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Belgian farmer shrinks France by 7.5 feet

A Belgian farmer accidentally increased the size of his country by 7.5 feet after he moved an ancient stone marker because it was blocking the path for his tractor.

In the process he shrank France by the same amount.

The ancient marker has been in place for a couple of centuries and marks the official border between the Belgian village of Erquelinnes and Bousignies-sur-Roc, France.

The resizing was only discovered after a historian who was out for a walk noticed the marker had been moved.

Belgian authorities have asked the farmer to return the border marker to its original location. If he fails to do this, the two countries would have to set up an international commission to restore the stone to its proper location.

The mayor of a neighbouring French village noted he remains hopeful the two countries can avoid a “new border war” over the incident.

READ: Belgian farmer accidentally moves the French border 7½ feet by unwittingly moving historic stone marker that was in the way of his tractor

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