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Video: Why you shouldn’t always trust the mainstream media

In this video, Viva Frei provides one more reason why no one should trust Canada’s mainstream media. Viva Frei is a lawyer and Canadian vlogger that has been closely following the trucker protest in Ottawa.

CTV, one of Canada’s major news networks, asked to interview Viva, and apparently one of its targets was Rumble, a free speech video platform.

Viva compares what CTV reported to what actually happened.

Meanwhile, Canada’s taxpayer-funded state media, CBC, following in lockstep with its boss, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been critical of the trucker’s protest from day one. RELATED: Canada’s state broadcaster spreads bizarre conspiracy theory that ‘Russian actors’ are behind 50,000-strong ‘Freedom Convoy’ of truckers protesting Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate

So how are we to treat those who abuse you? Jesus said we are to bless them (Luke 6:28).

For the record, CBC receives $1.4 billion in Canadian tax dollars every year.

The biggest problem is that the mainstream media insists it’s unbiased and reports the news fairly. Fortunately, fewer people are buying that line.

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