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Does the Holy Spirit still speak to people today? Tim Halfin thinks He does!

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On Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021, three-year-old Christopher Ramirez was outside playing with a neighbourhood puppy. It is uncertain exactly what happened next, but it is believed the pup wandered off and the toddler followed the dog disappearing into a large wooded area near the family home in Grimes County, Texas.

Over the next couple of days, members of the family, police, and community volunteers launched a major search effort for the toddler but were unable to find him.

Then a strange thing happened at a Bible study, held twice a month, at a neighbourhood church.

Tim Halfin was attending the Friday evening study when someone brought up the missing boy and asked for prayer.

According to the Western Journal, Halfin, who had not heard about the disappearance, immediately sensed the Holy Spirit prompting him to join the search for Christopher.

Halfin had felt similar promptings in the past and knew that God was speaking to him and decided to search for Christopher the following Saturday morning.

Though he had no idea where to look, Halfin started searching an area of the woods closer to his home, about five miles away from where Christopher disappeared.

He had been out under two hours, when he heard a strange noise.

Though he received no answer after calling out, Halfin notified the authorities and several joined to search the area, but they were unable to find Christopher.

At this point, Halfin decided to return home, but as he was walking out, he heard the same noise again.

But having just found out the boy’s name from the other searchers, Halfin called out ‘Christopher’ and got a response and moments later, found the young boy naked, but other than a bit of dehydration, basically unharmed despite being lost for nearly four days.

Though Halfin had originally asked to remain anonymous, Don Sowell, the County sheriff commented on the remarkable story:

I had several good visits with him [Halfin] and thanked him for being there. He replied that God told him at Bible study yesterday evening to go look for him and he would find him. This morning the man did just that and the rest is a happy ending to this story.

In an interview with KAGS-TV, Constable Blake Jarvis, who was part of the search effort, said, “If you don’t believe in a miracle, or believe in God, this is the prime example that miracles do exist, and you’d better have faith and believe in God.”

What we see happening to Halfin, reflects God’s desire to communicate with His children. Through out the Bible, we see God speaking to believers in a variety of ways:

And Jesus told the pharisees, that My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. Not only does Jesus speak to us, but the Lord expects us to hear His voice.

And perhaps one of the major ways that God speaks to people today is through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as word of knowledge, where where we receive divine revelation about a current situation that we otherwise wouldn’t know (1 Corinthians 12:8).

And I suspect this may have been what Tim received, prompting him to join the search and once he simply obeyed, God then guided his steps (Proverbs 16:9).

In an interview with KPRC, Halfin said that God is still in the miracle business and still answering prayers and added, “when God prompts you to do something, you have to do it.”

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