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Do 60% of Yale law students oppose free speech?

A disturbing letter signed by over 60% of the students at Yale Law School stated that they are opposed to ‘free’ speech and want it ended on that campus.

These are the future lawyers and judges of America, and they don’t want anyone who disagrees with their personal opinions to have a voice.

Breitbart explains:

More than 400 Yale Law School students — over 60 percent of the school’s student body — signed an open letter against free speech and a police presence on campus after hysterical woke students shouted down a bipartisan panel about civil liberties featuring the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Last month, nearly 120 woke Yale Law School students disrupted a bipartisan panel by trying to shout down and intimidate the speakers, who later had to be escorted out of the building by police. One of America’s best and brightest future Ivy League graduates screeched at the ADF representative: “I will literally fight you, bitch!”

READ: More than 60% of Yale Law Students Hate Free Speech, Police

An individual, dreabear74, claiming to work in the legal field, made this additional comment:

I work in the legal field and the young dumb attorneys coming out of the schools are disrespectful, unable to communicate, cannot deal with discourse, unprepared and do not understand at the end of the day you can agree to disagree and still be friends. The new lawyers do not understand that and I worry about the legal world in the future with these unbending people continuing to get their law degrees.”

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