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Canada moves to censor the internet

The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t allow its citizens to view dozens of internet sites including popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and news sources such as the Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Breitbart. It also blocks VPN sites, preventing people from downloading a VPN to disguise their internet location allowing them to view the forbidden content.

Well, with Prime Justin Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with the Chinese Communist Party, it is not surprising that Canada is in the process of passing legislation, Bill C-10, that would allow Trudeau to block any websites he doesn’t agree with and to censor any posts or videos that he doesn’t like.

The Toronto Sun recently reported on what Michael Geist, a University of Ottawa Law professor, had to say about the Bill C-10:

“The government believes that it should regulate all user-generated content, leaving it to the regulator to determine on what terms and conditions will be attached to the videos of millions of Canadians on sites like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and hundreds of other services,” said Geist.

He called the Trudeau Liberals the most “anti-internet government in Canadian history,” a group hellbent on erecting what he calls the “great Canadian internet firewall.” The government wants to be able to block websites it determines Canadians should not see, remove content posted in Canada without any independent review, and to regulate your video postings using the CRTC.

I remember sitting at a luncheon in Ottawa years ago on World Press Freedom Day and listening to CBC’s Beijing Bureau Chief Patrick Brown tell the audience what it was like in China with internet censorship. He told the story of a young woman killed by a local communist party official who was driving recklessly.

As the locals started to share stories online about what happened, the government stepped in to censor those stories. People began to post in ways that didn’t include the party official’s name so the censorship continued until searching for “BMW,” the make of the car the official was driving, was blocked.

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We have previously reported on Prime Minister Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with the Chinese Communist Party.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expresses his obsession for the Chinese dictatorship:

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