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Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame share their experience with Muslim refugees in Greece

Miss Missy, the wife of Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, recently shared a remarkable story about their recent trip to Greece, where they spent time with refugees from Iran and Afghanistan, who were fleeing radical Islam. The couple were visiting a ministry that was working specifically to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people who have risked their lives to get to Greece. In an interview with Faithwire, Miss Missy said they me they met a family who had made the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. The husband had bought passage for his family, including his wife, eight-year old daughter, and 40-day old son from a human smuggler, and they were joined by 40 other people on a raft. There was chaos during the journey, when the raft started breaking apart and people were falling off. The husband was holding their baby when he saw his wife was having trouble. He handed the baby to their eight-year-old daughter and, after rescuing his wife, turned and found that their baby had fallen into …

Drive-by shooting of home of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson

Posted by Bee According to Fox News, the home of Willie Robertson, star of the popular Duck Dynasty series, was subject to a drive-by shooting this past Friday. According to reports the shooting took place in broad daylight and an estimated 8 to ten shots were fired. One of the bullets went through a window lodging in the wall of a bedroom. Several members of the extended family were staying with Willie during the Coronavirus lockdown. Duck Dynasty was a popular reality show on A&E setting several viewership records. The show featured the Robertson clan who were very vocal about their faith in Christ that in turn created lots of controversy for the network. READ: ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson’s estate targeted with gunfire, family says

Wife of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star confesses she had an abortion and has regretted it ever since

In a recent interview, Lisa Robertson, the wife of Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, spoke of her regret on having an abortion after an affair. She and her husband Alan were being interviewed by HuffPost Live TV. Duck Dynasty is A&E’s popular reality show that features the Robertson clan who own Duck Commander, a duck-call manufacturer. The family members, who are all Christians, are very bold about their faith, even during the program. Alan is the oldest son of Phil and Kay Robertson who started Duck Commander. Lisa and Alan had gotten together as young teenagers. They were separated for a time when Alan took off to New Orleans to find himself. While he was gone, Lisa turned to sex and drugs.  She ended up in a relationship with an older man and became pregnant at age 16. She decided to have an abortion.

Government union wants managers fired because they support ‘Duck Dynasty’

Two senior managers (both civilians) at the Elgin Air Force Base in Florida are in trouble with a local government union because of decals on their personal vehicles that read: Ducky Dynasty: I Support Phil. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) which represents some government workers at the base wants the two senior managers fired or at the very least demoted because of their support for Phil.

A&E backs down: Phil Robertson back on ‘Duck Dynasty’

On December 18, 2013, A&E announced it put Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on “indefinite hiatus” because of statements he made in an interview with CG Magazine. After a massive public backlash, A&E has just announced it is changing its mind and will continue the series in 2014 with Phil Robertson as part of the popular reality show. The controversy erupted in mid December due to an interview Phil had with CG Magazine, where Phil called homosexuality a sin, and using graphic language called it illogical. An A&E representatives had monitored the interview. The backlash was immediate.

Did A&E fire Phil Robertson from ‘Duck Dynasty’ over his Christian beliefs?

A&E just fired Phil Robertson because he expressed his opinions on homosexuality. They called it an indefinite hiatus, but I think everyone understands what they really meant. Phil Robertson is the senior patriarch of A&E’s popular ‘Duck Dynasty’ reality show. The program is the most watched reality show in the U.S. ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ recent Christmas program had 9 million viewers. The show is based around Duck Commander, a duck call manufacturer started by Phil and now run by the Robertson family. The Robertson clan are a strong, Christian family with a redneck edge.

Phil Robertson: “You can only run the ole’ sex, drugs and rock and roll so far.”

“I am Second” — a ministry based in Dallas, Texas — started five years ago. Their vision is producing videos of people’s lives transformed by the Gospel of Christ. In their most recent production (watch it at the end of this post), Duck Dynasty’s Phil and Kay Robertson, their son Jep and grandson Reed share testimonies of how the Holy Spirit turned their lives around. In an interview with Fox411, the film’s producer Scott Mayo says “They have this incredible story about their life and faith, and wanted to tell this story to inspire others… just because they are on TV doesn’t make them perfect.”

Duck Dynasty men encounter the sexual temptations packaged with fame

The men of Duck Dynasty were recently interviewed in the October issue of Men’s Journal. In the interview, they shared some of the temptations associated with their sudden rise to fame. A&E’s Duck Dynasty is the hottest reality show in the U.S. This past spring, its third season debut show had 8.6 million viewers, the largest in A&E’s history. Phil Robertson and his wife Kay started Duck Commander — a duck call manufacturer — that is the theme of the show. The business is now run by Phil’s sons. All the Robertsons, save one, sport full blown beards. And all are God-fearing men, born-again and very family oriented. But the sudden fame associated with the show has brought with it temptation. 

Did Duck Dynasty editors censor “in Jesus’ name” so not to offend Muslims?

Ok, I know I am a Duck Dynast addict. But here is one more story on them, and I promise it will ‘probably’ be the last for a while. In an interview with Sports Spectrum TV, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame addresses some of the issues the family has faced with the producers  since the show’s inception March 21, 2012. (Note: the sound is not the best quality.) A&E’s Duck Dynasty is currently the top-ranked reality show in the U.S. It features the Robertson family and their involvement with Duck Commander — a multi-million dollar duck call manufacturer based in West Monroe, Louisiana —  started by Phil and his wife Kay. All family members are born again Christians and most of the males feature full blown beards. In the interview, Phil discusses the problems of the ‘fake bleeps’ and praying ‘in Jesus’ name.’

Miss Kay shares about the dark days before Duck Dynasty

Miss Kay is best known for her role as the family matriarch in the popular Duck Dynasty show  — the top reality TV program in the U.S. She along with her her husband Phil Robertson started ‘Duck Commander’ — a duck call manufacturer —  which became the basis for the show. Most of the men in the family sport full facial beards and come with a redneck edge. Through the show we see a strong sense of family and faith displayed by all members of the Robertson clan. But there is a dark side to their remarkable story.

Duck Dynasty star kicked out of Trump hotel for vagrancy

New York: The Robertson family of the popular Duck Dynasty reality show were in New York recently to promote the show’s upcoming fourth season.  A&E had put the family up in the luxurious Trump International Hotel. While at the hotel, Jase Robertson asked a staff member for directions to a washroom. Told to follow, Jase was led outside the hotel. The staffer pointed down the street and wished him good luck. I loved the attitude of Jase, who — along with most of the male members of the family — sports a full blown beard. In an interview with Live, Jase laughed off the incident saying he was a victim of “facial profiling” as the staffer undoubtedly thought he was a homeless man. The fact Jase was also wearing camouflage pants probably didn’t help. This isn’t the first time this has happened. On a previous visit to New York, someone put money in Willie’s coffee cup. Read the full story here: Duck Dynasty star kicked out of Trump Hotel   Related: Duck Dynasty on faith, family …