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Poll: Conservative media viewers more accurately estimate COVID death rate

Several surveys have shown that people have an exaggerated fear of COVID. A survey, earlier this year, revealed that the French believe that the death rate for those who contract COVID was ten times higher than the actual percentage. And it is not much better in America. The Western Journal reported on a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen that went a step further and tried to find out why people have such an exaggerated fear of COVID. First, the pollster determined if their fear of COVID was exaggerated. According to Johns Hopkins University, 1.6% of people who contract COVID actually died of the virus. The Rasmussen survey revealed that: 30% of Americans believed less 2% die (the right answer). 20% believed it was between 2% and 5% (up three times higher). 17% believed it was between 5% and 10% (up to six times higher). 19% believed it was greater than 10% (over six times higher). But then Rasmussen decided to find out how many people got the right answer based on what news channels they …

NY Times tweets media should declare election winner

Whether Donald Trump wins the Presidential election or not, one of his biggest contributions over the past four years was his exposure of the deceitfulness of the mainstream media. Everyone has heard the phrase “fake media.” When I was growing up, media did not join political parties and some refused to vote to maintain at least the appearance of impartiality. No more. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who hosted the first debate, is actually a registered Democrat. READ: Who Is Chris Wallace? Fox Anchor, a Registered Democrat, First Asked Trump About Presidential Ambitions in 1988 Nevertheless, it was a bit of a shock, that as the election was wearing on that the New York Times actually sent out a Tweet that it is the media who should be declaring the winner of the federal election. Fortunately, Breitbart captured it before it was deleted: Breitbart sums it up: The far-left New York Times published what can only be called a fascist tweet Tuesday that read, “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in …

The Lying Truth

I am so sick of the news lately. And I am a news junkie. The problem is that all the news outlets cover all the same stories with all the same angles. Here is a summary of every mainstream newscasts. Covid19 will get you. Trump is bad. Terrorists are peaceful protestors. Oh, and my favorite news item. A celebrity who knows nothing about what is happening released a statement saying the Covid19 and Trump are bad and here is a million bucks to help the protestors who are victimized by the police. And then there is good old Canadian Pamela Anderson. Her news item was about if she would pose nude one more time for Playboy. This according to Fox News Entertainment Section. Thank you, Pam! In case you’re wondering, she said no. Now this is about as newsworthy as the woman who was offended by the man who held the door open for her. But it is a bit of relief in a news world gone mad with intent to scare and divide. The …

How the mainstream media exaggerates the coronavirus pandemic

Nate Silver is editor of FiveThirtyEight, and he recently called out the mainstream media on one of his Tweets for not providing contextual accuracy on Coronavirus counts. According to Silver, some in the mainstream media are playing a game stating that the number of new cases of Coronavirus in the US is rapidly increasing. Of course, this type of messaging puts pressure on the governments to maintain the lockdown. However, Silver noted that these increased counts are to a large extent the result of more testing. More people are being tested, and they are finding more incidents of Coronavirus. His tweet resulted in at least one media outlet honestly adjusting its message. According to Mediaite’s Rudy Takala: “Axios subsequently updated the story linked in the exchange, noting, ‘This story has been updated to clarify that increased testing could be part of the reason the number of cases in the U.S. is rising.’” Mediaite says the New York Times’ headline, “As Trump pushes to reopen, government sees virus toll nearly doubling” leaves the impression that number …

Comparing headlines

Many are blaming the mainstream media for the panic surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. You can see it by comparing two headlines one from the mainstream media and the second by Breitbart. Both articles are talking about statements made by Robert Redfield, the director of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Last week, computer models projected 100,000 to 240,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US, this week Redfield said that number would be “much, much, much lower.” Three “much’s” in a row sounds like a huge reduction and very good news. But compare ABC’s headline (mainstream media) that downplayed the good news: CDC director downplays coronavirus models, says death toll will be ‘much lower’ than projected With Breitbart’s headline that correctly quoted the director: CDC Director: Coronavirus Death Toll Will Be ‘Much, Much, Much Lower’ than Projected

Buried at the end of a New York Time’s article on COVID-19

Posted by Bee In a sampling of people hospitalized for COVID-19, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports 90% of them had at least one underlying problems. From the article: “Approximately 90 percent of those patients had one or more underlying conditions. The most common of those was hypertension (high blood pressure), in 49.7 percent of patients, followed by obesity, chronic metabolic disease (like diabetes), chronic lung disease (like asthma) and cardiovascular disease. In terms of age and gender, 74.5 percent of patients were 50 or older, and 54.4 percent were male.” READ: C.D.C. Releases Early Demographic Snapshot of Worst Coronavirus Cases:

Does anyone believe the mainstream media?

Conservative talkshow host accused of burning a cross on his front yard. If mainstream media only bothered to check: “Erickson bought the cross from kids raising money for hospital workers — and he added lights to it.” — The Blaze READ: Left-wing Newsweek calls out conservative radio host Erick Erickson for ‘burning cross’ in his yard. They’re Christmas lights.