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Why we can’t trust Canada’s mainstream media

CBC head office in Toronto.
Credit: Adam Moss/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

In case you are wondering if you can trust the legacy media in Canada, a couple of stories should set off alarm bells.

First, Blacklock’s Reporter writes that the Trudeau government had apparently hired a contractor to select 25 reporters across Canada for special training on government propaganda:

@CdnHeritage contractor drafted list of favourite reporters & news media for VIP instruction by ex @TorontoStar editor on correct thinking in covering elections. Memo originally listed 50 names of govt-reliable journalists, then narrowed to 25, all censored: ‘It falls to gov’t to ensure media isn’t contrary to Canadian principles.”

There were originally 50 names on this list of Trudeau-approved journalists, but all their names were redacted.

CBC retracts two trucker protest stories

Not all the mainstream reporters are working for Trudeau, Lorne Gunter, one of the good ones, wrote how the state-owned and taxpayer-funded CBC has retracted two stories about the Freedom Convoy 2022. Of course, by this point, the damage had already been done.

Gunter explains:

The CBC has retracted a second story it reported about the Freedom Convoy that turned out to be fake.

The first was the absurd allegation that somehow Russians were behind the scenes pulling the convoy’s strings in an effort to destabilize the Canadian government.On the Jan. 28 edition of CBC’s Power and Politics, host Nil Koksal asserted, “there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows or perhaps even instigating it from the outside.”

There was no Russian involvement, nor, as it turned out, any involvement by any other foreign power. Financial investigators couldn’t find a conspiracy by white supremacists, either – another of the Trudeau government’s biased allegations that the CBC swallowed whole.

A second CBC news story, that was corrected this week, involved allegations made by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, that the convoy could only have raised all the money it did (nearly $10 million, twice, on two different crowdfunding platforms), as quickly as it did, if powerful international interests were funnelling in large sums. […]

Even the government’s own terror-financing investigators could find no sign of illegal money going to the convoy.

READ: GUNTER: More falsehoods about the convoy are now being retracted

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