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POLL: 76% of Americans concerned about the country’s direction

A recent Gallup Poll revealed that only 24% of Americans are satisfied with the direction the country is going, which means that 76% are concerned, to varying degrees, about what is going on.

Preachers and Truckers: Have you been persecuted yet?

So, have you been persecuted, recently? Persecution is “the act or practice of persecuting especially those who differ in origin, religion, or social outlook.” READ: Persecution (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) I recently read a news story about a Christian pastor in India who was arrested and charged, something about not respecting other religions. He talked about Christian things in his Christian service, and the police arrested him; in India! I tried to find the story again, and I couldn’t. There were too many stories like it: Where I live, some people who opposed COVID restrictions claim that they were persecuted for their beliefs. Whatever we think about COVID protests, we can see the mechanism of persecution. People with ideas that threaten power can be punished and silenced. Imagine telling the authorities to slash vehicle tires. You don’t have to imagine that: READ: Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers And here is another crackdown: So, peaceful democratic countries have the potential to persecute people. Persecution is a normal part of life, in most places. …

After she died, the woman’s spirit left her body and she saw a blue tennis shoe on the hospital roof

The Bible talks about humans having a spirit and a physical body and this separate spirit, is essentially who we really are. And when the Bible speaks of body, soul, and spirit as Paul describes it in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, I believe this additional element, the soul, is what appears after our spirit merges with our physical body.

Praying With Boldness and Confidence

By Rick Renner

I’m so grateful for all the truths and godly qualities that my pastor and church family planted in me during my growing-up years. But I have to say, in all the years I attended that church, I personally can’t remember a time when I heard anyone pray boldly or confidently. I simply had no idea what bold, confident praying sounded like until I attended a seminar at another church where a special speaker was teaching on the subject of faith.

Características de un intercesor: Persistencia más importante que la amistad

English version: Characteristics of an intercessor: Persistence more important than friendship ¿Por qué Dios no responde a mi oración? Esta cuestión afecta a muchos cristianos. Oramos y no sólo no hay respuestas, nos preguntamos si Dios incluso nos escuchó. Cuando nos fijamos en los evangelios, leemos una serie de parábolas que Jesús enseñaba en la oración. Quiero mirar específicamente a uno de ellos y extraer un principio clave de la oración exitosa. La cuenta se encuentra en Lucas 11: 5-13. Esta parabola- siguiendo los pasos de la enseñanza de Jesús sobre la oración del Señor -es sobre un hombre que inesperadamente tenía visitantes aparecen en su casa a altas horas de la noche. Sin comida para ofrecerles, el hombre aparece al lado de la casa de un amigo para pedir prestado un poco de pan. Era tarde por la noche y su vecino no estaba interesado en despertar se para satisfacer las necesidades de este hombre, su recino. A pesar de que el vecino estaba obviamente molesto por la intrusión tarde en la noche, el hombre …