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Canada’s Indian Residential School scandal

Using ground penetrating radar, authorities recently uncovered the graves of 215 students who died at a former Canadian residential school in Kamloops, BC. The Canadian Indian Residential School system was set up in 1876 to provide boarding school education for Indian children in Canada. Since one of the primary goals of the schools was to assimilate Indian children into the dominant Canadian culture, it required pulling children from their homes and boarding them at the schools in order to minimize contact with their family and friends.

Trudeau: A propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party?

A few days ago, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called anyone critical of his admiration of the Chinese Communist Party as racist. This racism accusation was Trudeau’s response to a very legitimate question in the House of Commons on why his government allowed scientists working for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) full access to a level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg.

Ontario extends its dystopian lockdown

The Canadian province of Ontario has the most oppressive lockdown in North America where people have been ordered to stay-at-home, and it was recently extended until June. The chart below provides the daily COVID case count, including variants in green. COVID turned from a medical crisis into a political one, months ago, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Ontario government will not stop the lockdown until the number of COVID cases are in the negative. The chart is supplied by Ontario Public Health: Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford, extends the lockdown into June. READ: Ontario extends stay-at-home order for an additional two weeks Ontario police recently fined four people travelling in a car $800 each, because they were all from different addresses and could not provide a valid reason as to why they had left their homes. READ: Ontario police pull over four in car, charge them under stay-at-home orders Gold courses remained closed during COVID lockdown. READ: Golf courses to remain closed as Ontario keeps COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor activities

Ontario police take the government to court

Ten active police officers and five retired in the Canadian province of Ontario are taking their government to court arguing that the province’s recent dystopian lockdown is unconstitutional. They are also arguing that the government’s recent moves, that includes stopping people out for a walk and in cars without cause, violates the oath that police take.

Massive anti-lockdown protest in Montreal

In democracies, governments rule by the will of the people. And with politicians across Canada transforming into tyrants, Canadians are starting to push back. They want their country and their provinces back. There was a massive anti-lockdown protest in Montreal yesterday (May 1, 2021), the crowd stretched for blocks. Some estimate its size at 75,000.

Court allows Calgary police ‘to do anything necessary’ to enforce church inspection

I previously reported on how a Canadian Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who grew up under communism in Poland, twice drove an Alberta health inspector from his Calgary church, The Fortress (Cave) of Adullam, when she demanded entrance for a COVID health inspection. According to the Daily Wire, Alberta’s health department has now received a court-ordered warrant allowing the police “to do anything necessary,” if Pastor Pawlowski obstructs the health department’s third attempt to enter the building.

Canadians sending SOS signal to U.S., charged, face jail time

Yesterday, I reported how a group of Canadians from Ontario along the American border used lights to send an SOS signal to America via Morris code calling for help against the province’s tyrannical overlords. Well, according to the Daily Wire, Niagara police just proved what they said was true and have charged two of the people for calling for help. They are facing potential jail time of two years.

Meet Trudeau’s recent appointee to Canada’s senate?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just appointed Yuen Pau Woo to the Canadian senate. In a recent Tweet, Woo told Canadians that we must accept the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) jurisprudence that allows state police to kidnap Canadians on trumped of charges of spying in response to Canada’s arrest of a Huawei executive (daughter of the founder) at the request of the US government.

“Did you ever think you’d be part of an underground church” in Canada?

It is unbelievable this is happening in a democracy, but a church in Canada has been forced to go underground in order to hold services. On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, RCMP showed up at GraceLife church outside of Spruce Grove, Alberta, and put up double barricades around the building to prevent people from attending services. The church had been holding services in defiance of the provincial lockdown that limits attendance to 15% of capacity. It’s pastor, James Coates, was also in jail for 35 days when he was arrested for breaking the lockdown rules. None of the charges against Coates warranted jail time, only fines, yet Coates ended up in jail because the RCMP demanded Coates voluntarily sign an undertaking that he would not attend services. Coates refused so, the RCMP refused to release the pastor. He was eventually released once that undertaking was removed. His court case is scheduled for May 3, 2021 where he is facing a fine of $1,500 for violating lockdown orders. With its building barricaded, this past Sunday (April 11, …

Christians tear down police barricade around church, Canada

In images, you would only expect to see in Communist China, Christians in the Canadian province of Alberta tried tearing down barricades that the police had put up around GraceLife church in Spruce Grove, AB to prevent people from attending this week’s Sunday service (April 11, 2021). The church, that also had its pastor jailed for 35 days, has been holding services in defiance of the province’s lockdown that limits services to just 15% of capacity. The RCMP, who were just obeying orders, responded by sending in dozens of police to rebuild the barricade. The Blaze explains: Hundreds of Canadian Christians gathered on Sunday at the GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Government officials shut down the church for allegedly violating public COVID-19 health orders. Authorities erected a chain-link fence to prevent the house of worship from reopening last week. On Sunday, worshippers tore down the barricade, but were quickly met by a large contingent of riot police. Alberta Health Services physically closed the GraceLife Church, preventing access to the building. AHS said the church would …

Interview with Calgary pastor who drove police out of his church on Easter Friday

I recently posted a story of how Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary, Alberta, Canada demanded several police officers leave his church after they showed up during the church’s Easter Service (April 2, 2021) without a warrant. In very colourful language, Pastor Pawlowski drove them out of his church calling them communists and Nazis.

Over 70 Canadian churches will defiantly hold Easter services

LifeSite News is reporting that nearly 80 Canadian churches have publicly stated they will be holding Easter services this weekend in defiance of government lockdowns. LifeSite News reports: April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The threat of fines and possible imprisonment will not deter over 70 Christian churches in Canada from defying COVID lockdowns and holding religious services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The churches have vowed to open for Easter services “to stand together in unity and to oppose further lockdowns.” All churches involved have signed on to Liberty Coalition Canada’s (LCC) “We Will Gather Easter 2021” initiative. To date, eight Canadian provinces are represented: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. READ: Over 70 Canadian churches vow to defy lockdowns, will fully open for Easter services Click here to find out if a church in your community will be holding services. The simple fact is, Canada can not continue is this lockdown indefinitely. COVID is not going to go away, and we have to learn to live with …

Restoring confidence in COVID health experts

In an effort to restore confidence in Canada’s health experts who are guiding the country through the COVID pandemic, the Toronto Star printed this summary of Health Canada’s handling of the AstraZeneca vaccine. All the dates are for 2021: Meanwhile, Canada’s esteemed Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, gave this advice. READ: Trudeau urges Canadians to take first vaccine they’re offered, says ‘the science is evolving’