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Meet Canada’s new land neighbor, Denmark

After decades of protracted conflict, Canada officially has a new neighbor, Denmark. For nearly seven decades, the two countries have been involved in a costly battle over the ownership of a nondescript island, Hans Island, a barren 1 km long rock island located between Nunavut in Canada and Greenland, a Denmark territory.

Comparing Canada’s Emergency Act with Ukraine’s

As you may have heard, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has ended the Emergency Act. Coincidentally, it occurred on the same day that Ukraine invoked its Emergency Act. READ: Ukraine imposes state of emergency One of the major concerns in Canada is that the Prime Minister can only invoke the Emergency Act during a serious national crisis, threatening the security of the nation. So let’s compare what happened in Canada with what is going on in Ukraine. Trudeau: While, Trudeau was fighting off bouncy castles during the Ottawa protests. Apparently, once they are set up, the walls are impossible to breach: Ukraine: The Ukraine was facing missile attacks in its capital city: And Russian helicopter attacks: Trudeau: While Trudeau was dealing with the massive security threat of people dancing in the streets during the Ottawa protests: Ukraine: Ukraine was watching Russian troops and tanks enter its territory: So who had the bigger emergency? It’s too close to call, so I will let you decide. RELATED: Putin declares war on Ukraine as deadly missile strikes plunge …

Environmental extremists violently attack Canadian natural gas pipeline station

As Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, orders the arrest of peaceful protestors in Ottawa, he got a graphic example of what real violence looks like. On the other side of the country, approximately 20 environmental extremists, some wielding axes, attacked people working at a natural gas pipeline station in British Columbia.

The problem with Canada’s health care system? Too many bureaucrats?

Canada’s vaunted universal and taxpayer-funded health care system was stretched to the limit by the recent COVID crisis, with the problem compounded more recently by health care workers calling in sick after coming down with Omicron. What is the root of this problem? More importantly, what can we do to fix it? Well, if the past is any indicator, they won’t be hiring more front-line workers, like nurses and doctors. They will probably just hire more bureaucrats. As Licia Corbella explains in her article in the Calgary Herald, “Canada has one healthcare administrator for every 1,415 citizens. Germany: one healthcare administrator for every 15,545.” Corbella adds: The amount of money spent on public health care is essentially the same in each country. Yet international studies show that Germany has more physicians, more specialists, and many more acute care and psychiatric beds. It far surpasses Canada in its inventory of diagnostic equipment (CT, MRI, and PET scanners) and just one per cent of its population waits more than four weeks to see a specialist, compared to …

Toronto school official banned students from attending a book fair featuring a woman who survived ISIS sex slavery

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB), which is the largest school district in Canada, recently banned students from attending a book fair scheduled for 2022, because they might come in contact with Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, who recently wrote a book how ISIS had kidnapped her when she was 14 and turned her into a sex slave.

Canada: A $4,000 SUV tax in the works?

Over the years, I have written several articles about the man-made global-warming fanatics, and like I did in my most recent article, I sarcastically stated that the discovery of fossils of alligators and subtropical trees in Canada’s frozen and barren Arctic is evidence that people were driving SUVs several millennia before they were actually invented in 1935.