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Has the location of the Ark of the Covenant been found?

Moses and Joshua worshipping before the Jewish Ark of the Covenant
By James Tissot (1836-1902)/Wikipedia/Public Domain

In an interview with CBN News, author Harry Moskoff stated he may have found the location of the fabled Jewish Ark of the Covenant in a cavern located under the Temple Mount.

Moskoff has been searching for the Ark of the Covenant for nearly 20 years and believes it may be inside an underground room blocked by a 570-ton rock.

Moskoff told CBN, that researchers with the University of Nebraska using “sonar tests…using electromagnetic waves” have found what appears to be a storage area behind the rock and Moskoff wonders what would be so important that it would be blocked by such a massive rock.

There are dozens of tunnels and caverns underneath the Temple Mount, and Moskoff suspects that there were even chambers located directly beneath the original Temple, including one beneath the Holy of Holies. It was a replica of the original Holy of Holies in the Temple located above ground. This room was considered equally Holy and a place where the Ark could be hidden.

The disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant in 586BC after Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed by the invading Babylonians is one of the great mysteries of all times.

Before the Babylonian army destroyed the Temple, they hauled away all its valuable items.

Several Biblical chroniclers provided a list of the items that were taken. But none of the lists included the Ark of the Covenant that was the Temple’s most valuable item (Jeremiah 52:17-23, II Chronicles 36:18-19, 2 Kings 24:13 and 2 Kings 25:13-18).

The Ark has never been seen since.

Many believe that sometime before Babylon breached Jerusalem’s walls, the Jewish priests hid the ark.

Many suspect it was hidden in the caverns beneath the Temple Mount and point to the disappearance of the Ark 300 years earlier, when the Egyptian Pharaoh Shishak sacked Jerusalem in 926 BC.

They speak of a few items being taken (1 Kings 14:25-26, 11 Chronicles 12:1-9), but similar to what happened during Babylon’s sacking, there was no mention of the Ark of the Covenant or other valuable items being hauled away.

The Ark then reappears in the Temple after the Egyptians left, suggesting it, along with other Temple furniture, was hidden before the city fell.

Many suspect it was hidden in the caverns beneath the Temple Mount before the city fell.

So if the Jewish priests hid the Ark during the Babylonian invasion, why didn’t they dig out the ark after the Babylonian’s left?

Well, there were a couple of significant differences between the two sackings of Jerusalem.

Unlike the Egyptian invasion, Babylon totally destroyed the temple, perhaps covering up or caving in the entrance to the underground passages. More importantly, they also killed the High Priests and hauled off the remaining priests into Babylonian captivity. The people who knew where the Ark was hidden were either dead or gone (Jeremiah 52:24-27).

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