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Have the lockdowns gone to the dogs?

I can’t explain why dogs are suddenly becoming the theme for the 2021 lockdowns. I previously reported how the Canadian province of Quebec implemented a curfew preventing people from leaving their homes after 8 pm, unless they are taking their dog for a walk. Apparently, dogs protect people from COVID after 8 pm. And continuing with the dog theme, a factory in France is now requiring that its workers wear dog collars.

Interesting stats from France’s second COVID wave

When we look at what is happening in France, there are a couple of interesting things happening regarding the second wave of the Coronavirus. If we take a look at the charts provided by World O Meter, there has been a huge spike in cases of COVID in France, even exceeding the first wave. Now there could be a couple of reasons for this. First a second wave was expected as people left the lockdown and became exposed to the virus. Secondly, there is also more testing. They are finding people with COVID who weren’t sick enough to see a doctor. These people weren’t being tested in the first wave, but are being tested now. We know that 80% of the people who come down with the virus show little or no symptoms. Though there has been a huge spike in new cases, the number of deaths from COVID during the second wave has not kept pace, so far anyway. It is not even close compared to the first round. There could be several reasons …

Why are new COVID cases surging in France and Spain?

Europe is experiencing its second wave of COVID, with France reporting 10,000 new infections a day and Spain hitting 12,000 new cases a day. Several other European countries are also reporting increases as well. The Daily Mail explains: France‘s daily coronavirus cases have topped 10,000 for the first time while Spain’s have rocketed to 12,000.  The countries’ soaring case numbers have led to fears that the UK, which has seen its daily case figures steadily rise since August, could be heading in the same direction.  On Friday, the UK announced 3,539 new daily coronavirus cases – the highest toll in four months. […] And Spain announced a whopping 12,183 cases on Friday, bringing the total to above 566,300 just four months after the country’s low of 132 new cases on May 25.  But fortunately, the number of new deaths is not climbing as fast as the new cases during the second wave. The Daily Mail also explained why: Health bosses said most of the new infections in the UK were young people, many who only had mild or …

Arson suspected at France’s Historic Nantes Cathedral

Reports are coming in that a fire in the historic St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral in Nantes, France was deliberately set. The cathedral was built in the 15th Century and three fires were started in the cathedral some time on Saturday, July 18, 2020. The Gateway Pundit writes: UPDATE: Law enforcement suspects that this was an arson as there were multiple fires set in the building. “The damage is concentrated on the organ, which seems to be completely destroyed. It’s platform is very unstable and could collapse,” regional fire chief General Laurent Ferlay told reporters after the fire was contained. He explained that there were three fires started in the church and it is being investigated as a criminal act. READ: BREAKING: The Historic Nantes Cathedral in France is Burning … Police Suspect Arson Note: The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was devastated with a fire last year on April 15, 2019. Breitbart reports that over 3,000 churches/Christian sites were vandalized across Europe in 2019. READ: Report: Record 3,000 Christian Sites in Europe Vandalized …

A guilty conscience

Stéphane Bourgoin, a popular French writer, has just come clean. His 40 books, that sold millions in France, specialized in the serial killer genre. He has become somewhat of a celebrity and has even been featured in several documentaries on serial killers. But recently he revealed several lies that he had made up about himself over the years. In an interview with Paris Match, Bourgoin said “My lies have weighed me down. I have arrived at the balance-sheet time.” Here is the list: He never had a wife who was murdered by a serial killer in 1976. He never trained with the FBI. He never interviewed Charles Manson. He never played professional soccer. He never interviewed anywhere near the 70 killers that he claimed. We all have our secrets. An old Scottish proverb states: “Open confession is good for the soul.” READ: French serial-killer expert admits serial lies, including murder of imaginary wife

Trebes, France Credit: Didier Descouens/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

A willing sacrifice

An attack on a French supermarket on Friday, March 23, 2018, revealed the stark contrast between Christians and Muslim extremists. An ISIS radicalized Moroccan-born man, Radouane Lakdim, 25, stormed a grocery store in Trèbes and took hostages in an effort to have Salah Abdeslam released. He was the sole survivor of a group of terrorists responsible for an attack in Paris in November 2015 that killed 130 people. Prior to his arrival at the Super U grocery store, Ladkim had fired on a car in the neighboring town of Carcassonne killing the passenger and wounding the driver. He stole the vehicle and then drove to a police barracks and shot at police officers jogging nearby severely injuring one. From there he proceeded to the grocery store in Trèbes where he took hostages. In the end, Lakdim murdered his three hostages before being killed by police. One of those hostages was a French policeman Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrane, 44, second in charge with the responding police gendarme, as they are called in France. When the police cornered …

Fortified bridge of the town of Besalu, Spain Credit: Mariluz Rodriguez/Flickr/Creative Commons

Evangelical church growing in Spain and France

Reading reports out of Europe, you get the impression that the Christian church is not doing well. And though it’s true the Roman Catholic and liberal churches are in decline pretty much like they are around the world, the Evangelical church is doing fine. A recent report by the Spanish Government says the Evangelical church is on the upswing in Spain. According to the Religious Plurality report released by the country’s Justice ministry, as of December 31, 2016 there are 3,910 Evangelical churches in Spain, up from 3,769 in 2015, an increase of 141. In other words, last year a new Evangelical church opened in that country every two and a half days. These numbers only included registered churches and do not include unregistered house churches or Bible study/prayer groups. The report added that the Evangelical church is also the fastest growing religion in Spain. Religion analyst Maximo Alvarez who described the increase as a “great upturn,” said the growth has been most pronounced since 2000. With 46 million people, there is still a need …

This image was developed after terrorists attacked the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015 killing 12 people. Image: Christian R. Hamacher/Flickr/Creative Commons

Another Holy Spirit outpouring — this time France

Christian Broadcasting Network is reporting on a move of God in France at the Grande Conference held in Nates, July 1-3, 2016. According to a report by Chris Gore, a pastor from California who spoke at the event, during one of the early services nearly 70% of the people in attendance, numbering over 1,000, gave their life to the Lord. In later services there was an outpouring of miracles with hundreds claiming healings. On his Facebook page, Gore wrote: Europe is alive for Jesus! What an incredible night in France. We saw tonight around 2,000 miracles and exactly 100 reports of deaf ears opening. The convention also featured Canadian speakers John and Carol Arnott who led the infamous Toronto revival. Similar events are scheduled for Austria and Germany later this fall. In the midst of the terrorism and violence that has hit Europe, God is beginning to stir. In the Book of Revelation, an apocalyptic vision of the end times given to the Apostle John, he writes on an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that …