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Did Duck Dynasty editors censor “in Jesus’ name” so not to offend Muslims?

Ok, I know I am a Duck Dynast addict. But here is one more story on them, and I promise it will ‘probably’ be the last for a while. In an interview with Sports Spectrum TV, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame addresses some of the issues the family has faced with the producers  since the show’s inception March 21, 2012. (Note: the sound is not the best quality.)

A&E’s Duck Dynasty is currently the top-ranked reality show in the U.S. It features the Robertson family and their involvement with Duck Commander — a multi-million dollar duck call manufacturer based in West Monroe, Louisiana —  started by Phil and his wife Kay. All family members are born again Christians and most of the males feature full blown beards.

In the interview, Phil discusses the problems of the ‘fake bleeps’ and praying ‘in Jesus’ name.’

The “fake bleeps”

Phil said they noticed after filming, the editors based in Los Angeles started inserting “fake bleeps” giving the impression family members were swearing. Phil said they don’t swear and asked the producers why they were making it sound like they did?  In the show’s defense, Phil says the editors probably presumed the family swore, but it just wasn’t caught on tape. So during the editing, ‘fake bleeps’ were added.  After Phil’s complaint, the ‘bleeps’ stopped.

Offending the Muslims?

As the close of each TV show, you often see Phil praying before a family dinner. They noticed the editors were cutting out the end of the prayer, which traditionally finished with “in Jesus’ Name.”  When Phil asked them why they did that, he was told one of the reasons was probably so the show wouldn’t offend Muslims. The producers have since allowed “in Jesus’ name” to be included in ending prayers from time-to-time.

Here is some of what Phil said in that portion of the interview:

When we prayed we said ‘in Jesus name, Amen.’ Now I don’t have any verse that says you must always pray ‘in the name of Jesus’ but it’s a very good idea, I think. So when they would just have me say “thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us Amen.’

So I said, why would you cut out ‘in Jesus name’?

They said, well those editors are probably doing that, they just think, you know, they won’t maybe offend some of the Muslims or something.

I said Let’s see now, what year is it?

They said What?

I said what year is it

They said well it is 2012.

I said 2012 AD — Anno Domini — the Year of our Lord.  I said, you Hollywood cats, you count time of Jesus just like I am.

I said I would think, of out of all the people who walked planet earth, if we have all decided in America to count out time by just one of them — Jesus of Galilee, I said, I don’t think it hurts to throw His Name in there from time to time. Your calendar is based on it.

They were like we never thought about that.

I said duh. Give me a break.

So I notice now every once in a while, they are leaving it [in Jesus’ name] in there.

At the end of the interview, Willie (son of Phil and Kay) and current CEO of Duck Commander addresses some of the complaints Christians have made about the show.


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