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Phil Robertson: “You can only run the ole’ sex, drugs and rock and roll so far.”

Changed by the Gospel of Christ.  Image: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: I am Second screen capture

Changed by the Gospel of Christ. Image: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: “I am Second” screen capture

I am Second” — a ministry based in Dallas, Texas — started five years ago. Their vision is producing videos of people’s lives transformed by the Gospel of Christ.

In their most recent production (watch it at the end of this post), Duck Dynasty’s Phil and Kay Robertson, their son Jep and grandson Reed share testimonies of how the Holy Spirit turned their lives around.

In an interview with Fox411, the film’s producer Scott Mayo says “They have this incredible story about their life and faith, and wanted to tell this story to inspire others… just because they are on TV doesn’t make them perfect.”

Phil and Kay Robertson started Duck Commander, a duck-call manufacturer, which is the basis of A&E’s top rated reality series — Duck Dynasty. The Robertson’s are successful and bold about their faith, but as the video shows, it wasn’t always that way.

Phil met Kay when she was 14. They married. Phil went to Louisiana Tech on  a football scholarship where he played Quarterback for the Bulldogs. Phil occasionally mentions on the show that his back up was NFL star Terry Bradshaw.

At college Phil started drinking and taking drugs and Kay noticed a dramatic change in his behaviour. She also realized Phil was fooling around with other women.

Kay said, “it was scary to me. The drinking got worse. He would be mad and would be in and out like a flash.”

Though he had a tryout offer with the NFL when college was over, Phil decided to teach. However, he quickly tired of this and convinced Kay they needed a change. That change was managing a bar in Arkansas. Kay who didn’t drink and now with three kids in tow ended up working as a barmaid.

The drinking and drugs continued and the family’s new adventure quickly turned into a nightmare when Phil had a fight with the bar owners sending one of them to the hospital. With State Troopers looking for him, Phil took off and lived in the woods for four months, before turning himself in.

Kay who was now on her own returned to Louisiana where she and the boys ended up attending church and getting saved.

A few months later Phil showed up.

Kay said, “he became more and more mean and mean-spirited. And I would tell my son’s that’s not your daddy. That is the devil in your daddy.”

In what became a turning point, Phil kicked Kay and the kids out of the home. It was during this separation, Phil took a second look at his life. He realized his life was a mess and wondered if there was a way of straightening himself out. He turned to a preacher who had ministered to him year’s earlier.

With his heart ready, Phil heard the Gospel and responded accepting Jesus.

He left a note on the table for his wife and kids, telling them he had gone to church. When Kay and kids arrived Phil was at the front of the church being baptized in water.

In the video, Phil and Kay’s youngest son Jep and grandson Reed (son of Jase and Missy) also share their testimony. Their testimonies are different as both grew up in Christian families, but struggled in their faith.

You have a weapon, use it!

God has given each of us an array of weapons for spiritual warfare. Some like prayer, praise and worship are obvious. But there is one that is not.

“… for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night. 11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. “(Revelation 12:10-11 NASV)

This verse tells us believers overcame satan with “the word of their testimony.” Somehow a testimony of what God has done in a person’s life is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why, but it is.

Maybe it’s because every testimony declares God’s power and satan’s failure.

Develop your own testimony and use it. .

Watch the Robertson testimony

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