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Another study reveals lockdowns don’t work

While Canadian politicians, driven by senior health officials, are ordering more extreme lockdowns, another study out of Canada reveals that lockdowns are not an effective tool in stopping the spread of the COVID virus, if that was their intended purpose.

Professor Douglas Allen from Simon Fraser University came to this conclusion after reviewing 80 studies on the lockdowns with most concluding they had no significant impact on slowing the transmission of COVID.

And the 20 or so studies that stated they did work, noted that the benefit was minimal.

Douglas added that one of the reasons is that even without mandated lockdowns, people were still taking precautions that were equally effective.

The Toronto Sun reports:

Lockdowns are accomplishing little benefit, but colossal damage. That’s the conclusion of a research paper by Simon Fraser University Economics Professor Douglas W. Allen, who concludes “it is possible that lockdown will go down as one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in Canada’s history.”

Professor Allen’s paper is an examination of over 80 research papers from around the world that studied lockdowns. He found that many of them employed false assumptions, greatly overestimated the benefits of lockdowns and underestimated their harms. […]

Among the 20 studies that did acknowledge the difference between mandatory and voluntary measures, “all of them find that mandated lockdowns have only marginal effects and that voluntary changes in behavior explain large parts of the changes in cases, transmissions, and deaths.”

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Douglas added that governments in Canada are blindly following a course of action without performing an even basic cost base analysis on the effectiveness of the lockdowns.

Of course, the lockdowns left the realm of medical science and turned political months ago.

And on this note, the province of Manitoba has recently ordered the house arrest of its citizens and Ontario is trying to set up a police state.

And continuing with the lockdown ineffective theme:

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