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A call for accountability in the prophetic ministry

John the Baptist by Mattia Preti (1613-1699) Wikipedia/Public Domain

After dozens of major Christian ministries wrongly prophesied that Trump would win re-election as US president in November 2020, to say that the prophetic ministry has been left in tatters would be an understatement.

But a new organization, Prophetic Standards, has been set up to call for accountability in the prophetic ministry.

Because, despite this failing on the national stage, major prophetic networks are pumping out prophecies on a daily basis as if nothing happened.

There is nothing wrong with that necessarily, but in my opinion each of those prophetic words should be tagged with a small notification on whether the individual wrongly prophesied that Trump would be reelected.

People need to know how much they can trust these particular ministries. These individuals may still have bona fide ministry, but prophecy may not be one of them. Just because you have an internet connection and a YouTube channel does not automatically make you a prophet.

But it seems these prophetic networks are more concerned about protecting the prophetic ministries than protecting the people they are supposed to be serving.

A few ministries, like Jeremiah Johnson, fully acknowledged his error and has even renamed his ministry.

But most who made that huge prophetic blunder about Donald Trump are continuing on as if nothing ever happened.

One major prophetic network that functions as a platform for the prophets is even promoting people who not only wrongly predicted that Trump would be reelected but even extended their error by prophesying that Trump would be returned to the office before the Presidential inauguration on Jan 20, 2021. And when that didn’t happen, prophesied that Trump would be returned to office in February or March.

I know at least one of them was caught up in the Qanon conspiracy and talked about how in January, Trump was meeting with his generals at a secret location to plot a return to office.

Yet in the face of these compounding prophetic errors, the prophetic network is still giving this individual a platform.

It is having a consequence.

People are starting to despise prophesy because of a lack of accountability in the prophetic ministry. Some are now openly mocking prophecy.

The Apostle Paul warned this would happen when he wrote:

19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not treat prophecies with contempt 21 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 NIV)

But as we read this warning, the Apostle Paul also provided a clue to what causes this contempt for prophecy — our failure to test the prophetic words.

And because of a refusal to judge, these prophetic networks are now damaging the very gift, they claim to be promoting.

This failure to judge is also harming the reputation of those prophets who were not caught up in the fad of the day, prophesying Trump’s reelection (Jeremiah 23:30). They are equally being feeling this contempt.

So, I was delighted to hear that Prophetic Standards, supported by 85 Christian ministries, is seeking to bring accountability to those claiming to be prophets.

In describing this organization, Religion Unplugged writes:

At the heart of the statement is a call for all who’ve made false prophecies to publicly apologize.

If someone issues a public prophecy with specific details and dates that can be easily proved or disproved, “and that word does not come to pass as prophesied, the one who delivered the word must be willing to take full responsibility, demonstrating genuine contrition before God and people,” the statement says.

“If the word was delivered publicly, then a public apology (and/or explanation/clarification) should be presented,” it continues. “This is not meant to be a punishment but rather a mature act of love to protect the honor of the Lord, the integrity of prophetic ministry and the faith of those to whom the word was given.” The statement also calls for prophets to have their prophecies evaluated by peers in the movement, adding, “Those refusing such accountability should not be welcomed for ministry.”

But there is a problem.

According to Baylor University professor J. Gordon Melton, there are about 200 prophetic networks in the US made up of dozens of prophets each.

But as Religion Unplugged pointed out, many of the prophetic networks have refused to sign on with this call for accountability:

Many of those leaders: Chuck Pierce of Global Spheres, Inc., Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, televangelist Ken Copeland and evangelists Lance Wallnau and Dutch Sheets all live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. None signed the document.

In fact, the majority of movement prophets declined to sign. Some, Brown [Dr Michael Brown] said, were part of ministry networks that would not allow them to sign; others did not give reasons although, he added wryly, “I did tell them the ABSENCE of their names would speak loudly as well.”

Some of the holdouts include people who still insist the Trump will be reinstalled as president this year, including Florida prophetess Kat Kerr, California evangelist Johnny Enlow and Jeff Jansen of the Nashville-based Global Fire Ministries. Steve Schultz of the Albany, Ore.-based Elijah List, who hosts many pro-Trump prophets on his Elijah Streams YouTube channel, also didn’t sign. 

If we fail to judge prophecy, this will only open a door for more deceptive prophetic words and more despising of the prophetic ministry.

And because of this, believers need to be careful when receiving from these ministries.

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  1. Linda Wilson says

    So heart breaking what has happened in the prophetic, especially with the prophets….I think this type of accountability is great!


  2. Betsy Jones says

    I know that my comments will bring the thought police to my door, but I bravely submit to exposing Dr. Michael Brown as a agent of the Satanic New World Order. God said he would do nothing on earth without telling his prophets first. The Remnant stands in spite of evil attempts to restrict the true words of God. Dr. Brown has proven he is part of a political agenda that God will crush in the coming days, THUS SAY THE PROPHETS of our Lord Jesus Christ.


    • I agree with you the Bible clearly states that God will not do anything without first speaking through the prophets. But what happens when these prophets are wrong. Many of these prophets declared that Trump would be reelected in 2020, there was no if, ands, buts or conditions, it was unequivocal that Trump would be elected. Some later claimed that the election was stolen, but even if that is true, that is not what they prophesied. They said he would be elected, fraud or not.

      I do not believe they are false prophets, but I do believe they gave false prophecies. So how are we to respond when these prophets make mistakes? I believe all Dr Brown and others are simply calling for is some type of accountability. To some extent I think we are losing our fear of God. Prophets are supposed to be speaking for God. They should be horrified when they make a mistake, but there seems to be no shame as many are continuing on like nothing ever happened.


  3. M. Bedner says

    I love Jesus and believe you all do too. I read the prophetic standards in its entirety and agree 100%. The problem is the Facts DO bear out that these prophets were right. If Dr Brown and this collection of ministries watch one minute of main stream news they are being deceived, reflecting the wisdom of the world. Trump did win but when a wallet is stolen snd the stealer says it’s my wallet now and you call that person the owner of the wallet who in fact is misrepresenting facts? A better approach would be to really study away from main stream like rumble snd other media with first hand knowledge and testimonies and NOT filtered, censored narrative- driven state-controlled media. Because there you find the truth. Where is the outrage about election fraud, or at the very least saying at least there is enough evidence from election fraud snd computer manipulation to warrant a hold on all these statements saying trump didn’t win. In my view in PA a swing state snd location of much fraud how can we have 700,000 unregistered extra votes… or maybe the truck that showed up filled with biden ballets and now they won’t allow that mans testimony in court. There is too much evidence of a stolen election, this is an example of one of the prophecies that came true but not in the way expected. And I expect more maturity around falling victim to deceiving news than what this article reflects. Discernment please. Do you really think the people threatening to kill Jeremiah Johnson after his trump prophesy are Christians. No way, and you are listening to the world when you judge like the world judges in this case with mass psychosis manipulative propaganda. What’s so disturbing is that so many major ministries don’t believe the election was stolen snd in fact trump won with all the evidence, that ignoring and blaming prophetic words is disturbing. I agree with all standards I just don’t think the Trump example is one to hold accountable given the unusual circumstances. And better yet let’s use this time and effort to help the r church stand up against blatant issues like abortion.


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