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NY Times tweets media should declare election winner

The New York Times building in New York City
Credit: Ajay Suresh/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Whether Donald Trump wins the Presidential election or not, one of his biggest contributions over the past four years was his exposure of the deceitfulness of the mainstream media.

Everyone has heard the phrase “fake media.”

When I was growing up, media did not join political parties and some refused to vote to maintain at least the appearance of impartiality. No more. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who hosted the first debate, is actually a registered Democrat. READ: Who Is Chris Wallace? Fox Anchor, a Registered Democrat, First Asked Trump About Presidential Ambitions in 1988

Nevertheless, it was a bit of a shock, that as the election was wearing on that the New York Times actually sent out a Tweet that it is the media who should be declaring the winner of the federal election.

Fortunately, Breitbart captured it before it was deleted:

Breitbart sums it up:

The far-left New York Times published what can only be called a fascist tweet Tuesday that read, “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media.”

So now the same media that lied for four years about the Russia Collusion Hoax…

The same media that has spent the last year encouraging and justifying riots, looting, arson, murder, and assaults against Trump supporters…

The same media that crafted a conspiracy to bury the increasingly credible allegations Joe Biden is using his troubled son Hunter to sell out our country to get rich.

The NY Times tweet tells you a lot on how the mainstream media look at itself. For more on how the Times tried to explain itself out of this mess, READ: Nolte: New York Times Proclaims ‘Role of Declaring Presidential Winner… Falls to News Media’

A recent Gallup Poll revealed that 60% of American don’t trust the mainstream media. READ: New poll finds 60% of Americans don’t trust the media to report the news ‘fully, accurately, and fairly’

And this may be one of the reasons why people don’t trust them. READ: Media’s anti-Trump election narratives blown up by close race, critics say

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