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Graph explains Ontario’s COVID ICU crisis

They say the first casualty in any war is the ‘truth.’ In this battle over freedom, the Ontario government has ordered a stay-at-home lockdown of the Canadian province because the ICUs are being overrun with COVID cases.

Interview with Calgary pastor who drove police out of his church on Easter Friday

I recently posted a story of how Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary, Alberta, Canada demanded several police officers leave his church after they showed up during the church’s Easter Service (April 2, 2021) without a warrant. In very colourful language, Pastor Pawlowski drove them out of his church calling them communists and Nazis.

Canada’s democratically elected tyrants?

Seniors living in care homes in the province of Ontario, who have received their COVID vaccinations, are asking why they are still being locked up? Why are governments preventing them from going outside? Why can’t they visit their family? Why do governments feel they can violate people’s basic human rights? Some seniors are referring to it as torture.

Over 70 Canadian churches will defiantly hold Easter services

LifeSite News is reporting that nearly 80 Canadian churches have publicly stated they will be holding Easter services this weekend in defiance of government lockdowns. LifeSite News reports: April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The threat of fines and possible imprisonment will not deter over 70 Christian churches in Canada from defying COVID lockdowns and holding religious services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The churches have vowed to open for Easter services “to stand together in unity and to oppose further lockdowns.” All churches involved have signed on to Liberty Coalition Canada’s (LCC) “We Will Gather Easter 2021” initiative. To date, eight Canadian provinces are represented: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. READ: Over 70 Canadian churches vow to defy lockdowns, will fully open for Easter services Click here to find out if a church in your community will be holding services. The simple fact is, Canada can not continue is this lockdown indefinitely. COVID is not going to go away, and we have to learn to live with …

Restoring confidence in COVID health experts

In an effort to restore confidence in Canada’s health experts who are guiding the country through the COVID pandemic, the Toronto Star printed this summary of Health Canada’s handling of the AstraZeneca vaccine. All the dates are for 2021: Meanwhile, Canada’s esteemed Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, gave this advice. READ: Trudeau urges Canadians to take first vaccine they’re offered, says ‘the science is evolving’

The ‘We Charity’ and the Trudeau family

There is a scandal brewing in Canada involving the family of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the We Charity that the Trudeau government gave nearly a half billion dollars too. The scandal is so bad that a committee in the House of Commons required the two brothers, Marc and Craig Kielburger, to appear to explain what happened. In a nutshell, while the Trudeau government flooded We Charity with cash, they were paying Trudeau’s family, mother and brother, speaking fees: nearly $500,000,000 versus $400,000. MP Pierre Poilievre asked Marc and Craig Kielburger some pointed questions at the committee meeting: BBC provides additional details: Mr Trudeau is facing the third ethics investigation of his five years in office over the government’s decision to task WE with administering the programme. WE Charity Canada would have received up to $43.5m to manage the programme under that agreement. Just over C$900m ($679m, £519m) was originally earmarked for the programme, designed to connect post-secondary students to volunteer opportunities – for which they would later receive a grant – to make up …

Why is mental health rapidly declining in Ontario?

Mental health experts in the Canadian province of Ontario are warning of people’s declining mental health due to COVID and its related lockdowns. In fact, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, things have gotten much worse because of the second lockdown in the province. Of course, it’s not surprising, since the province also has one of the most restrictive lockdowns in Canada. Notice, how people are also claiming they are lonely. The Toronto Sun explains: The poll suggests only 35 per cent of Ontarians consider their mental health to be “very good” or “excellent,” compared to 52 per cent in the first round of polling in May. It also shows nearly 80 per cent of respondents believe there will be a “serious mental health crisis” post-pandemic, compared to 66 per cent in August and 69 per cent in May. […] The poll also found respondents were getting more isolated. Fifty-seven per cent reported feeling lonelier since the pandemic began, with 47 per cent saying they wish they had someone to talk to. And 36 …

Canada: Justin Trudeau’s botched vaccine roll out

It is becoming increasing obvious that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is clearly in over his head. He had companies willing to produce a made-in Canada vaccine, but things started going wrong because of Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with Communist China. The National Post explains: Let’s go back to April of 2020. The world is still very much in the first wave of COVID-19, and governments around the world are scrambling to find some way to get back to normal. On May 6, the Government of Canada announces a deal with CanSino, a Chinese company that was developing what was then one of the world’s most promising vaccine candidates. The arrangement was that Canada would conduct human trials for the CanSino vaccine and then, once it was approved, we’d manufacture it within our own borders. But there’s just one problem. When CanSino tried to send Canada its first shipments of the vaccine, it was arbitrarily blocked at the border by Chinese authorities. Why? Probably retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for extradition to …

Video: Interview with wife of jailed Canadian pastor

James Coates, pastor of GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was arrested for violating the province’s lockdown orders and holding church services. He has not been released from jail because he refuses to abide by the court’s bail conditions. In an interview with Faytene Grasseschi, Pastor Coate’s wife, Erin, explains the church’s side of the story.

Why is China buying Britain’s private schools?

Concerns are being raised in Britain that Communist China is buying up private schools. The purchasers include senior members of the Chinese Communist Party. This leads to an obvious question, why would members of the Chinese Communist Party want to take over private schools in Britain? Breitbart explains: Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned that there is a “communist takeover” of large swaths of Britain’s private education sector, as an investigation has revealed that schools throughout the country have been bought out by firms connected to the Chinese government. There are currently 17 private schools in the United Kingdom owned by Chinese firms, nine of which are owned by senior members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The schools are reportedly presenting a “whitewashed” view of China to their students, and one school has admitted that the goal of infiltrating the education system is to propagate China’s One Belt, One Road global initiative, an investigation from the Mail on Sunday revealed. Reform UK party leader Nigel Farage said that the British government “must wake up …

Sask Premier reveals who are calling for stricter lockdowns

Scott Moe, the Premier of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, had some interesting things to say about the lockdown. During its COVID lockdown, the province has allowed most businesses, including restaurants and gyms, to remain open with reduced capacity. In a recent virtual speech, Premier Moe mentioned that he has been receiving pressure to implement a stricter lockdown in the province.

Pastor’s wife being held in a secret government facility in Canada?

When a young pastor’s wife got off the plane, she was immediately confronted by a police officer and government official and taken away to a secret government facility. The distraught pastor has no idea what happened to his wife, and the police refused to tell her husband where she is. The only twist of this story is that it didn’t happen in Communist China, it happened in Calgary, Canada. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lockdown rules requiring two week isolation for anyone travelling in from another country at a government facility have not even been announced yet and already police are enforcing it. They have basically imprisoned Chris Mathis’s wife and won’t tell him where they have locked up his wife. The pastor’s wife also had a form stating that she had just tested negative for COVID, but let’s not confuse the story with unnecessary facts. The Western Standard reports: The new [Trudeau] rules weren’t even announced yet Thursday night, but it appears officials at YYC were ready. “(My wife Nikki) arrived in Calgary tonight …

Canada’s sick political system

There is something deeply sick about a political system when a person can work three and a half years for the government and walk away with a $143,000 year pension for life. That is what happened when Canada’s Governor General, Julie Payette, was forced to resign after a report was about to be released that she was had created a “toxic” work environment in her brief tenure as Canada’s Governor General.