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The US to make ‘daylight savings time’ permanent?

If you are tired of changing your clocks twice a year, then you may appreciate a move by the US Senate to make daylight savings time permanent in the US.

POLL: What do people think about Christians?

A recent poll conducted by the Episcopal church, entitled Jesus in America, revealed a startling gap between how believers perceive themselves and how non-believers look at Christians. During the poll conducted by Ipsos in November/December 2021, 3,119 American adults were asked several questions related to Christianity. Those surveyed included evangelical and mainline Christians and as well members of other religious groups and those who considered themselves as nonreligious. One question asked what characteristics people associated with Christians. This list included 19 characteristics, some that were positive such as humility, honesty, and compassion, and others that were negative such as arrogance, and self-righteousness. The top four positive characteristics that Evangelical Christians applied to themselves: 72% said Christians were loving; 71% said they were compassionate; 71% said giving; and 62% said Christians were respectful. And when it came to the negative characteristics, those with no religious affiliation described Christians this way: 55% said Christians were hypocritical; 54% said they were judgmental; and 50% said they were self-righteous The survey also revealed the significant disconnect between how Christians …

Don’t be ‘alarmed’

As the world was emerging from the COVID pandemic and lockdowns, it was suddenly hit with another crisis, as Russian President, Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine. And on top of this, people are now taking financial hits by an unprecedented rise in prices for food and gas (see Revelation 6:6). In many ways, this sudden series of events fits the metaphor that Jesus used to describe the initial stages of the end times, which Jesus likened to the birth pangs that a woman experiences prior to giving birth (Matthew 24:8). The birth pangs are deliberate, unstoppable, one after another, gradually increasing in speed and intensity. One of those birth pangs that Christ warned about was war, and curiously it was on par with ‘rumours of war,’ related, but in its own separate category: “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” (Matthew 24:6 NIV) Could we classify Vladimir Putin’s threat of using nuclear weapons during …