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Has an Islamic Caliphate been set up inside Sweden?

Halland, Sweden Photo: Kjell Eson | Foter | CC BY-NC-ND

Halland, Sweden Photo: Kjell Eson | Foter | CC BY-NC-ND

[by Dean Smith] According to a police report released in October 2014, there are now 55 enclaves in Sweden where Muslim extremists have basically taken control.  These are areas where even non-Muslims are forced to conform to Sharia law.

In some areas, Muslim extremists have at times even set up checkpoints along the borders to control and monitor those entering and leaving these Muslim enclaves.

Describing these areas, Daniel Pipes, an expert on Middle East issues said:

“A more precise name for these zones would be Dar al-Islam — the House of Islam or the place where Islam rules.”

According to Herbert London of the Gatestone Institute, an Inman named Adly Abu Hajar based in Malmo, Sweden (a southern seaport) described the country this way:

“Sweden is the best Islamic state.”

A recent incident was cited where police pursued a subject into an Islamic zone in Landskrona, Sweden. According to the Swedish Daily Caller, the police car was rammed and disabled once it entered the zone and the police were quickly surrounded by 50 enraged men. The police were only able to force them back by drawing their weapons. After calling for help, the responding police refused to enter the area and instead used contacts in the zone to gain the release of their trapped comrades.

In his article, The Walls that Divide Europe, Herbert London cited another example:

In a widely publicized event, fire fighters trying to extinguish a fire in the town’s main mosque in Malmo, Sweden, were attacked by Muslim stone throwers. The argument for the disruption was that the fire fighting team did not obtain permission from the imams to enter “their” community.

These areas also common in other cities throughout Europe are often described as “no-go” zones. It amazes me how so-called tolerant countries will aggressively persecute Christians for their beliefs on one hand, while at the same time allowing these mini-Islamic states to form.


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