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France: Blaming Christians for the Pandemic

In France, Christians are involved in the Coronavirus pandemic more than they want to be. The largest congregation in France is being blamed for the spread of the virus, and the accusation comes from the national government.

Most of the world does not know about a large congregation in Mulhouse, France, the largest Christian group in the country. The auditorium is large, and it is mostly filled for services, and there is a larger number of people who join online.

Also, there are many new and smaller churches in France. The Evangelical council has a plan to start 4200 new churches.

In February, the large church in Mulhouse had a conference that was attended by about 2000 people. At the time, there were no restrictions on public meetings in France. Somehow, the Coronavirus came to the conference with people who attended, and the infection spread.

When it was over, people returned home to many parts of France, and to other countries, and some of them carried the virus. The Government of France blames the Christians for creating an epidemic in France. There have been violent threats against the church, including talk about shooting the Christians and burning their building down.

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