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Does Tim Tebow ‘expect’ to heal the sick?

Tim Tebow Credit: Duane Schoon/Flickr/Creative Commons

Tim Tebow has an expectation the Holy Spirit will use him to heal the sick. Credit: Duane Schoon/Flickr/Creative Commons

ABC News has a fascinating article on a recent incident involving Tim Tebow.

A former Heisman Trophy winner (2007), NFL quarterback and TV announcer, Tim Tebow, 29, is a born-again Christian. He is very vocal about his faith and has come under attack because of this.

With no NFL prospects, Tim recently tried professional baseball and ended up in the New York Mets organization playing with the Scottsdale Scorpions. Remarkably on the first pitch on his first time at bat, Tim hit a home run. The feat was widely reported in the media.

But recently Tim gained more press while playing a game in the Arizona Fall League.

He was signing autographs after the game when a person in the crowd had a seizure.

ABC News wrote:

Brandon Berry, who was in the front row, dropped to the ground as his mouth began to foam and his body convulsed in what was later determined to be a seizure. The violent shaking stopped, and Berry went limp.

Tebow seeing what had happened approached the group who had gathered around Berry. Former NFL scout Daniel Kelly also a Christian was in attendance and prayed out loud as they waited for the ambulance.

Tebow began to pray and then reached out and touched the man’s leg.

ABC reports:

“Witnesses say seconds after he was touched by Tebow, Berry jolted up and gasped for air, coughing loudly.”

Daniel Kelly called it “a miracle moment.”

Tebow continued to talk with Brandon until the ambulance arrived. After finding out he has a brain tumor, Tim said he would continue to pray for Brandon.

In an interview with ABC News, Tim said:

“Baseball’s awesome, it’s something I’m so excited I get a chance to pursue, but what’s important is lives matter. People matter. This young man, he mattered. So my first instinct was to just be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him.”

This is something all believers need to do more often. We need to pray for the sick.

Some of us have a funny understanding about the power of God. We believe that when God heals, He drops this power from heaven and people are healed.

This is not how it happens.

We have an interesting account in the Gospels that explains the process (Mark 5:24-34). Jesus was being mobbed by a crowd when a woman with an issue of blood approached Christ seeking healing.

She pushed herself into the crowd thinking if she could just touch Jesus’ cloak, she would be healed. After she did that, Mark writes the issue of blood instantly stopped.

But notice Jesus’ response:

30 Immediately Jesus, perceiving in Himself that the power proceeding from Him had gone forth, turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My garments?” (Mark 5:30 NASV)

In the midst of this crowd where several people were jostling Him, Jesus knew someone had touched Him because He felt the power go out from Him (see also Luke 6:19).

Jesus was walking on the earth as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled with the power of God, Jesus was functioning as we should today.

If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have the same power of God inside us to heal and perform miracles. The healing power comes from the Holy Spirit within us. It does not drop down from heaven.

We are a walking time bomb of Holy Spirit power.

Do you believe that?

We need to have an expectation that God is going to use us to heal the sick. I have never talked to Tim Tebow, but I believe he does. He prays in public because he expects God to use him to touch people.

The early disciples had that same expectation.

We need this same sense of expectation as I believe healing the sick starts with this.

I have never done this before in an article, but I want to encourage you to pray this prayer or something similar:

“Holy Spirit give me the expectation that You will use me to heal the sick. Let this expectation rise up within my spirit, then give me the courage to pray for healing.”


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