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Duck Dynasty star kicked out of Trump hotel for vagrancy

New York: The Robertson family of the popular Duck Dynasty reality show were in New York recently to promote the show’s upcoming fourth season.  A&E had put the family up in the luxurious Trump International Hotel.

While at the hotel, Jase Robertson asked a staff member for directions to a washroom. Told to follow, Jase was led outside the hotel. The staffer pointed down the street and wished him good luck.

I loved the attitude of Jase, who — along with most of the male members of the family — sports a full blown beard. In an interview with Live, Jase laughed off the incident saying he was a victim of “facial profiling” as the staffer undoubtedly thought he was a homeless man. The fact Jase was also wearing camouflage pants probably didn’t help.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. On a previous visit to New York, someone put money in Willie’s coffee cup.

Read the full story here: Duck Dynasty star kicked out of Trump Hotel   Related: Duck Dynasty on faith, family and facial hair

The Robertson family — who are all born-again Christians — is composed of:

  • The parents, Phil and his wife Miss Kay, started the family duck calling business — Duck Commander. Phil also played Quarterback at Louisiana Tech University and future NFL star Terry Bradshaw was Phil’s backup. The NFL was interested in Phil, but he turned down a chance at a pro career because it would interfere with duck hunting season.
  • Si Robertson, a Vietnam veteran, is Phil’s brother. We will meet his wife Christine in upcoming season four.
  • Willie Robertson and his wife Korie. Willie is CEO of Duck Commander and narrates much of the show. He is the third son of Phil and Kay.
  • Jason “Jase” Robertson and his wife Missy. Jase is second son of Phil and Kay and oversees the manufacturing at the family business. Apparently,  they do tune duck calls by hand.
  • Jules “Jep” Robertson (wife Jessica) is the youngest son of Phil and Kay. He works in the DVD end of the business.
  • Alan Robertson (wife Lisa) is the oldest son and only one not sporting a beard. He originally left the family business to preach. He has since returned to work in Duck Commander’s public relation department and will appear in that role in the upcoming fourth season. He want to give God an even more prominent role in the upcoming season.


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