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Bruce the Bunny and Bratislava Frowns

Photo: Flickr/Miroslav Petrasko

Photo: Flickr/Miroslav Petrasko

You may have heard about this; a news anchor in Florida, John Brown, had a loud tantrum on the set when he had to report that Kylie Jenner had a pet rabbit named Bruce. Kylie is a half sister of the Kardashians, and she just turned 18.

The tantrum is now world news, and John Brown is a hero. He wanted to report news and he believes the Kardashians are not newsworthy.

John Brown made it clear; some in the media will publish any nonsense that improves ratings. And we should know that we, the public, will consume anything that entertains.

A British journalist once reported from Bratislava Slovakia, about the local news headline “Bratislava Frowns.” Citizens of Bratislava may have been mildly concerned about some obscure item in U.S. foreign policy, and this generated a headline.

I pity the journalist assigned to a charming European country. Some days there is no news, except for comments on the bad reporting from other bored journalists.

Even serious stories on important issues become old news in about three days.

I remember when my family planned the day around the six o’clock news, and we listened carefully. Most families had a favorite network, and no-one dared to change the channel. Now I can surf the net and skip through more sources than I can count, any time.

And the personal comment sections are filled with insults and scams for unwanted services. Intelligence is not a big part of Internet trolling.

I checked the news out this morning, and I found a serious article about a political protest in Seattle, and on the same page, stories about cute puppies raiding a kitchen, and a monkey getting blow dried. I am not making that up.

As a Christian, it’s good to know that the god of this world is a toothless monster. We should never stop doing what God said because of bad press, for three days.

And here’s a revelation; we shouldn’t be consumers of the news, we should be making the news. The essential Christian message is the gospel, the good news. The competition for God’s good news is bunnies, puppies, and monkeys, and hostile people who forget after three days.

Journalists like John Brown know this truth.

Jesus knew this two thousand years ago: “Woe to you, when all men speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.” (Luke 6:26)


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