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NBC backtracks on Sweden? ‘It looks like the world we lost’

NBC news reporter Bill Neely was in Sweden interviewing Americans on how that country handled the Coronavirus. Notice, that Neely is the only one wearing a mask. Source: NBC News Youtube capture

I was absolutely shocked by a story that appeared on NBC News wondering if the world should take a second look at how Sweden handled the coronavirus. When Sweden said it was not going to institute a full lockdown in response to COVID, it became everyone’s favourite whipping boy.

Yes, Sweden had a spike in cases, which it knew was coming. Like most countries it could have done a better job with nursing homes.

But the country decided that the best way to stop the virus was letting people get it, and develop what is referred to as herd immunity. While the rest of the world braces for the second wave and some are even talking of a third, maybe fourth wave later this year, look who is laughing now. Sweden’s ICUs are empty.

NBC sent reporter Bill Neely to Sweden to interview Americans living there to get their opinion on how that Nordic country handled the virus. (Watch the news report at the end of this post).

The Blaze reports:

NBC News did something this week that a lot of mainstream media outlets have not: Reported on Sweden’s controversial response to the coronavirus pandemic while simultaneously noting that the country lately has been faring better than many of its European neighbors.

The outlet even went so far as to ask if there are lessons the United States can take from Sweden’s experience.

The Nordic country has been under fire from much of the world for its refusal to lock down during the global pandemic. But life there appears to be back to normal, Bill Neely reported on Thursday for NBC’s “Today.”

“It looks like the world we lost,” Neely said. “Cafes and restaurants full. People relaxed. No face masks. No panic.”

The Swedes had very few rules and restrictions on their daily lives, keeping most schools and businesses open while asking people to socially distance. It did, however, ban large gatherings — though that’s one of the very few restorations it imposed.

And the people there — including some Americans — seem to be good with it. In fact, NBC News wondered if there was a lesson in it for the United States.

READ: NBC News actually reports Sweden never implemented a COVID-19 lockdown but is faring better than other nations, asks if it could be the ‘pandemic roadmap’ for the US

This video is so funny, because the NBC reporter is in Sweden interviewing Americans ving in that country. The reporter is wearing a mask and no one else is.

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