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Las Vegas Church becomes as wise as a serpent

In Matthew 10:16, Jesus told His disciples to be as innocent as doves, but as shrewd as serpents. And with despotic governors providing greater freedoms to businesses such as casinos in Las Vegas and stores in Pennsylvania, churches are becoming as crafty as serpents and holding services in casinos and stores to get around the lockdown.

Should North American churches transition to house churches in the fall?

A recent article on CBN threw out an interesting idea that maybe churches should look at starting house churches if the recent COVID-19 lockdowns don’t end. The coronavirus has resulted in restrictions being put on church services severely limiting the number of people that can attend a service. Many believe it’s more political than health related because the restrictions on churches are more severe than businesses with very similar vulnerabilities. For example, are people attending a casino any less vulnerable to the Coronavirus, than those attending a church? Obviously not. So, why does a church have more severe restrictions than a casino? When the Coronavirus originally hit and services were prohibited, many churches turned to online services that people watched in the privacy of their homes. Initially it seemed popular, but according to Barna Research the number of people watching online services has been steadily dropping with 32% fewer people watching today, than during the early days of the pandemic. And recently, some large churches, such as Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, pastored by …