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Why are new COVID cases surging in France and Spain?

Europe is experiencing its second wave of COVID, with France reporting 10,000 new infections a day and Spain hitting 12,000 new cases a day. Several other European countries are also reporting increases as well.

The Daily Mail explains:

France‘s daily coronavirus cases have topped 10,000 for the first time while Spain’s have rocketed to 12,000. 

The countries’ soaring case numbers have led to fears that the UK, which has seen its daily case figures steadily rise since August, could be heading in the same direction. 

On Friday, the UK announced 3,539 new daily coronavirus cases – the highest toll in four months. […]

And Spain announced a whopping 12,183 cases on Friday, bringing the total to above 566,300 just four months after the country’s low of 132 new cases on May 25. 

But fortunately, the number of new deaths is not climbing as fast as the new cases during the second wave.

The Daily Mail also explained why:

Health bosses said most of the new infections in the UK were young people, many who only had mild or no symptoms.

READ: Covid cases in France top 10,000-a-day for the first time after Spain passes 12,000-a-day as fears grow that UK could follow their pattern

The reason these countries are experiencing a second wave is because politicians imposed a lock down that in the short term prevented people from catching the virus. But you can’t keep the lock downs going forever, and once these countries started loosing restrictions, people started catching the virus that was still lurking in the population.

When Sweden decided not to lock down its country when COVID hit, there was a spike in cases, that health authorities knew would happen. It took the herd immunity approach meaning it wanted people to catch the virus and build up an immunity realizing that 80% of the people have little to no symptoms.

Once herd immunity was reached, the pandemic would be over, which is exactly what has happened in Sweden.

Meanwhile, countries that imposed a lock down are bracing for the second wave and the winter flu season.

We will know in the spring of 2021, which was the better approach.

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