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Canada moves to censor the internet

With Prime Justin Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with the Chinese Communist Party, it is not surprising that Canada is in the process of passing legislation, Bill C-10, that similar to Communist China would allow Trudeau to block any websites he doesn’t agree with and to censor any posts or videos that he doesn’t like.

‘Foreign Accent Syndrome’ and the Tower of Babel

In 1941, a young Norwegian woman suffered a serious head injury after being hit by shrapnel during a German air raid during World War II. Though the woman recovered a bizarre thing happened when she began speaking Norwegian with a German accent. It was so noticeable that her fellow Norwegians began to avoid and shun her. She experienced what today is referred to as Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) that occurs when people who have experienced stroke or severe head trauma begin speaking their native tongue with a distinctive and recognizable accent. It is a rare condition, first mentioned in 1907 by a French Neurologist named Pierre Marie, and since 1941 there have been approximately 100 cases of FAS. In 2013, the BBC did a documentary on a woman from England who went to a hospital in 2010 after experiencing a severe migraine. When she woke up the next morning, Sarah Colwill was speaking with a Chinese accent, that was so noticeable that others mocked her accent and would ask her to make fried rice. In …

Blood moon on May 26, 2021, followed by ring of fire solar eclipse June 10.

According to an article on Forbes, a lunar eclipse is scheduled to make an appearance on May 26, 2021. This will result in what is typically referred to as a blood moon, when the moon briefly turns red. Blood moons occur during full and partial lunar eclipses when the earth blocks the suns rays from hitting the moon. During a lunar eclipse, the sun’s shorter-light wave lengths (blue and violet) bend around the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving only the longer-colour wave lengths in the Earth’s shadow — red, yellow or orange — which in turn gives the moon a blood-red appearance. The event is being referred to as a super blood moon because it involves a full eclipse of the moon and will be visible in North and South America and as well parts of Asia, Australian and islands in the Pacific Ocean. Blood moons and other solar events are often associated with end times events in the Bible. But it is important to understand that blood moons on their own are not necessarily significant, because …