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Paga: The intercessor claims territory for God

A look at the different meanings of the Hebrew word 'Paga' which is translated intercessor.

Canadian Christian university wins major court battle against Nova Scotia law society

Justice for Christian University Image: Bloomberries/Flicker/CC

Justice for a Christian University. Image: Bloomberries/Flicker/CC

Trinity Western University (TWU) is a private Evangelical Christian university based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. The school founded in 1962 has about 3,500 students. Both Canadian and American accreditation bodies recognize TWU’s degrees.

In 2014, Trinity made application to issue a law degree, allowing graduating students to become lawyers.

According to an article in The Globe and Mail, in order to issue a law degree a university “must receive approval from three bodies: The ministry, the provincial law society and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.”

TWU’s announcement caused a backlash from three provincial law societies — Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Ontario — who said they would not recognize a law degree from the University. (more…)

When Paul encouraged prayer for secular leaders was he thinking ahead of Hustler magazine?

Pray for your leaders. Image: Zachstern/Foter/CC BY-NC-ND

Pray for your leaders. Image: Zachstern/Foter/CC BY-NC-ND

[by Dean Smith] A recent article in the National Journal reports that Harry Flynt, the founder of the porn magazine Hustler, has been sending unsolicited copies of the publication to American politicians in Washington DC since 1983.

It arrives every month in an unmarked manilla envelope. And every month staffers open it.

Who knows why Flynt does it? We can only guess. But many assume he is trying to influence them. (more…)

What is a massive oak forest doing at the bottom of the North Sea?

Oak trees at the bottom of the North Sea Image: Screen capture BBC YouTube

Oak trees at the bottom of the North Sea Image: Screen capture BBC YouTube

Dawn Watson and Rob Spray were scuba diving about 300 meters off the the coast of Cley Next to the Sea, Norfolk, England when Dawn made an incredible discovery. Cley Next to the Sea is located on Britain’s North coast bordering the North Sea.

Dawn found a forest of oak trees at the bottom of the ocean. This included complete, but now fallen trees, some with branches 24 feet long (8 meters).

The forest, previously buried in the sand, was probably uncovered by a recent storm in the area. A survey of the forest suggests at one point it may have stretched from England to Europe, covering thousands of acres. (more…)

Did the Genesis’ flood separate England from Europe?

The English Channel Photo: neilalderney123/Foter/CC BY-NC

There is evidence the Genesis’ flood created the English Channel. Photo of the English Channel: neilalderney123/Foter/CC BY-NC

For decades, it was thought a land bridge that once connected Britain to Europe had disappeared through a combination of slow erosion and rising seas. Some believe this separation took place over one million years ago.

However, that popular theory was tossed into the trash bin because of a 2006 study that was conducted on how England was populated.

As part of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project (AHOB), researchers scanned the English Channel several kilometers off the coast of Sussex looking for examples of human settlement. (more…)

First to the Pole

Robert Peary and Captain Robert Bartlett on their ship in Battle Harbour, Labrador, Canada in 1909

Robert Peary and Captain Robert Bartlett on their ship in Battle Harbour, Labrador, Canada in 1909

[by Earl Blacklock] Robert E. Peary was the first to lead a successful conquest of the North Pole, one of the great achievements of history. However, the measure of the man can be found in what happened after his return.

Peary had made previous expeditions to the North, including a failed attempt to reach the pole in 1906. He and his men came within 174 miles before they had to turn back, barely alive.

In 1908, at the age of 52, Peary knew he was facing his final chance to reach the pole. He planned his expedition carefully. A thick-hulled ship named the Roosevelt carried him to Cape York, Greenland. There he met his Inuit helpers and their families, who knew him well from his previous expeditions. They came on board for the journey to the jumping off point at Cape Columbia, the northernmost point of Canada. There, they spent the winter locked in ice. The Inuit hunted for extra food, and they built sledges for the journey. (more…)

A woman’s perspective: Birthing through prayer

Birthing through prayer.

Can we have a spiritual pregnancy?

[by Barb Smith] Lately, I have been thinking back to the days when my husband and I looked to adoption as a way to have children we could not produce on our own. We had gone for prayer and then went through a battery of fertility tests and procedures to no avail, because God had a different plan.

After two years of pursuing adoption through private and government agencies, our hopes for a child faded. As a final option, we considered international adoption and pursued various avenues. (more…)

Rev Franklin Graham and Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on a terrifying elevator ride in Vietnam

On a January 22, 2015 blog post, Fox News’ commentator Greta Van Susteren tells the tale of a terrifying, ten minute elevator ride she recently had in Vietnam. Greta along with Franklin Graham and four others were riding up the elevator to the offices of Samaritan’s Purse on the 32nd floor of a Hanoi sky rise.

Franklin Graham is the son of Billy Graham and president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief organization.

As the elevator passed the 24th floor, it suddenly stopped, jerked and then dropped. It jerked and dropped three more times and then briefly stopped. They were terrified it would give way and plummet 24 floors to the ground.

Though it was a serious situation, I smiled at the comment Franklin Graham made. He said:

“If it goes down, I’m going up.”


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