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Was car crash victim rescued by an angel?

Missouri, U.S.: On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a young woman was trapped in a car crash in Center, MO. Rescuers were struggling to cut her free from her Mercedes, as their equipment was unable to cut through. The woman then told rescuers she wanted to pray. Suddenly a Catholic priest appeared out of nowhere. He stepped in, briefly prayed for the woman and then pulled back.  One rescue worker said he felt an overwhelming sense of peace she would be alright. Minutes later, more equipment arrived and the rescuers were able to cut her out. When the rescue workers turned to thank the Priest, he was no where to be seen. Curiously, the police had blocked the road a quarter mile up on both sides.

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Update: A bit more detail on this mysterious priest. The Fire Department chief said they have 80 photos from the scene, but the priest is not seen in any of the photos. They have also released a composite sketch of the priest to see if anyone knows him.

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Priest who appeared at the crash has been identified. His name is Rev. Patrick Dowling of the Jefferson City Diocese.

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