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Las Vegas Church becomes as wise as a serpent

In Matthew 10:16, Jesus told His disciples to be as innocent as doves, but as shrewd as serpents.

And with despotic governors providing greater freedoms to businesses such as casinos in Las Vegas and stores in Pennsylvania, churches are becoming as crafty as serpents and holding services in casinos and stores to get around the lockdown.

The Daily Wire explains:

In footage of two instances that went viral on Thursday and Friday, Christians gathered in the government-approved venues of a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart and a Las Vegas casino to engage in the worship that authorities have deemed non-essential.

In a Thursday tweet that was retweeted by Vice President Mike Pence, Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed posted footage of a worship service in a Vegas casino, writing, “Packed house at #EvangelicalsForTrump prayer & praise event in Las Vegas. NV Governor banned church services but casinos can operate at 50% capacity. So we are praying in a casino.”

READ: Christians Sidestep Coronavirus Restrictions By Meeting In State-Approved Venues

Holding a service at a casino in Vegas:

Holding a service at a Walmart in Pennsylvania:

The Babylon Bee, a Christian satirical website, suggested this a while back:

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