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Vindication: Woke Arizona school board backs down after Discriminating against Christian University

Emboldened by their wokeness, back in March of this year, the board of Arizona’s largest elementary school, Washington Elementary School District, unanimously voted to ban students from Arizona Christian University (ACU) from fulfilling their practicum course requirement in the district’s public schools.

There was ranting and raving at that board meeting about how students at a Christian school would conflict with the diverse and equitable views of the school board.

Well, two months later and $25,000 poorer, the board has changed its mind, after ACU, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, launched a lawsuit against the school board alleging religious discrimination, The Blaze reports.

ACU students will once again be allowed to serve as teacher-students in the district’s elementary schools and the district also agreed to hand over $25,000 in tax dollars to pay for the ACU’s legal fees.

In a statement released by ACU, its president, Len Munsil, called the reversal a ‘complete vindication’:

This is a complete vindication of the rights of our students to be able to participate as student-teachers in a public school district without fear of religious discrimination.”

READ: ‘Complete vindication’: Woke school district learns a hard lesson about ‘discriminating’ against a Christian university

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