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The US to make ‘daylight savings time’ permanent?

If you are tired of changing your clocks twice a year, then you may appreciate a move by the US Senate to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in the US.

The Blaze explains:

Many Americans recently had to advance their clocks by one hour to set them to daylight saving time; the biannual practice of changing the time also involves turning the clocks back by an hour at another point in the year.

But that twice-yearly time tinkering could become a thing of the past if the Sunshine Protection Act clears the House and gets signed by the President, though Americans in areas that follow this schedule would still have to endure the clock switching for awhile longer. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) said implementation would be delayed until November 2023 due to airlines and others requesting time to adjust.

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Though the bill received unanimous support in the Senate, it still needs to pass in the US House.

The implementation of Daylight Savings Time in the US has its roots in both world wars. It was first introduced in World War I to add an extra hour of daylight in hopes of cutting energy costs.

Though canceled shortly after the war ended, it was introduced again during World War II for the same reason and was officially referred to as ‘War Time.’

At the end of the second world war, several states continued the practice of changing their clocks, and in 1966, the US Congress passed a law mandating Daylight Savings Time for all states.

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