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England's Parliament Building Credit: Jim Nix/Flickr/Creative Commons

In the midst of trials and tribulation lies a ‘Great Opportunity’

Interesting days in England and it probably  indicates what the so-called progressive left eventually wants to see happen in North America. A new law is being debated in England’s House of Commons and if passed, the government’s revised Policing and Crime Bill will see the penalty for a “racially or religiously aggravated offense” increased from its current seven-year imprisonment to 14 years. Since the revised law implies that a person could be thrown in jail for simply offending someone, during the debate UKIP Member of Parliament Lord Pearson asked the following question of the government: “Could such an offense be caused by a Christian preaching the supreme divinity of Christ and thereby denying the supremacy of Muhammad? Would various assembled Muslims be free to regard that as a religiously aggravated offense under this section?” He wanted to know if a person could be thrown in jail for simply stating their belief Jesus is Lord? As an opposition party, UKIP led the charge in England’s decision to leave the European Union. Rather than saying there was …

Tim Tebow Credit: Duane Schoon/Flickr/Creative Commons

Does Tim Tebow ‘expect’ to heal the sick?

ABC News has a fascinating article on a recent incident involving Tim Tebow. A former Heisman Trophy winner (2007), NFL quarterback and TV announcer, Tim Tebow, 29, is a born-again Christian. He is very vocal about his faith and has come under attack because of this. With no NFL prospects, Tim recently tried professional baseball and ended up in the New York Mets organization playing with the Scottsdale Scorpions. Remarkably on the first pitch on his first time at bat, Tim hit a home run. The feat was widely reported in the media. But recently Tim gained more press while playing a game in the Arizona Fall League. He was signing autographs after the game when a person in the crowd had a seizure. ABC News wrote: Brandon Berry, who was in the front row, dropped to the ground as his mouth began to foam and his body convulsed in what was later determined to be a seizure. The violent shaking stopped, and Berry went limp. Tebow seeing what had happened approached the group who …

Was car crash victim rescued by an angel?

Missouri, U.S.: On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a young woman was trapped in a car crash in Center, MO. Rescuers were struggling to cut her free from her Mercedes, as their equipment was unable to cut through. The woman then told rescuers she wanted to pray. Suddenly a Catholic priest appeared out of nowhere. He stepped in, briefly prayed for the woman and then pulled back.  One rescue worker said he felt an overwhelming sense of peace she would be alright. Minutes later, more equipment arrived and the rescuers were able to cut her out. When the rescue workers turned to thank the Priest, he was no where to be seen. Curiously, the police had blocked the road a quarter mile up on both sides. Read: Did an angel save this car-crash victim? Update: