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Russian official demands US return Alaska

Denali National Park, Alaska, US

Russia sold Alaska to the US in 1857 for $7.2 million, roughly $140 million in today’s currency. And recently, a Russian official demanded the US return Alaska, as reparations for all the bad things that the US did to Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The Daily Mail reports that one of Vladimir Putin’s chief propagandists, Oleg Matveychev, issued the demand during an interview by Russia’s state broadcaster on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Matveychev also demanded the US return Fort Ross, a Russian-era fort located in California State Historic Park. It was constructed in 1812 and operated as a Russian base until 1841.

And it’s not just these two territories, Matveychev also stated the Antarctic belongs to Russia, alleging they were the ones who first discovered it.

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On a more serious note, Russia trying to claim part of Canada’s arctic

Russia has also claimed part of Canada’s Arctic. In a submission to the UN in 2021, Russia wants to extend its northern Arctic border to include Canada’s 200-mile exclusion zone along its Northern Territory’s ocean border. The proposed expansion would also swallow up some of Denmark’s Arctic territory.

CBC explains:

The UN still has to review the submission but, if it’s approved, Russia would have exclusive rights to resources in the seabed and below it, and not in the water.

The new submission would push Russia’s claim all the way up to Canada’s exclusive economic zone, an area 200 nautical miles from the coastline, in which Canadians have sole rights to fish, drill and pursue other economic activities.

Philip Steinberg, a political geography professor at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom, estimates Russia’s submission expands its original claim by about 705,000 square kilometres.”

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And for some reason, I wonder if this is somehow related.

On March 2, 2022, Canadian authorities detained two Russian citizens who had illegally flown on a private Jet into the North West Territories with plans to travel into Canada’s high Arctic in an all-terrain vehicle.

This took place after Canada had banned flights in its territories by aircraft owned or operated by Russians in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

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Communist China also wanted to piece of Canada’s Arctic

A company based in Communist China was also trying to purchase a gold mine in Canada’s high Arctic in 2020. It was a puzzling purchase until a former major-general in Canada’s army pointed out the gold mine also had a port on Canada’s northwest passage.

TC explains:

“This thing has a port attached to it. [China has] written a paper saying they want to be a near-Arctic power. Well, this gives them actual Arctic access,” Fraser told the Globe and Mail. 

“If you look at what they have done on the South China Sea to extend their area of influence – what’s to stop them, once they get squatter’s rights and get into this port, of doing the same thing up there?”

READ: Former major-general urges Canada to reject Chinese purchase of arctic gold mine

In a somewhat surprising move, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, disallowed the purchase. READ: Canada Vetoes China Gold Deal in Arctic – WSJ

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