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A donkey speaks again, this time about King Solomon’s copper mines

Liberals have tried to picture King David and King Solomon as little more than tribal chieftains instead of how the Bible portrays them as leaders of a nation numbering millions of people. Unfortunately, a donkey seems to have upset the Liberal apple cart. Archaeologists working at the site of an ancient copper mine in Israel’s Timma Valley made an unusual discovery — they found donkey dung. It wasn’t just any kind of donkey dung, when they carbon dated it, they discovered it was 3,000 years old. This made the site older than archaeologists initially thought and the donkey’s appearance dated the mines to King David’s and King Solomon’s day. The area being excavated not only contained numerous mines, but also several areas where it was smelted including furnaces and piles of slag. This was a major production center. The mines explain several verses in the Old Testament that spoke of Solomon’s incredible wealth. When King David charged his son with building the temple, he listed bronze as part of the kingdom’s resources: 16 Of the gold, …

Breaking off those word curses hanging over you. Credit: Michal Jaskoslki/Flickr/Creative Commons

Breaking off word curses

Several years ago my wife and I received a prophetic word from Keith Hazell. Keith passed away in 2013, but he was one of a handful of people who I consider to be a full-blown prophet. Our church had brought him in for a time of prophetic ministry. He prophesied a number of things including that we would be writing. But then his prophetic word took an odd turn. He said that I had the ability to start a business. Then he added that God wasn’t saying that I should start a business, but only that I was capable of doing it. It is amazing how words people say can haunt you for decades. They hang like a dark cloud over your head. Years before this prophetic word, someone had told me that I was not capable of running a business. It was an off the cuff remark and I am not even sure the person meant it. It is not that I even had a personal interest in starting a business, but those words …

The Wadi-Qumran Credit: Otto_Friedrich45/Flickr/Creative Commons

Does an ancient copper scroll hold clues to the secret location of the Ark of the Covenant?

According to Breaking Israel News (BIN), a copper scroll discovered in 1952 in caves along with the infamous Dead Sea Scrolls may actually be an ancient treasure map. The two thousand-year old scroll, made of thin sheets of copper, sticks out from its fellow Dead Sea Scrolls made of papyrus discovered in caves found in cliffs below a large plateau a mile away from the northwestern edge of the Dead Sea. The scroll also differs in one other significant way — while the Dead Sea Scrolls contain Biblical texts and other religious writings — the copper scroll is a map with 64 different locations marked out on it. It also lists quantities of gold and silver associated with each site along with clues and descriptions of the secret locations. Archaeologists believe the map probably outlines where Jews hid money during the Jewish revolt that led to the Romans destroying the Jewish temple in 70 AD. But one of the sites also mentions something else — Jewish vestments — suggesting the Jews may have hidden some …

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What do the remains of two dead dogs tell us?

There is a verse in the book of Nehemiah that I have always found a bit odd. After Persia conquered the Babylonian Empire in 539 BC, it basically assimilated the Israelis who were in exile under the Babylonians. The Book of Nehemiah records how the Persians allowd Nehemiah — a cupbearer for the Persian king Artaxerxes I (also known as Longimanus 465-424 BC) — to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city. Three days after he arrived in Jerusalem, Nehemiah decided to inspect the walls. Because of the various political factions in the city, he did it under the cover of darkness to hide what he was doing. Then we read this puzzling verse: “And I arose in the night, I and a few good men with me. I did not tell anyone what my God was putting in my mind to do for Jerusalem and there was no animal with me except the animal which I was riding. (Nehemiah 2:12-15) Nehemiah rode a horse, but then specifically adds he took no other animals with …

Near Apache, Arizona Credit: Scott Sanford/Flickr/Creative Commons

An act worthy of repentance?

It was early in the morning on January 12, 2017 when Arizona state trooper Ed Andersson responded to calls a man was shooting a gun at cars on a highway near Tonopah, Arizona. After arriving and exiting his vehicle, Andersson was immediately hit with a freak shot in his right shoulder — a little to the left the bullet would have struck his bullet proof vest and an inch and a half to the right, it would have missed him completely. But it didn’t. Instead the bullet partially paralyzed Andersson’s right shoulder making him unable to draw his gun. Fortunately, Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, 37, the man who allegedly fired at Andersson had run out of bullets. Penuelas-Escobar attacked the officer trying to grab his gun, but Andersson fought off the attempt with his good left hand. Penuelas-Escobar pushed Andersson to the ground, got on top of him and repeatedly smashed his fists into the officer’s head. When Andersson tried to resist, Penuelas-Escobar started slamming the trooper’s head into the ground. Minutes after the shooting took place, …

Marriage fights cancer

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, a person’s chances of surviving cancer increases by 20% simply by being married. The researchers went one step further and stated marriage was more effective than chemotherapy in fighting certain types of cancer —  such as breast and colon cancer. A report of their findings was published in the Journal of Clinical Onoclogy in September 2013. Dr. Ayal Aizer of the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program said “Our data suggests that marriage can have a significant health benefit for patients with cancer, and this was consistent among every cancer we reviewed.” 

Did Duck Dynasty editors censor “in Jesus’ name” so not to offend Muslims?

Ok, I know I am a Duck Dynast addict. But here is one more story on them, and I promise it will ‘probably’ be the last for a while. In an interview with Sports Spectrum TV, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame addresses some of the issues the family has faced with the producers  since the show’s inception March 21, 2012. (Note: the sound is not the best quality.) A&E’s Duck Dynasty is currently the top-ranked reality show in the U.S. It features the Robertson family and their involvement with Duck Commander — a multi-million dollar duck call manufacturer based in West Monroe, Louisiana —  started by Phil and his wife Kay. All family members are born again Christians and most of the males feature full blown beards. In the interview, Phil discusses the problems of the ‘fake bleeps’ and praying ‘in Jesus’ name.’

Is this fish a sign from God?

I am normally not caught up by reports of Jesus being seen on Naan bread or images of the virgin Mary and Jesus appearing in a bubble.  I look at them and think well I suppose it could be. If you turn it upside down, squint your eyes just right, and catch the optimum sun reflection it might be Jesus or maybe its an image of  “fill in the blanks.” You get my drift. But for some reason, this story about the appearance of a Christian symbol on a fish caught my attention.

Pope Francis

Pope ditches Bible and decides atheists can go to heaven without believing

In simple dismissal of Scripture, Pope Francis declared atheists can go to heaven without believing in God. The statement was part of a letter Pope Francis sent to the Eugenio Scalfari, publisher of La Repubblica newspaper. Scalfari is not a Catholic and sent a letter to the Pope asking a series of questions. Pope Francis did throw in one qualifier though, atheists and others would have to listen their conscience. According to reports,

Did a Canadian human rights tribunal just classify atheism as a religion?

ONTARIO, CANADA: The Ontario Human Right Tribunal (OHRT) has just ruled atheists need protection under the human rights legislation like other faiths such as Christianity, Muslims and Buddhists. The Tribunal made this decision in response to a complaint by Rene Chouinard, an atheist, who wanted to distribute a book called “Just Pretend: A Freethought Book for Children” to children attending schools in the Niagara School Board (NSB). The book treats God as a mythical creature. The NSB has