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Court allows Calgary police ‘to do anything necessary’ to enforce church inspection

I previously reported on how a Canadian Pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who grew up under communism in Poland, twice drove an Alberta health inspector from his Calgary church, The Fortress (Cave) of Adullam, when she demanded entrance for a COVID health inspection.

The health inspector first attempted to enter the building during the Good Friday service, April 2, 2021.

Each time, the health inspector brought police with her and Pastor Pawlowski drove them away calling them Nazis and communists.

According to the Daily Wire, Alberta’s health department has now received a court-ordered warrant allowing the police “to do anything necessary,” if Pastor Pawlowski obstructs the health department’s third attempt to enter the building.

The Daily Wire provides the details:

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice David Gates authorized police and health officials “to use such reasonable force as they deem appropriate to gain access” to the building of Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s The Fortress (Cave) of Adullam church in Calgary, according to a copy of the court order obtained by Rebel News.

The warrant, which was issued April 23 but not seen by Pawlowski’s lawyer until this week, also forbids Pawlowski or anyone else from interfering with officials attempting to enter his church and, if he resists, permits law enforcement “to do anything necessary” to arrest him, imprison him, and drag him before a judge.

“The Respondent, Artur Pawlowski, together with any other person at the property … shall grant access to any Executive Officer (as defined in the [Alberta Public Health Act]) in order for him or her to attend at the Property without notice, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to allow the Executive Officer to exercise his or her powers under [section] 59 of the Act,” the warrant reads in part.

READ: Calgary Court Issues Warrant Permitting Police ‘To Do Anything Necessary’ To Enter Pastor’s Church, Arrest Him


  1. The “Gestapo” as Pastor Arturo Pawlowski calls the church raiders … and all their like head first to Churches and places of worship of God. There is a necessity to remove God from the people of the world … from their hearts, minds, and, souls. There is no other way they can gain the evil power they seek as one worlders and loss of freedom for the ‘masses’. This is a battle between God and satan. Pius X, a Catholic Pope, saw this and instituted the feast of Christ the King, indicating, with the spread of the belief, that Christ is the King of the world. There is no other way that there can be peace for with Christ as King there will be a return to morality and order. Evil exists in chaos … looting, burning, killing, God help us all.


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