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How a misfiring gun, turned a gang member to Christ

In 2016, Javier Torres was a member of a Mexican gang in Northern California, until God intervened in an unusual way, causing him to become a believer in Jesus.

According to AG News, he and members of his gang were involved in a confrontation with a member of another gang.

Torres pulled his gun and unloaded his pistol, a .357 magnum revolver, on the man. However, instead of shots ringing out, there were only six clicks as the gun didn’t fire.

Stunned, Torres and his gang fled. Once back at their home base, another gang member checked Torres’ gun. When he noticed that the bullets had not misfired, he told Torres that it must have been God who stopped the pistol from firing.

Shook by the experience, for the next three months Torres turned to cocaine. But one day, when he was unable to get cocaine for his daily fix, Torres turned to God in prayer.

God, if this is you helping me get me out of this pain and hurt, I want a new life.”

A few days after uttering that prayer, a couple of women invited him to attend a service at New Life Community Church in Fair Oaks, California, which was holding nightly meetings featuring a prophetic evangelist, Dean Johnson.

Torres agreed and during one of those services, he turned his life over to God and felt all the filth washing off him

But there was more, as Johnson also had a prophetic word from God for this gang member:

“He began speaking about my past, my hurts, my hatred toward my dad, and all the pain that I had caused. He said I am a man of power and I would use my testimony to share the gospel. I would forgive my dad. I would find a good wife.”

Torres who has since been reconciled with his father now works with Johnson in this ministry.

It was a similar prophetic word or word of knowledge, that led to a Samaritan woman turning to Christ in John 4.

Jesus and the disciples were travelling through Samaria to Galilee. While the disciples were in a Samaritan town looking for food, Jesus had an encounter with a Samaritan woman at a well.

But the conversation takes a turn when Jesus revealed that she had five husbands and the man she was currently with was not her husband.

Startled by this prophetic revelation, the woman recognized that she was talking to a prophet and returned to the village stating that she had seen the Messiah.

After hearing her testimony, the people poured out of the village to see the Lord.

Watching the crowd coming towards them, Jesus turned to His disciples and stated that the fields were ripe for harvest (John 4:35).

Though pastors like to preach from this passage, telling parishioners that the fields are white for harvest, they often fail to include one important detail. It was a gift of the Holy Spirit, the prophetic word, that instantly turned the fields white.

We need the intervention of God, misfiring guns, and spiritual gifts to prepare the world for a harvest.

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