participants in their study were in a category that they described as ‘severely problematic.’ They were so obsessed with the news that it was constantly dominating their thought life. It also affected personal relationships, made it difficult to focus on school and work and affected their sleep. Significantly, their survey found: READ: Obsessively watching the news can make you mentally and physically sick

Don’t Allow the Media to Shape Your Opinions and Views

By Dr. Michael Brown Has this ever happened to you? You form an opinion about someone based on what others have said, only to meet them and find out that you had a totally wrong impression? Or you’ve read select quotes from a person, only to learn that these quotes, which were taken out of context, painted a very false picture? Headlines and Soundbites Are Manipulated to Mislead I had been following a political race in one state from a distance, very much opposed to the Democratic candidate but not particularly happy with the Republican candidate, either. He sounded like an unreasonable extremist, not to mention a loose cannon. At least that’s the way I often saw him portrayed while surveying a number of different websites. Finally, I decided to listen to him firsthand, and I was totally surprised. He was well spoken. He was careful in his choice of words. He was reasonable. And he sounded like a solid conservative rather than an extremist. I had been misled by a caricature of the man …

Did the New York Times see a conspiracy theory one day too early?

UPDATE NOV 10, 2022: California has dropped all charges against Eugene Yu, citing lack of evidence and ‘potential bias.’ READ: Charges dropped against election software CEO accused of data theft It is not surprising that the vast majority of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media. In fact, a 2021 poll revealed only 29% of Americans stated they completely trusted the legacy media. In this story about the New York Times, Breitbart explains why no one trusts them. Coincidentally, it involved two stories on Communist China, an American-based voting software company and the data of American election workers. One was published on Oct 3, 2022, and the second on Oct 4, 2022. Breitbart provides the details: On October 3, the New York Times published an article by reporter Stuart Thompson titled “How a Tiny Elections Company Became a Conspiracy Theory Target,” in which he claimed that “election deniers” were targeting Konnech, a Michigan election software firm with just 21 U.S. employees, and had developed a theory with “threadbare evidence” that the company had tied to the Chinese Communist …

Study: Obsessively watching the news can make you sick

If you are obsessed with watching the news, a study out of Texas Tech University suggests it could be bad for your health, Study Finds reports. In fact, the researchers noted that those who daily check the headlines will experience “significantly greater physical ill-being,” both physically, mentally and emotionally in the form of anxiety and stress. The study, which involved 1,100 people, added that one in six people had what researchers described as an addiction to the news. Study Finds reports: This can start interfering with people’s personal lives, leaving them feeling powerless and distressed about global events including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. […] Almost three-quarters (73.6%) with severe levels of problematic news consumption experienced mental ill-being “quite a bit” or “very much” compared with just eight percent of all participants overall. The study also found that more than three in five (61%) news addicts experienced physical ill-being “quite a bit” or “very much” compared with just six percent of everyone else. READ: Obsessively watching the news can make you …

Fact-checking the left-wing media’s ‘dangerous delusions’

The New York Post often looks at stories published in the left-wing media and compares the actual facts with their delusional versions of events. The article’s subhead reads: “Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions.” Here is one fact-check that caught my attention: This report: “A forensic psychology professor . . . said bias killings are often perpetrated by . . .  typically young white men.”— AP, Tuesday We say: Much of the media characterized the murder of four Muslims in Albuquerque, NM, as “anti-Muslim” hate crimes, but the Associated Press went even further, suggesting the culprits were likely “young white men.” Oops: The lead suspect turned out to be a 51-year-old Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan. For more interesting delusions from the left-wing media. READ: The week in whoppers: Biden’s inflation perversion, AP’s racial profiling and more

Are people still watching CNN?

CNN has been finding itself mocked recently and this may explain why people are seeking out more unbiased and reliable sources of news. The first involved wording that appeared in front of a reporter talking about the rioting in Kenosha, WI. As a building burnt behind him, the reporter stated that this was just one of many locations on fire in the city that night. As he made his report, CNN inserted the following wording in front of him: “FIERY BUT MOST PEACEFUL PROTESTS AFTER POLICE SHOOTING” Yes, these are apparently peaceful riots. But it didn’t stop there. Earlier, CNN star Don Lemon told Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden, to call for an end to the rioting, not because people are being killed or businesses being destroyed, many of them black owned, but because the riots are hurting the Democrats in the polls. READ: Don Lemon begs Joe Biden to call for an end to riots because they’re hurting Democrats in the polls AND READ: Protesters In Kenosha Torched ‘Much Of The Black Business District’

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Bruce the Bunny and Bratislava Frowns

You may have heard about this; a news anchor in Florida, John Brown, had a loud tantrum on the set when he had to report that Kylie Jenner had a pet rabbit named Bruce. Kylie is a half sister of the Kardashians, and she just turned 18. The tantrum is now world news, and John Brown is a hero. He wanted to report news and he believes the Kardashians are not newsworthy. John Brown made it clear; some in the media will publish any nonsense that improves ratings. And we should know that we, the public, will consume anything that entertains. A British journalist once reported from Bratislava Slovakia, about the local news headline “Bratislava Frowns.” Citizens of Bratislava may have been mildly concerned about some obscure item in U.S. foreign policy, and this generated a headline. I pity the journalist assigned to a charming European country. Some days there is no news, except for comments on the bad reporting from other bored journalists. Even serious stories on important issues become old news in about …