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Climate hypocrisy: ‘Gas for me, but not for thee’

During the last election, Oregon’s left-wing Democrat governor, Tina Kotek, campaigned against the use of natural gas to heat her state.

According to PJ Media, her election website still talks about these lofty goals:

Transition away from the use of fossil fuels like methane gas in homes and commercial buildings. … Tina put Oregon on a path to 100% clean electricity by 2040.”

Of course, we need to understand that these environmental extremists want to impose rules upon the serfs, but certainly we shouldn’t expect them to live by the same ideals.

According to the Post Millennial (PM), Kotek has apparently applied for permits to install a $300k natural gas/propane heating system in her mansion.

PM writes:

Democrat Governor Tina Kotek, who previously promised to cut the state’s use of natural gas, is having a dual natural gas and propane backup generator installed at Mahonia Hall, the official residence of the Oregon governor.

According to the official bid, “The project includes updating the utility service with backup emergency dual natural gas and propane. Adds a full building services generator to the facility for power, should normal utility power fail.”

Radio talk show host, Lars Larson, who first exposed the governor’s hypocrisy, came up with a statement that would make a great campaign slogan for Kotek’s next re-election campaign: “Gas for me and not for thee.”

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Climate change quit being about saving the climate decades ago and is now all about politics and control.

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